Nissan Altima Platinum 2019 comes to keep nurturing the love for sedans


Let’s get out of the crossover's and SUVs' charm and take a look into the world of Sedans to check out the new Nissan Altima Platinum 2019 to see that the sedan will stand its ground in this speedy automotive world.

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Some judges and pundits are claiming that sedans are now dead in the auto market. Is this true?

In spite of the current noises of crossovers and SUVs in the worldwide market, you might not believe it but millions of 4-door sedans are still getting sold every year all over the world and especially favoured in Nigeria. This is a positive sign for car makers to cling onto this traditional way of designing and manufacturing vehicles.

No surprise why Nissan has so far continued to roll out four distinct sizes of sedan vehicles ranging from its subcompact Versa to its super-sporty Maxima with plenty of swags. But the Nissan Altima Platinum is unquestionably the very “heart and soul” in this range of sedans by the Japanese automaker, as it continually stands as the mantle for the brand to compete with other automaker’s sedan like the Chevy Malibu, Toyota Camry, and Honda Accord.

Dealerships moved as much as quarter a million of the Altima in 2018 alone, making it Nissan’s most popular sedan by far and also Nissan’s second-best seller, silently tucking into the Nissan Rogue crossover’s existing slipstream which of course blew every door off in the year 2017 with its massive sales rounding up to 400,000 units sold.

1. Upgrades in Nissan Altima Platinum 2019

This new Altima might not really be inspiring but it's sure competent enough as a 4-door with a now longer tooth as new versions of its competitors - Camry and Accord – have gotten a complete overhaul in 2018, thereby ducking the Altima out of its once popular supremacy among mid-sized sedans.

In order to address these obvious weaknesses, Nissan has now given the Altima a complete overhaul for this 2019 model year covering its powertrain, taillights, headlamps, and most of what customers would normally expect. The end result of all that is a spacious and stylish sedan that is no more struggling in its class.


This is the “feel” that you will get on the inside of the new Nissan Altima Platinum 2019

The Nissan Altima 2019's exterior  is one of its first notable characteristics. One will immediately notice its unmistakable grille that dominates and plunges way downwards into the sedan’s front bumper, as if from Ingolstadt. The 2019 Altima is very bold but still manages to combine being “in-your-face” and tastefulness together in one, which is a really difficult card to pull normally.

This 6th-generation Altima’s bones are sturdier and stiffer than ever before, providing it with a more solid foundation for it to be a nice mid-size sedan vehicle. The newer architecture now allows the Altima to slightly grow wider, longer, and lower all by just an inch (around 2.54 cm), though it now comes with a stretched wheelbase that has increased by up to two inches (approx. 4.8 cm), giving the Nissan Altima Platinum 2019 a sort of more spacious and plated feel to its interior.


More Sprawlin’ room at the back seats of the Nissan Altima Platinum 2019 is a definite hit

2. Nissan Altima Platinum 2019 features – What can it offer?

Below we will be given a brief roundup of all that is relevant which this new Nissan Altima Platinum 2019 has got to offer:

  • An option of the entry-level powertrain that displaces 2.5L and boasts of direct fuel injection, variable-displacement oil pump, mirror bore cylinder coating and much more.
  • An available all-wheel-drive option (probably to hit a more affordable price target)
  • An option of 2.0L turbocharged powertrain which replaces the previous 3.5L V6 featured engine.
  • No manual gearbox.
  • An EPA rating of 29 mpg (an advantage over its competitors; Toyota Camry and Honda Accord).
  • Amenities like driver-alertness monitor, remote start, automatic emergency braking, and forward collision warning to say a few. (available as standard on all trim levels).
  • Nissan Safety Shield 360 (only on midrange SV models and above).
  • Higher-end models have ProPILOT Assist.
  • Nissan Connect available on all trims (which includes; an 8-inch multi-touch display with Android Auto and Apple CarPlay).
  • Elegantly laid and refreshing overall interior design that matches the exterior too.
  • Improved forward visibility (thanks to its lowered hood).
  • A lot of sprawlin’ room at the back seats.
  • Zero Gravity front buckles that are super comfortable.

  2019-Nissan Altima-Platinum

3. Nissan Altima Platinum 2019 price

In case you are wondering how much this new Nissan Altima 2019 costs. The base price is just ₦8.8 million ($24,645) with a ₦321,305 ($895) delivery fee. An all-wheel-drive option adds extra ₦486,000 ($1,350) to this figure. And as for the Nissan Altima Platinum 2019 model which we have reviewed here so far, it’s a shy ₦12.9 million ($36,000).

The Nissan Altima cannot be pushed aside in the world of sedans so, you can give it a shot this time!

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