How smart cars with AI will make driving easier and more fun


Cars with artificial intelligence will make driving a fun sport! You'll no longer have to stress yourself moving around. Click to read the benefits!

Artificial intelligence is the future of modern technology. The basic role of technology in simplifying the execution of tasks is no longer sufficient. A lot more is expected in that area. Experts are looking toward attaining a level where humans would no longer lift a finger to execute mechanical routine tasks, so they would have all the time in the world to focus on creative and mind-engaging activities.

Cars are not exempted from this futuristic goal. There are efforts in the automotive industry to develop cars that will not only move from one point to another, but also be independent to further enhance the driving experience. The stress that comes with driving will be largely reduced, giving you the opportunity to use that energy for something more productive. Here are three ways artificial intelligence will make driving easier!

1. Predicting your routes

If you board commercial buses, you have no control of your movement as the bus would have to make several stops, picking up and dropping off other passengers. But it is a different ball game if you have your own personal car. You have a particular routine and route that you follow.

For some people, they drop their kids off at school before heading to the office. They do this every day, hence, it is a routine. With artificial intelligence, such a routine will be engraved in the car’s computer system. Having picked up these signals over time, the car gets accustomed to it, and can move in these directions independently. There is no need for you to mount the steering wheel. As you step into your car, you simply press a few buttons informing your car of the route you are taking. You simply sit back and either relax or keep yourself busy while your car takes you to your destination.


Sleeping in the car will no longer be a big deal

This might seem incredible, but innovators are already working toward it with technologies such as the Prediction API, a device that makes use of machine learning algorithm to predict recurring behavior.

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2. Predicting traffic

Artificial intelligence thrives on data. These data are saved in the cloud for connected devices to tap from, and make use of them in predicting behaviors. With available traffic data stored in the cloud, AI-enabled cars will be able to pick signals about traffic situations at different times.

As you go about your daily routines, your car picks the data, and gets used to your movements. If you usually leave the office a few minutes before 5pm, and drive through Third Mainland Bridge around 5pm, your car will be able to predict the condition of the road within that period. So, rather than let you drive into heavy traffic, you car, through its audio and visual sensors will inform you about the heavy traffic ahead of you.

With this information at your disposal, you can come up with ways to beat the traffic. You could decide to stay back a little longer or go somewhere else until the system informs you that the traffic gridlock has reduced.

We already have this feature being used by taxi services like Uber. From the app, drivers are informed of the state of traffic in the route entered on the computer system.

3. Predict behaviors of pedestrians and motorists

Right here at Naijacarnews, we have long established that driving is not an individual thing. There will always be other people – drivers and pedestrians –  on the road. You need to take note of their actions if you want to arrive at your destination successfully.

Front and back collisions are quite rampant. Due to limited communication, you are unaware of the actions of the driver in front of you and might hit their car from behind. With artificial intelligence, car-to-car communication will be enhanced. Making use of installed sensors, your car will be having real time communication with other cars around it, and can predict their behavior. If the car in front you wants to make a sudden stop, your own car will pick up the signal early enough to slow down in order to avoid a collision.


Back-to-front crashes like this will be reduced

Sensors in AI cars will also be able to pick up human body signals. Instead of hitting that pedestrian who ran into the road without looking properly, your car will automatically pick up their body signal, and stop early enough before hitting them.

Will cars be made differently?

With all these advancements mentioned, one might wonder if cars will be reconstructed to look different from what we have today. The answer is no. Cars will not have to undergo major changes. It is the car technologies that will be wired differently. With a few codes and minor installations, modern cars will be able to perform these AI-enabled functions.

Some of the latest cars on our roads today are already paving way for more sophisticated AI functions. In the near future, road accidents will be reduced to the barest minimum. We will no longer have to worry so much about losing our loved ones via complications from road crashes.

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