Do you know all Mercedes-Benz classes and their differences?


Mercedes Benz is one of the most popular car brands with a fleet of models to their credit. Lets see how much of these models we know!

Mercedes Benz started exporting cars to the US as far back as 1952 and right now have dealerships in countries all over the world. They have comfortably grown to be identified as one of the most popular automakers in the world.

Their vehicles are known for its premium quality and sophistication with an international presence based in Germany. With their highly engineered machines, Mercedes- Benz offers up to 13 different classes of automobile ranging from mid-sized sedan to the military-style utility cars.

There are other automakers that have made their presence well- known in Germany like the Volkswagen, Audi and BMW but the Mercedes- Benz still beats them all when it comes to designs, quality and performance.

Here is an overview of the various classes of the Mercedes Benz automobile, collected by!

1. Mercedes-Benz Sedans and Coupes

  • The A-Class

It was the very first sedan model launched by Mercedes- Benz and was available as of 1997. Just like a typical sedan, it comes with a four-door back and is quite popular because it supports fuel economy. It has gone through several remakes over the years.


Mercedes-Benz A Class

  • The B- Class

This was the second model launched by the popular automobile company. It is sold as a comfy sports compact car and since its production in 2013 has recorded numerous sales.


Mercedes-Benz B Class

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  • The C- Class

Even though this class seems to be the cheapest and most affordable of the Mercedes- Benz classes, its quality is still not affected. Still upholding their reputation here, buyers have nothing to lose from buying it. They come in four models: the C300 and C350 sport sedans, the C300 luxury sedan and the exclusive C63 AMG.


Mercedes-Benz C Class

  • The CL- Class

The German automakers present this class as a coupe. This two-door coupe is made available in two options; the CL 550 and the CL 600. There is also the CL 63 AMG and the CL 65 AMG.


Mercedes-Benz CL Class

  • The E- Class

Unlike the A, B and C classes, which are mini-, sized, the E- class forms the Mercedes- Benz’s full- sized sedans. This class however presents the options of either the sedan or the coupe. The model options available here are the E350 sedan or coupe, the E350 BlueTEC turbo- diesel sedan, the E550 sedan, coupe or wagon and the E63 AMG.


Mercedes-Benz E-Class

  • The S- Class

It is the Mercedes full-sized luxury sedan available in 5 models; the S 400 hybrid, S 550 sedan, S 600 sedan and the high performance S 63 AMG and S 65 AMG.


Mercedes-Benz S-Class

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2. Mercedes-Benz SUVs and Crossovers

Mercedes- Benz presents four classes of sports utility cars. In addition to it, there is the ‘crossover class’ which is a resonant of a minivan.

  • The G- Class

It is constructed as an off- road utility truck originally created to serve military purpose. It has two models; the G550 and the G55 AMG.


Mercedes-Benz G Class

  • The GL- Class

It is a full-sized SUV made available in three models; the GL 350 BlueTEC diesel, the GL 450 and the GL 550.


Mercedes-Benz GL Class

  • The GLK- Class

It has only one model attached to it- the GLK 350, which is the most compact Benz SUV.


Mercedes-Benz GLK Class

  • The M- Class

If you love luxury cars, then this class should be for you. It is available in four options; the ML 350, the ML BlueTEC diesel, the ML 450 hybrid (i.e. diesel and petrol) and the ML 550. There is also the high- performance ML 63 AMG.

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Mercedes-Benz M Class

  • The R- Class

This class represents the Mercedes- Benz’s super- minivan. It comes in two models; the R 350 crossover and the R 350 BlueTEC diesel crossover.


Mercedes-Benz R Class

3. Mercedes-Benz Roadsters and Supercars

This features the S and SL series typically designed in the format of a racecar.

  • The SL- Class

The manufacture of the SL Roadster started as far back as 1954. It is known for its beautiful design and that touch of off-road ruggedness. There is the SL 550 that features a retractable hardtop and then there is the SLK 300 AND 350. The SLS AMG is that ultimate Benz supercar.


Mercedes-Benz SL Class

Though there are different models featured in each class, the differences in those models lie majorly in the fuel type or size of the engine.

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Okenwa Emeka