The new Mercedes Benz G-Class: symbolic off-roader now in Nigeria


The new G-Class has become one of the most passenger cars that is in demand in the world right now after its production kicked off in Graz in May. It has been hailed as the biggest transformation of the G’s 39 years old popular history.

The new Bercedes Benz G-Class has become one of the most passenger cars that is in demand in the world right now after its launch in Graz in May. The authorized distributor of Mercedes Benz in Nigeria Westar Associates is proud to introduce the new “G” to enthusiast and customers of Mercedes Benz in our country. This model raises the bar higher in all ramifications and relevant areas while maintaining popular features and it also maintains its design icon. It has been hailed as the biggest transformation of the G’s 39 years old popular history.

According to the Managing Director/CEO Weststar Associates Limited, he described the new  Bercedes Benz G-Class model that speaks for itself as the design is suitable for off road operations and it’s more suitable in its segment. He also said the lover of Mercedes Benz, particularly fans of off-road vehicles can now enjoy the breakthrough in G-Class model design.

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Interior and exterior of the new Mercedes Benz G-Class

The exterior of the new Bercedes Benz G-Class model maintains that iconic look; it comes with new classic features like the door handle which is distinctive with the special character closing sound, the protective robust exterior strip, the prominent indicator lights, and the spare wheel that’s exposed on the rear door.

While the exterior maintains the classic look, it’s the interior deco that is the most eye catching because it has undergone a modern redesign which reinterprets the beauty of the exterior.

Both the chrome highlighted switches and the grab handle in front of the front passenger have been retained and optimized meticulously as characteristic features. When getting into the G-Class, you will notice that the exterior designs have been transposed into the interior of the car. For example, the round headlamp shape is reflected in the air vents by the side is also found again in the shape of the loud speakers inside the car.


The exterior designs have been transposed into the interior

Another highlight is that the seats in the G-Class are designed to provide lateral support and enhanced seating comfort. Another new feature is that the drivers can choose differently between three different styles for the display which are “Sport”, “Progressive”, and “Classic”, and also select views and relevant info to their individual needs.

Also available is that you will see a center console above the central display, and also a large virtual display in the driver’s direct area of vision. Beneath the shared glass cover, you will notice a 12.3 inch display that’s compatible into widescreen cockpit.

Performance of the new Mercedes Benz G-Class

The new Bercedes Benz G-Class is significantly more agile, comfortable, and dynamic than its predecessors and it performs better on the road. This new suspension came out from the collaboration between the Mercedes AMG GmBH and the Mercedes Benz G GmBH. The result of them both is an upgraded front axle with double wishbone along an independent suspension mated to a rigid rear axle.


The new born G-Class even performs better of road

The new G-Class model specification does not only include comfort on paved roads, greater driving dynamics, but also superiority in terrain and solidness. The off road performance of the new G-Class has been enhanced and that’s to the credit of the new front axle design. The off roader stays solidly on track, effortless when driving off road and agile. On the road, the ‘G’ provides a better steering feel to the driver and it is as agile as it is comfortable.

Engine of the new Mercedes Benz G-Class

The new Bercedes Benz G-Class comes with a high performance 4.0L V8 petrol engine that ensures powerful propulsion. The new enhanced biturbo gives you and output of 422 hp with a maximum torque of 610 Nm at 2000 to 4750 rpm. For power transfer, the new torque converter with  9G tronic automatic transmission was adapted specifically to meet the off roads icon needs.

The response and of the 9 speed transmission have been reduced by the use of a software application that is dedicated which also includes the shift times. This new wide transmission makes driving more comfortable when the speed level is low, it also makes driving quieter and it also contributes to the reduction of consumption of fuel.


The new G-Class can perform in any condition  


The new Mercedes Benz G-Class has presented itself in the utmost standard. The off road car impresses with its performance, safety, outstanding handling, cutting edge assistance system whether off the road or on the road whatever in the conditions it is operating. The authorized general distributor of the automaker in Nigeria, Weststar Associates Limited have announced the new G-Class is now available in Nigeria at authorized Mercedes Benz dealership. For more details visit

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