Do you know there are up to 8 car door types?


How many types of car doors have you seen before? What do you think if we say there are up to 8 different car door types? Check their pictures and explanations below!

The kind of car door that comes with your car says a lot about the class and most especially the price. There are many types of vehicle door present in the market today and you have the privilege of picking anyone that suits your taste depending on the size of your pocket. When next you are thinking of buying a car or a custom made car door, the information below should be sufficient for you for decide the best car door for you among the tempting ones out there. Here on are some of the car door types you will definitely see fixed to cars plying on the road.

1. Conventional car door

This is the most common car door you will see out there. Possibly you might gotten tired of seeing the regular door type. This is because most average cars have this kind of door. What then is peculiar about this kind of door? A regular vehicle door is that type of door that is hinged at the front facing the edge of the door. This type of vehicle door is proven to be secure since it is opening is resistant to the force of the wind and it closes itself when on motion. This safety standard feature of a regular car is the basic reason why most cars are equipped with it.

Do not forget that this vehicle door is also very easy to open when gaining entrance or exiting the inner cabin of your car. If you are market next time to acquire a new car, you should definitely take a look at this type of door.


Cars using regular door are the most common on the road

2. Butterfly car door

I have always taken a fancy at this type of car door. Not just because it is beautiful, it speaks class and elegance. The butterfly door concept allows it to move forth upward and onward, giving enough access to the car. The only issue with the cars that have this door system, is just the price. You will see lot of this door system among racing cars.


The butterfly car door speaks class 

3. Suicide car door

The concept behind the word “suicide” in this kind of door si its technicality and the damage it could you incur if you attempt to gain access or exit the wrong side of the car when it collides with another car while on motion. Have you seen Rolls Royce phantom door before? This is the exact of how a suicide door looks like. Its appearance is direct opposite of regular door. Unlike regular door, suicide door hinges from rear end of the door and face different and opposite direction. It also opens up when latched up while driving.


Suicide doors are typical of Rolls-Royce cars

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4. Gull wing car door

If you have this kind of door equipped in your car, you definitely have no problem parking in a crowded parking lot since it opens upward. This means the gull wing car takes small space and gives you total access to your car. It is common with Porsche and other high performance vehicles. It radiates beastie look and a touch of grace. Many car brands like Mercedes have adopted this mouthwatering that will open your mouth for some minutes in awe.


This kind of door makes parking very easy

5. Scissor car door

It is somehow similar to regular or conventional. While the convention car door is hinged at the front facing the edge, same is applicable to the scissor door but the obvious difference is that the scissor car door opens vertically instead of onward engineering in regular car. You probably might have seen this type of car door in Lamborghini series. It might be expensive but it is definitely worth the buy.


This kind of door usually comes with high performance cars

6. Sliding car door

Aside the regular car door, this is another type of car door that is very popular on the road. Although the concept is seen among small cars, yet it is a common sight with big cars. If you have seen Toyota Sienna and Hiace before, you will understand the mechanics behind this type of door. Just like the sliding door we have at home, it gives enough room to take more people at once and exit too. It is mostly used for commercial purpose and family picnics.

The door is positioned on a track to allow smooth and easy opening. If you own a transport company, you will definitely need to purchase some of this car door to bolster your daily sales. If you have a big family too or planning to go on vacation, you should be on a lookout for this kind of car door.


The sliding car is a good choice for transport business

7. Canopy car door

If you are not a car enthusiast, you might not see this type of door in lifetime. Even if you do, it might be once or twice. This kind of door is very rare and can be custom made. It is more like a regular canopy you see around but this time, it comes in form of an automotive engineered door system. The canopy car door is located at the roof of the car and lifts itself up whenever you are entering or exiting the car. Similar technology is also present in a canopy aircraft.

When you hear things like articulated canopy, bubble canopy and cock pit canopy, you should know they are referring to the same car door system. This is because there is no specific name accorded to the car door.


This kind of design is not common in the street

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8. Swan door

As the name implies “swan” means it looks exactly like a swan. There are not too many out there but there is a reasonable amount of it on the street. Although it is not cheap to acquire a car with a swan door but with a moderate amount, you should be able to get one for yourself. Swan car door is a blend of regular and suicide car door system.


Swan door is designed to give drivers good view of the ground

This means that it is hinged to the front and faces the edge. It is an outward door system and a little bit lifted upwardly to give the driver an easy access to the ground especially while driving.

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