[Photos] Dr. R Vasudevan – the genius who discovered the use of plastics for road construction


Read this intriguing brief report on Dr Rajagopalan Vasudevan - the man who discovered and started the use of plastics for building roads.

One of the world’s top brilliant minds is the Indian genius, Dr Rajagopalan Vasudevan – the inventor of plastic road technology. He is recognized all over the world as the first person to ever discover that plastic can be used to build smoother and more durable roads which will also survive heavy usage.


Meet Dr Rajagopalan Vasudevan – the Indian genus who discovered plastic road construction technology

One of the best parts about using plastics in road construction is the fact that this technology serves as an incredibly brilliant way of recycling them which helps save the environment in general.

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According to reports by the India Times, Dr R Vasudevan had his M.Sc from Madras University in Chennai before he went ahead to get a PhD in the year 1974. He was able to reduce total dependence on bitumen with his invented use of regular coal tar mixed with normal plastics.

This method of using plastics for constructing roads has been proven to actually produce smoother pavements than the conventional method. So, roads built using this technology hardly gets potholes on time and takes longer to degrade.


The use of plastics in road construction has now become a globally accepted technology that is environmental-friendly

Many advanced nations around the world including some African countries like South Africa has already begun adopting this incredibly brilliant and environmental-friendly method of road construction.

We hope that Nigeria will soon adopt it as well because most of the current roads we have in the country do not last more than 4-5years before degrading and suffer several pothole issues.

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