Latest 2019 BMW X7 SUV comes with extra cargo space & interior upgrades!


Have you ever tried checking out the new 2019 BMW X7 SUV? It has got so much to love! See our brief review with photos of the beautiful SUV here!

NaijaCarNews could excitedly confirm that the 2019 BMW X7 does live up to expectations in terms of interior and exterior styling ever since we have been following the customers’ reports on the 3-row luxury SUV since its launch. This is why we have decided to give you guys a brief review of what it has got below;


The 2019 BMW X7 SUV – one of the most impressive 3-row SUV on the auto market

This 3-row SUV has a lot of impressive details in its exterior styling as well as some enticing features added to its interior. Let’s discuss them each;

2019 BMW X7 – Exterior styling

The exterior styling of this SUV might prove polarizing to some people as the BMW’s normal signature kidney grille would feel a bit larger and noticeable at first sight. This might be so obvious because, in older BMW SUV models, the grille used to be smaller and not so elongated. But if you look closely, you will realize that the one on this 2019 BMW X7 is an immediate “attention grabber” styling feature that is dominant on the vehicle compared to the rest of its exterior parts.


Once you sight a massive signature kidney grille like this on a BMW SUV, know its probably a 2019 BMW X7

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2019 BMW X7 – Rear and Cargo Area design

When it comes to the rear of the BMW X7, the liftgate and cargo area deserves more of the spotlight for some few interesting reasons. The 3-row SUV uses a type of split tailgate/liftgate that has a much larger opening on the top as well as a smaller one just below. It takes a 2-step process to access the SUV’s cargo area fully but we must mention that this process is actually painless and easy because it is powered electronically at both sides. When you drop the lower part of the cargo area, it usually forms a kind of small ledge that can actually act as a seat as well.

Also, your attention will easily get drawn to the controls that are positioned on the left portion of the BMW X7’s cargo area. You will see one of the controls being a button with the words “MAX” written on it that is meant for lowering the SUV’s 3rd row. If you hold down this button, you get to see the 2nd-row and 3rd-row seats move forward at the same time to create that extra space in the cargo area of the X7. 

Just imagine how one button could completely solve the most common families need in an SUV in a simple and easy way. Isn’t that just cool?


Press & hold the “MAX” button and watch how the seats fold to give you extra cargo area

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2019 BMW X7 – Interior design and features

The design and features of the 2019 BMW X7 are not disappointing at all when it comes to currently trending technologies and design concepts of modern SUVs.

When you look further into the interior design and features of the 2019 BMW X7, you will notice how usable its 3rd-row is and the abundance of legroom and headroom that would feel really comfortable for most people. However, the seat floor of this 3rd-row seems a little too high but if you will only be going on a short one-hour trip, it might not necessarily be upsetting at all.

This 3rd-row also comes with few enticing features like special climate controls, USB-charging ports and just behind its large panoramic moonroof, you get an additional moonroof that literally covers both of the first two rows inside the SUV.

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As a side note though; the BMW X7 only comes with Type-C USB charging ports behind its front seats. Many people might not like this decision of the automaker but you have to admit the fact that this more of BMW’s way of future-proofing this SUV as every gadget and device being rolled out recently comes with the Type-C USB ports alone. In case, you still have an older device with only a Type-A USB port; just get an appropriate Type-C to Type-A USB adapter and problem solved.

It is worth mentioning that we were also impressed with the consistency of materials that BMW used on the interior of this X7. There was hardly any drop off when you follow the design from the front of the vehicle to the back. BMW even made sure that the pillars located way back in the vehicle are also totally covered in the faux suede material all along with the windows top-down.


The 2019 BMW X7 is truly a luxury SUV that lives up to all expected standard which the “7 series” sedans have already set in terms of attention to details, technology and materials.

If you are someone that is looking into a more modern affordable and yet luxurious SUVs, we definitely recommend that you give this 2019 BMW X7 a try. It’s totally impressive among latest 3-row SUV on the auto market currently.

It might just be that perfect SUV you have always wanted!

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