7 Toyota logo facts and how the Japanese car-maker came up with it


The current Toyota logo has been in used since 1989 when the Japanese car maker celebrated its 50th birthday and decided to penetrated deeper the international car markets. Check out this article to learn about the Toyota logo facts.

Today at NaijaCarNews.com, we will like to take you a quick run through the current Toyota logo facts.

The brand “Toyota” actually belongs to a Japanese multinational automobile manufacturing company – Toyota Motor Corporation – which has its headquarters in Toyota City in Aichi, Japan.

As at the time of writing this article, Toyota remains the world’s richest automobile company with a $199 billion (₦71.6 Trillion) capitalization. And the very first fact you must know about Toyota logo is that it was introduced publicly in October, 1989 when commemorating the company’s 50th year.

This very logo actually took close to 5 years to develop, as there was a necessity to develop a logo that will be suitable for integration with Toyota’s rising profile in foreign countries as at that time.

Two motivating factors were considered when designing this logo: the “arrival of Toyota” being recognizable and announced from a distance and such a logo that its visual impact will be strong and completely stand out amidst all other automobile brand’s logo.


The current Toyota Logo cannot be easily mistaken for another brand’s own even at a distance

Interesting Toyota Logo Facts

  • The current Toyota logo has 3 ovals that are very much combined in a configuration that is horizontally symmetrical.
  • If you look closely, you will see that 2 perpendicular ovals are on the inside of a larger oval; this is used to represent the company’s heart and the customer’s heart. This is why they have been made to overlap in order to portray a relationship based on trust and mutual benefits between the two parties.
  • The same overlap described above also symbolizes the letter “T” in Toyota, and also a steering wheel. The oval you see on the outer part also symbolizes Toyota being embraced by the world. Each of these ovals is very much contoured with a thickness of different stroke that shares similarities with the “brush” art that is popular in the Japanese culture.
  • “Infinite values” – that’s what the space in the logo’s background exhibits – and this is exactly what the brand usually communicates to its customers: social responsibility, healthy environment, integrity in safety, innovation, the joy of driving, value beyond expectation, and superb quality.

  The Toyota Emblem: All You Need to Know

  • This new or current logo as you might say made its first appearance on the automaker’s luxury car model, the Celsior, in the year 1989 during an October period.
  • Not too long after, more of the other models from Toyota started featuring a bold display of their emblem too.
  • This logo is with no doubt unique, carefully crafted out and now widely recognized as Toyota’s official symbol till date.

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