Mazda’s first EV, Mazda MX-30 to debut at the 2019 Tokyo Motor Show


Mazda has created its first EV - the MX-30 set to debut soon. It has an eco-friendly design with recycled materials. Check below for its other features!

It is the season of electric vehicles (EV). Mazda Motor Corporation is not about to be left out of the green frenzy. The automaker is putting its own electric vehicle forward at this year’s Tokyo Motor Show. Doing the honors for the auto brand is the Mazda MX-30.


The center-opening dooble doors are so fancy, aren't they?

A new entrant into the long-standing automaker’s lineup, the Mazda MX-30 is categorized in its third generation. Mazda says that the MX-30 seeks to give users a driving experience that allows them to be comfortable.

Beyond its creative design, the Mazda MX-30 builds a relationship between the user and the car. Although Mazda has always offered unique artistry, it raises the bar with this new model with the Mazda Kodo trademark. According to the automaker, the design builds on what it describes as a “Human Concept.” It shares a number of things in common with the Kodo, but manages to create its own unique values.

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It doesn't get more comfortable than all this interior space

If interior space is something you fancy in cars, the MX-30 will do it for you. There is plenty of room for body movement. Mazda offers an eco-friendly design with recycled fabrics. You get to feel close to nature without compromising on high quality. Its double doors have a center opening in freestyle mode.

On a mission to offer the same quality non-electric Mazda models have, the automaker used e-Skyactiv – the latest electric-drive system.


The MX-30 has a unique EV artistry 

So much has been said about the MX-30. Car enthusiasts are anxiously waiting for its market debut so they could have a first-hand experience of it.

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