Check out this sexy Japanese Supercar that is made out of wood


The cellulose fibre material that used to build the car weighs a fifth as much as steel but are five times stronger. Watch its pics and specifications here!

A Japanese agency has just built a very sexy, stylish supercar out of wood called Nano Cellulose Vehicle and it is nothing like all the supercars we have featured here on Naijacarnews in the past. This new car is just phenomenal and unbelievable.


Not only famous for reliable cars, but Japan automakers also stand out with their delicate designs

When it comes to concern about global warming, Japan seems to be thinking beyond electric cars as its environment agency has now begun exploring another evolution in the automotive development space – making cars out of organic materials like wood.

The Ministry of Environment in Japan is not only envisaging this idea but has gone ahead to build its first supercar that has a body made primarily from plant-based materials and recycled waste.



It's unbelievable that this beautiful supercar was made out of wood and recycled waste materials

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According to a recent study that was released by the Japanese agency, this experimental car is made from Nano Cellulose fibres – a material that is 5 times stronger than steel (used for normal cars) and weighs just a fifth.

Using this impressive material for a larger portion of the vehicle’s body and part of its interior reportedly makes this car half the weight of a traditional supercar. Also, the NCV’s production process reduced carbon emissions drastically compared to the traditional method of manufacturing automobiles.



A larger interior portion of the Nano Cellulose Vehicle is also made purely out of wood

Of course not the entire car was made out of just wood but the large proportion of its body was. The car still has parts that are made of rubber, glass, and metal. However, a lot of effort is going on to improve on this achievement and we look forward to seeing what the agency comes up with next.

 Nano Cellulose Vehicle (NCV): Challenge to zero-emission vehicle

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