The Volkswagen unveils its next electric SUV in China - The ID ROOMZZ


What caught everyone's attention at the Shanghai auto show was the unveiling of the ID Roomzz car model by German automaker, Volkswagen. Check out its features and more

The Shanghai auto show was held recently in China where different brands seized the opportunity to display their next line-up of automobiles. But the one that caught everyone's attention was the unveiling of the ID Roomzz car model by the German automaker, Volkswagen. The car isn't just any regular automobile. It's an electric SUV with the ability to drive itself, and carry out multiple autonomous tasks.


Unveiling of the new Volkswagen ID roomzz at the 2019 Shanghai auto week

The German car manufacturer said that they intend to first of all release this model in China in the next two years and subsequently other parts of the world. This all electric vehicle is designed in a way that it can be fully charged in less than an hour. A system that enables it charge really fast will be installed alongside an 82 kilowatts battery. If the car is charged up to 70%, it can travel 450km before the battery gets low - this is like Lagos to Benin.

Explaining more on the capabilities, the chief designer at Volkswagen, Klaus Bischoff, stated that the battery is strong and doesn't cause any harm to the environment. “This SUV is a monolith, appearing to be seamlessly machined from one solid block, the battery-powered ID. ROOMZZ moves effortlessly – silently and without emissions", Klaus was quoted as saying in a statement.


Check out the exquisite interior of the ID roomzz

Volkswagen is making futuristic vehicles and this ID Roomzz is one of them. They intend to sell up to ten million electric vehicles with the help of their Modular Electric Drive Matrix platform. Shortened as the MEB (Modulare E-Antriebs-Baukasten),  the German car manufacturing brand believes that the platform is a start of big things to come for them in the automobile industry.

Volkswagen has a range of ID models before the announcement of the Roomzz. There was the Buggy which is like a remake of the dune buggy used in America in the past; the microbus called Buzz cargo; the Crozz which is an autonomous electric SUV with level 4 capabilities; and a sedan with a 75 kilowatt battery called the ID vizzion. Therefore, once the Roomzz is made available for sale, it will be considered a major upgrade from the previous electric cars they had released.

Auto experts who analysed how the Roomzz work said they believe Volkswagen is right on track with their futuristic concept. For instance, occupants of the vehicle can feel more at home than in a vehicle - thanks to the ability to turn the two seats in front over 20 degrees. This gives the inside of the car a somewhat conversational atmosphere. That said, let's wait for the official launch of the vehicle and how self driving cars can fit into Nigerian roads.

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