The Hyundai Santa Fe 2019 can be unlocked with fingerprints


You guys might be all familiar with the remote keyless system, as they are integrated into most modern cars. But I bet not many have heard of starting the car engine with your fingerprints. Check it out!

You heard it right, it's the fingerprint technology. Hyundai has long planned to make it happen in one of their cars, and they have confirmed its presence in the newest model of Santa Fe, the 2019 version.

Either way, it happened, and we're glad. Well actually, the Chinese customers are glad since the brand has declared that the tech is exclusive to the Chinese market. That's why Hyundai decided to hold a car show at a location in China.


The technology long presented on most smartphones are now on cars

Installed outside of the car, near the handle, the fingerprint sensor will be designed to sustain harsh weather conditions in China, such as extremely cold weather of the mainland and also its scorching sunlight in summer, amongst other conditions such as acid rains and high humidity.

The feature will not be solely for the driver. It's extended to be used by multiple people. They just need to sign up for a new fingerprint profile before attempting to drive the car. Interestingly, the car can adjust seats and also the positions of side mirrors according to the number of people, or fingerprints, in the car. When inside, either passenger, who has registered for a finger profile can operate the car by pressing their fingerprint on the ignition, where they would normally put the car key on.


Even the ignition process doesn't require a key anymore

A final note, we are not sure why car brands have waited this long to introduce such a universal technology to their cars. I mean, the technology used on phones applied to cars when it should be the other way around. With this pattern, should we expect a model in the future that features facial recognition? With the deep pockets of big brands and all the creative mind in their engineering division. It's gonna be a thing very soon, mark my word!

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