Let's score the design and performance of 2019 Honda Odyssey!


For the 2019 Honda Odyssey, Naijacarnews has a very straightforward way to review - score it! Dive in to see how much we rate this car design and performance!

The 2019 Honda Odyssey Elite is exotic in nature, and exclusively different from many of its counterparts from the Honda family and other minivan brands. Yet, it is unique in beauty and exceptional in elegance.

It is a running minivan, rated 7.0/10 overall; it exceeds all of its counterparts in features, capacity, speed, looks, durability, and economical values to say the least. Although, the sound system is on the average in aggregate, and the vehicle’s styling does not really appeal to emotions, and it is not an all-wheel-drive, like some other minivans. Yet, it is one of the best in quality, capability, safe drive, purpose, and others.

The price ranges between $30,000 and $48,115 or ₦10.8 million and ₦17.3 million (excluding delivery fees) according to trim.

2019 Honda Odyssey design: 5/10

The two-character lines span across the sides of the van, one emerges low beyond the back wheels while the other emerges up above the front wheels; they both take turns to spin in opposite directions as they move by the sides of the van enfolding the doors and its handles that are in-between, thereby making the design way out of the ordinary.


2019 Honda Odyssey design is not highly evaluated

In the world of automobiles, character lines are to serve some specific purposes, like visual emphasis, but it serves no particular one in the Odyssey. Also, Honda is fond of creating a floating roof with the D-Pillar, and this is no exception.

Hence, it’s considered one of the distraught designs ever, in the modern auto world. Its window filiations climb up the lower corner of the A-Pillar and then descend right ahead of the C-Pillar. Thereby giving room for a wide window area for passengers in the third row to look through and make their trip worthwhile.

2019 Honda Odyssey Interior: 7/10

The interior of the Odyssey is high-tech in view; it possesses an aesthetics bim light with a light brown color theme, with a mirror of grey and black here and there. A digital tachometer presents a graphical and numerical display of your speed gauge, while the gear shift is replaced with a push-button transmission control. The infotainment screen is saturated by a number of functional buttons.


Scores get higher when it comes to the interior and comfort of this Odyssey

2019 Honda Odyssey Comfort: 10/10

All seven seats of the Odyssey Elite offer a pain-free experience for all passengers on board. The vehicle is an icon of comfort. The seat measure averagely toward the hip point and renders a perfect size for average height people, thereby making entering just like a slide and not a hop.

The third/ last row is comfortable for both adults and kids, as it has enough space; there’s enough air to saturate the back as there are wide windows and enough legroom for average height passengers.

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2019 Honda Odyssey Cargo space: 8/10

The Odyssey provides fantastic luggage space and capacity for a minivan, the magic seat which is the third row, according to Honda, is the easiest to lodge among all vehicles of this caliber, it possesses a power-folding quality for the 60/40 magic seat that can flip backwards and disappear into a deep well, leaving a flat floor for luggage by merely pulling a strap; all thanks to gravity.

On the other hand, the second-row seats are not easy to remove, as they still need to be carried out bit by bit. They possess an extraordinary sliding feature; the magic slide that enables one to be able to push the seat on the outboard towards the middle or push them out.


Not many cars can compete with the 2019 Odyssey in terms of cargo space

It is also very useful for cartage or drawing things as it looks just like a cabin when the backseats are removed or packed. The suspension and sound isolation are perfect; they separate the passengers, especially those at the backseats, from outside interferences such as wind, noise, engine sound and help maintain good body posture. This is therefore termed the cheapest minivan cum limo.

2019 Honda Odyssey Performance: 7/10

Odyssey has a high-tech 3.5-liter V6, generating a 280 horsepower, with a 262 pound-feet of twisting force/torque. It possesses an economical fuel cylinder that regulates when functioning under light loads, with a 10-speed transmission, automatically making up an extra gear to match every situational transmission.


The car offers stable suspension and good fuel economy rate

The suspension is a perfect combo for both comfort and stability, meaning that the body does not just roll over and understeer, when the wheel is turned more than ten degrees. Its conduct on the road is absolutely under control at all times. There are no irrelevant body movements during maneuvers; which is often attributed to its center of gravity.

Just like many other brand of minivans have good fuel economy, it is rated by the Environmental Protection Agency to be 22 miles per gallon; 28 miles per gallon on the highway and 19 miles per gallon in the city.  It runs on a steady gas of about 429 miles on a full tank.

2019 Honda Odyssey Technology: 7/10

The infotainment system navigation is outsourced to Garmin, so it works just fine, but the graphics are not in vogue. The system’s reaction period is on the average, the menu layout does not possess any physical buttons saturating the screen that can direct you, making it inferior to the Pacifica.

Though, Honda brands often possess some unique technologies such as mobile hotspot and Android applications compatibilities, Apple Carolyn, wireless smartphone charge device, Blu-Ray disc, inbuilt applications and the 115 voltage power outlet.


A close look at 2019 Honda Odyssey's cabin!

Overall, the Honda Odyssey Elite 2019 is a fantastic vehicle with quality for money, and the cheapest ever minivan/limo for this caliber.

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Joshua-Philip Okeafor