7 car-related careers for car lovers to try


Someone has said: "The most successful people follow passion". If you've been growing passion for cars, don't let waste your chances of being a great professional in this field. Here are 7 car-related careers you can make if choosing to following your passion!

If you are among those that played with car wheels, engaged in imaginary car race, immersed in car video games, then you must have been dreaming of acting as a main role in an action movie, driving a dream car everyone looks up to. Some of you even really works the dream out to make it to a car-related career!

Or if you are also a recent college graduate in search of work or you are not certain of the line of work to go into, don’t be lost for long, you can turn that passion you have for cars into a career. Good news is that the automobile market is full of many motivating and fascinating opportunities that involve different vehicles in different ways. You may not be into car racing but there are other professions that do not involve racing with cars but will still afford you the chance to explore your love for your cars.

If you fall into the category of car lovers, here are some of Naijacarnews car-related career suggestions for you.


Your passion for cars can pay off if you follow your heart

1. Driver

You can turn your passion for driving into a full-time job by becoming a pro. There are no rules or limitations to it. You could end up as stunt driver featured in the movies, a truck driver, a taxi driver, a deliverer, a valet or even a professional car race driver. Driving job is sometimes underestimated but you’d make lots of money from it especially if you are experienced.


Being a driver could mean turning your passion into a full-time job

2. Journalist

If you are keen on knowing the technology behind cars especially the recent premium models, then journalism is a cool choice of career for you. You gather all the necessary information both in written and pictorial forms and then pass them on to the right audience. With your experience here, you also get to ride cars that gain your attention.


Now your experience can be spread out, reaching more people to help them about automobiles

3. Marketer

You can utilize your communication and persuasive skills even in the auto industry. If you have the charisma and what it takes to stand out and create impressions whether in a social gathering or one- on- one meeting, then you might consider joining marketing campaigns for car manufacturers, car dealerships or even after- market companies. This would entail that you meet different people, talk with them, manage accounts across different social media platforms and partake in creating banners for digital marketing.

4. Mechanic

Mechanic is another car-related job that is on high demand. So long as vehicles are manufactured and they ply the roads, there will always be need for mechanics. As cars evolve more and advanced technology seems to be incorporated into vehicle production, the knowledge of ICT now seems to be a prerequisite for being an effective modern day mechanic. Mechanic have turned into a more specialized and scientific job.


As long as there are automobiles there will always be need for automechanics

5. Designer

Creative skills are also needed in the automobile industry. Pursuing a career path in the designing of upcoming car models is an excellent career choice. In this case, you will definitely need an academic qualification to back it up. There are internship opportunities available in this career as well.

6. Salesperson

All you need do here is to combine your communication skills with your knowledge of cars and get customers to buy the model they need. You will enjoy this career more if you venture to work for an automobile industry or dealership that sells your favourite brand of cars. Asides that, you can also choose to work with auto-parts outlet to get people buy the spare parts they need. A business degree would also give you an edge here.

7. Car cleaner/washer

This seems like the simplest of them, as you do not require an academic qualification or even experience to go into it. You get to maintain close contact with cars off different models as you play the role of making them clean, polished and shiny.


This is probably the simplest of them all as no education quaification or special skills are required

You can see that there are ample opportunities for you to live out your dream with cars. If you had just one idea of what to do with your passion for cars, you shouldn’t be stuck up on that, you can always expand your ideas and embark on an car-related career.

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