"Flowery" Rolls-Royce Phantom Serenity for super-feminine owner with embroidery & bamboo deco


This is going to be the most stunning, sensational and oriental modified Rolls-Royce Phantom you will ever see. Come in and check this beauty out!

We used to think the original celestial roof of Rolls-Royce is the highest end of interior design, and that no one can ever surpass that level. This newly designed Rolls-Royce proved us wrong. With the oriental theme, Japan to be specific, the silky, flowery, bamboo, the Rolls-Royce Serenity is an eye opener to us.


This modification has taken the already luxurious Rolls-Royce to a next level

Inspired by Japan's motif and materials from the oriental lands, the design team from Rolls-Royce decorated the car in collaboration with 2 professional textile designers from Plymouth University and Royal College of Art.

They came up with the ideas of emphasizing on Japanese style due to the strong demand from the high-status customers since Japanese textile often employ high-end silk, coupled with its vivid and elegant theme. 


This design is intended to appeal to high-status VIPs

Not only bamboo, the team also used cherry wood and white leather to furnish the interior, all of which are decorated with floral patterns. The usual sparkling roof is replaced with a more soothing tone of flowers. Other interior details are coated with one of the most sophisticated and also most costly paint ever, named mother-of-pearl. 


The ostensibly monotonous color is actually the most expensive paint color of Rolls Royce

The high-quality silk is sourced from a city in China that's famous for their silk craftmanship, Suzhou. The silk was dyed to perfection by the locals before reaching Britain, where it's woven by an equally skilled tailor team. Finally, they will be handed over to 2 textile designers from the two prestigious art college to examine, elaborate and put in their final touch. 


The textile pattern was done to perfection

From the material, the color and the fact that most details inside are handcrafted, the representative from Rolls-Royce want to send a clear message to their prospective customers:

"Whoever sits in those cars will get to experience the feel of those emperors when they got under a blossom trees to soothe their mind after a long, enduring battle, isn't that similar to the battles that the super-rich have to face every day?"


This mod is anticipated to be a meditation room on wheels

Take a look at more photos inside this tranquil cabin right below!


The Serentiy is inspired by Japan's motif and materials from the oriental lands


Unspun silk from China is the soul of the interior design


The unique and exquite design doesn't stop there in the interior, the exterior got benefits as well


The Oriental beauty spreads throughout the interior of the Rolls-Royce Serenity


The mother-of-pearl paint used for the Serenity is considered to be the costliest paint ever

Video: Rolls-Royce Bespoke Serenity Phantom Production

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