Audi E-tron 55 Quattro 2019 review: Unrivaled in driving smoothness


Audi's first electric vehicle the E-tron 55 quattro is up against strong contenders. Is its driving smoothness enough to beat the competition? Find out!

The E-tron 55 quattro is Audi’s first ever electric vehicle (EV). Understandably, it is getting a lot of attention in a bid to ascertain its pedigree especially in the face of competition. One thing for sure is that Audi did not create a push over model. There are several factors that make the E-tron command more than a first look. Naijacarnews brings you the good, bad and ugly sides of the Audi E-tron 55 Quattro 2019 in this expository review.

Audi E-tron 55 Quattro 2019 Performance

The E-tron easily becomes a sweetheart after taking it for a ride. It is effortlessly quick, responding to commands with just a single touch. It feels as if the car anticipates the driver’s command, and swings into action before the command is initiated completely. The EV exudes the kind of confidence that is not associated with newbies on the road. This can be attributed to the automaker’s long-standing high-performance reputation.


The E-tron is Audi's electric vehicle debut model

In the event of panic braking, the brakes come alive, promptly, bringing the car to a halt. Steering the E-tron is accurate, taking you to desired direction without misappropriation. However, the EV lacks the X-Factor in driving – that feeling that propels you to grab the car keys and hit the road just for the fun of driving. Although it is a good thing that the brakes are quick to respond, this touchiness can be a bad thing sometimes.

When fully charged, battery of the E-tron does 220 miles. It requires about 28 hours of charging to get it fully charged.

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Audi E-tron 55 Quattro 2019 Driving experience

Comfort is one area that the E-tron shines brightly. If we were to score it, it would get an easy 9. It would have been a 10, but 10 depicts total perfection, and that is an illusion. You get to enjoy a very stable ride – thanks to its air suspension. There is no noise in the cabin while driving. Its quietness makes you forget that you are on the road. It offers a quad zone system for climate control that regulates the interior atmosphere, giving occupants maximum comfort. This is not a common feature in all-electric cars. Hence, it is worthy of commendation.

The interior of the Audi E-tron is well-arranged. Getting in and out of it is quite easy due to the seating arrangements. Size of the seats perfectly fit into the car with the right height and width.


With all that legroom, it doesn't get more comfortable!

Legroom is of great concern in vehicles. That is something you do not have to worry about if you are entering the E-tron as it offers adequate legroom for everyone including tall people. The driver enjoys a good sitting position as he mans the steering. The driver’s seat is well-positioned, giving a good view of the road.

The interior controls are worth talking about. There is a unique and intuitive drive mode shifter that is easy to use. Other control buttons are offered to guarantee occupants’ comfort. We did notice the busy interfaces of the climate control systems and infotainment though. With so many details on the touchscreen, there is a tendency for the user to get confused. A little simplicity would have been better.

Audi E-tron 55 Quattro 2019 Technology & Safety features

The technology of a car influences its overall rating in this era. It goes without saying that car lovers would be eager to see what the E-tron offers in this department. The infotainment is good, but it lacks a tuning knob and hard shortcut buttons for easy operations. There is also a navigation map for direction. Sound quality of the audio system is topnotch. It offers the much-loved Android Auto and Apple CarPlay. Interestingly, you can use the Apple CarPlay even when it is not plugged in. There are several USB ports in the car for easy connection to devices.


Users get to enjoy Android Auto and Apple CarPlay

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What is a car without good safety features? Audi had this in mind when creating the E-tron, little wonder it offers some good safety features including the following:

  • Automated emergency braking
  • Blind-spot monitoring
  • Rear cross-traffic monitoring and intervention
  • Lane keeping assist

The E-tron also offers Audi’s bespoke safety technologies including:

  • Audi Pre Sense City
  • Audi Side Assist
  • Vehicle Exit Warning

Audi E-tron 55 Quattro 2019 Price & evaluation

The Audi- Etron offers two trims: the Premium Plus Quattro which is the base model and the Prestige Quattro.

  • Premium Plus Quattro: $74,800 (~N27.1 million)
  • Prestige Quattro: $81,800 (~N29.7 million)

There are some things you are going to love about the E-tron. These include:

  • Refined and accurate acceleration
  • Adequate interior space
  • Comfortable seats
  • Standard safety technology
  • Low driving noise


The E-tron covers 220 miles on full charge

You will most likely not like the following things about the E-tron:

  • Complex infotainment features
  • Low driving range
  • Too much weight

The Audi E-tron 55 Quattro 2019 scores above-average in ratings. Its good features outweigh the not-so-good ones. If you are considering buying an electric vehicle, it is not a bad option.

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