11 cheap & creative ways you can recycle your old car


You don't need to dump your old disused cars as you can re-purpose your old vehicles by recycling the parts into useful items for home or office. Check it!

Just because your old or former car is no longer running doesn’t mean it’s useless. Do you realize car parts are made of hundreds of materials such as metal, plastic, fabric, etc., and that these parts can be repurposed into exciting new items that can be very useful in the home or office? Car Art is on the increase these days with many people modifying cars in interesting ways. They can save you money too. Also consider that not burning or dumping your old car, as is the usual habit, helps the environment greatly.


Old car parts have a secondary use if you think outside the box 

Here are interesting ways to recycle your old car parts, suggested by Naijacarnews.com!

1. Incredible car tire furniture

We are putting this first on our list because it’s becoming popular these days, even in Nigeria. Many Nigerian youths who are searching for new ways to make a living are looking into this interesting innovation regardless of gender. Old or damaged car tires are now being used to remodel homes and offices by making furniture out of them.


Tires are impervious to rain so make good outdoor furniture

These include side chairs, center stools or tables, well designed bar stands and so many more. After the recycling and beautiful redesign of these items, you can hardly tell that the furniture was formerly worn out car tires.


Tires made into lovely bathroom sinks

2. Use that car engine

Fixing a broken down car engine can be really difficult. When it's beyond repair, many car owners dump it to rust. What a valuable waste! Now, have you ever thought of reusing your damaged car engine as something outstanding? You can also make furniture out of it! A center table in your living room, office or workshop made out of a car engine always draws attention.

Moreover, it gives the notion that you are an auto lover. You can also make a great wine holder from your old car engine block too.


An old car engine makes a perfect wine holder

3. Back halves of cars

You may think the back of your car is quite useless when damaged but consider recycling it too. Into what exactly, you may ask. Well, it’s good to know that the back half of your car can be recycled into another useful home or office item. Instead of buying a boring home TV stand, try using the junk half back of your old car.

You can also turn it into an office desk, table-tennis board, poker board, pole board and even a barbecue grill box. Some even go as far as adding more features and turning it into a fish pond or even an outdoor swing for kids.


Yep! Your kids wil thank you for this recycled car-swing

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4. Car seats

Get into a DIY mood and remodel your old car seats into a better redesigned couch. This is easier to use than the other parts. You can simply repaint it or add other car parts to make it a comfortable sofa.


Fantastic sofas can be made from old car seats

5. Transform headlights to table lamps

Your car headlights from your old car can be repurposed into a table lamp or even a cozy bed lamp. You may need an electrician to do the magic though.


Look at this car headlight chandelier!

6. Car boot

Reusing your old car boot or engine compartment as a spanking new bookshelf or storage for home, offices or workshop is quite easy.


Use old car boots or engine space as storage space

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7. Bed car

Taking away the upper portions of your old car, you can create a bed from it. Though, the size of the bed will always depend on the size of the car.


An old car can be made into a fine bed

8. Alloy Wheel

Instead of leaving your old alloy wheels in the sun and rain to rust, you can recycle it too. You can make a wall shelf, wall clock or even a stool from it, or an exciting barbecue charcoal grill.


Just say Wow at this simple but effective design!

9. Used engine oil

The normal practice for many car owners is to throw away their used car engine oil. Good news is it's possible to recycle it too. Since what makes used car engine oil contaminated is the presence of dirt in it, you can filter the oil and separate the dirt from it, making it possible to be used again.

Some engine oil producers usually do this when making new engine oil. Another advantage of recycling used engine oil is that it helps prevent soil and water contamination which happens if you just discard it.


Once you rid oil of dirt, it can have a second life

10. Old windscreen

Recycling your old or broken windscreen can help reduce carbon dioxide, which is harmful to the human body when inhaled in high concentrations. According to research, for every six tons of recycled glass, one ton of carbon dioxide is also reduced. Besides reducing carbon dioxide, fiberglass insulation and carpet backing can be made out of a recycled windscreen.


Here's a windshield greenhouse for your reference!

11. Old batteries into power for appliances

ep, that old battery can make an excellent power source for your small TV or radio, or any other small appliance like a table lamp. You will need an electrician to do this however.


Old batteries may be used to power small appliances around the house

Using your old car parts in these ways are not just fun and unique, they save you lots of money too.

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Joshua-Philip Okeafor
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