A review from test drivers’ notes on the futuristic BMW i8 Roadster 2019


Now we can say BMW has corrupted the future. The BMW i8 Roadster can attest to it.

If anyone asks us at NaijaCarNews.com our view of the BMW i8 Roadster 2019, we will say; it’s simply super futuristic and will hardly ever go out of time. Just look at the fact that the first i8 model was unveiled 4 years ago but still stand as a cars from the future nowadays, you can attest to that.

Overview on BMW i8 Roadster 2019

And if the i3 was really tailored for the mass consumer market, then the i8 (including this new i8 Roadster) was obviously built for those customers yearning for a high-performance ride that comes with some genuine green credentials together with a far-out beautiful design. It might not fall among the fastest cars on 4 wheels, but it sure is one of the most interesting cars to date.


Looking at the BMW i8 Roadster 2019, I see future

We have to point out first that the BMW i8 Roadster 2019 is not on the cheap side, starting from $164,295 (₦59.1 million) and the option used majorly for the test drive notes reviewed below – the one with a $2,500 (₦900,000) Terra World Copper package – even brought the price up to a $166,795 (₦60 million).

This option is basically an extra appearance package which adds lit-up i8 badges, black brake callipers and copper-coloured leather seats to the car. It is undeniable that there are absolutely numerous cars that one could get for the same price as this car, but only a few will actually turn people’s head like the way the i8 does.


The BMW i8 Roadster 2019 – the future is already here!

BMW i8 Roadster 2019 – A review from test drivers’ notes

Below are some of the highlights from different notes taken by individual test drivers who took this new BMW i8 Roadster 2019 for a quick spin:

Notes from test driver number 1

  • Just like the Acura NSX car, this new i8 Roadster is not one of such cars that can just be measured based on performance alone. One has to appreciate its technology and engineering for proper evaluation in purchasing one.
  • The latest BMW i8 Roadster looks and feels like “the future” both on the inside and out. It has got such a presence that one could hardly find with other cars in its price range. Even though its carbon-fibre and butterfly doors can make it difficult to get inside and out of the car, they still make it look really cool overall. You might have to always watch out for the “A-pillar”.
  • Once you have gotten inside the i8 Roadster 2019, you will feel absolutely balanced and at ease. Its seats are comfortable with its controls placed in the desired spots. It can feel a little bit tight though, but is there any sports car that isn’t?
  • The i8 really drives well. Its steering feels quick and light and its chassis also respond properly to inputs. The ride actually strikes a very nice balance between a “sporty, harsh” ride and erring on the more relaxed side as well.
  • The all-wheel-drive system (with electric motors up front) helps the i8 have a lot of nice grip to it.


The BMW i8 Roadster 2019 can be slightly tricky to get inside but once in, it feels comfortable all through the ride

Notes from test driver number 2

  • Even after 4 years since launched, the BMW i8 still looks stunning and beautiful. This new i8 Roadster looks more like a hypercar of the future to come. It is overall wide and low with lots of crazy curves and nice cavities that really gives the car a special look on its own.
  • The turbo 3-cylinder featured in the i8 Roadster is a “growly little thing”. It does handle well and its 30 miles of electric range is indeed solid.
  • The steering feels somehow over boosted and insensitive too. If anyone has joint pains of any flexibility issues, he/she should just forget about trying to drive this car because ordinarily getting inside and out of it is a chore on its own.
  • Its price tag is on the high side with the coupe starting at $150,000 (₦54 million) and this Roadster starting at over $160,000 (₦57.6 million).

Notes from test driver number 3

  • Buyers should be ready to hear people screaming at them when driving this BMW i8 Roadster 2019. They should be prepared to hear comments like; “What is that?”, “Nice car!”, “What series is that?”, “How much did it set you back?”. These and many more exclamations will sure come to you especially if you drive it with the top dropped sometimes. Reason being that the i8 Roadster is just stunning and when one drives by, it will surely make anyone look twice.
  • Once you are able to contort your body and get inside the i8 Roadster, it is actually comfortable. The i8 has a nice profile already and with a top drop in this Roadster, expect no disappointment at all.

 2019 BMW i8 Roadster review | Fully Charged


Apart from the super cool, beautiful frameless scissor doors, the BMW i8 Roadster 2019 has such an overall futuristic-looking design that most other vehicles in its class lack. It might, however, not “drive like a spaceship”, but it is indeed the one to discover while the fuel economy is one of the BMW i8 Roadster 2019's numerous upsides.

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