5 cheap made-in-Nigeria cars you should give a try


The Nigerian automotive industry is growing rapidly. Unlike before, some cars are now being produced in the country. Check out these 5 made in Nigeria cars!

You do not need to look too far to get affordable used cars in Nigeria. They are literally sold everywhere. But the problem lies in finding a used car that has outlived its lifespan. Buyers are sometimes left with regrets after buying used cars because they are faced with several problems they never knew existed.

Going for new cars seems great but it is not always an available option as new cars are on the higher side of the bargain. You must either have a fat bank account or have saved up for long to be able to walk into a car dealership and pick a car of your choice.

Countries with an enabling environment to produce cars offer brand new cars to their citizenry at more affordable rates. Due to the presence of manufacturing factories belonging to different automakers, there is competition to outdo each other, hence, a reduction of their prices. Nigeria may not be popular for its vehicle production prowess, but times are gradually changing. In 2013, the federal government enacted an automotive policy kicking against the importation of completely assembled cars into the country. This policy has encouraged automakers to make provision for their cars to be assembled in Nigeria.

Read along as Naijacarnews highlights 5 made-in-Nigeria cars that you should have in your garage.

1. Innoson Vehicle Motors (IVM) 6490 A

Innoson Vehicle Motors (IVM) is a proudly Nigerian automotive brand. With its manufacturing factory stationed in Nnewi, Anambra State, the Made-In Nigeria brand has made great strides in recent times. More Nigerians are getting to know about it, and patronizing it. Just recently, Anambra State lawmakers rejected Prado SUVs offered to them by the state governor for IVM SUVs.


The IVM 6490 A was the first car produced by Innoson Motors in Nigeria

The very first Made-In-Nigeria product launched by IVM is the IVM 6490 A in 2014. Ever since, the brand has produced other IVM models which are fast gaining momentum. Nigerians are elated about having a fully indigenous automotive brand, and are supporting it in their own capacity. Winner of the ongoing immensely popular TV Reality Show, Big Brother Naija, Season 4 Pepper Dem, will go home with a brand new IVM car as part of the grand prize.

Price: ₦1.4 million to ₦3.5 million

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2. Kia Optima, Cerato and Rio

Kia Optima is not just a brand on Nigeria roads; it is fully established in the country with a factory for assembling some of its products. Making a commitment to cater to the Nigerian Market, Kia launched its very first Made-In-Nigeria automobiles the Kia Cerato, Kia Optima and Kia Rio. The grand ceremony ushering these cars onto the Nigerian market was held in 2014 at the popular Eagle’s Square in the Federal Capital Territory, Abuja.


Kia Optima was launched in the country in 2014

The launching of these KIA products in the country offered Nigerians more options to choose from in buying brand new cars. These Kia models boast of sleek and ultra-modern designs befitting different personalities and occasions.


  • Kia Cerato: ₦4 million
  • Kia Optima: ₦5 million
  • Kia Rio: ₦2.6 million

3. Peugeot 301

The Nigerian automotive industry has great potentials with the production of strong automotive brands like Peugeot. Recognizing a large market in the country, the popular automaker chose to work in line with the government’s mandate by setting up a manufacturing factory in Kaduna, Nigeria.


The 301 is produced in Peugeot's Kaduna factory

The Peugeot’s factory in Kaduna is not there for fancy. Ever since its establishment, it has been consistent in the manufacturing of Peugeot brands like the 301. The compact sedan is a favorite among families in the country as it provides enough space to accommodate them. With high durability, there is little or no reason for Nigerians to complain as the car meets their needs.

Price: ₦3 million to ₦3.5 million

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4. Nissan Almera

Nissan knows a thriving market when it sees one. Following the federal government’s automotive policy to boost production of cars in the country, the top automaker jumped on the train. Today, one of Nissan’s popular models, the Almera, is being produced in the country.

nissan almera

The Almera is Nissan's gift to the Nigerian automotive industry

The Almera offers an exquisite design in tune with modern technology. It made its official debut onto the Nigerian market in 2015. And ever since, it has continued to live to its promise of giving Nigerians maximum value.

Price: ₦2 million to ₦3.5 million

5. Hyundai Grand i10

The list of Made-In-Nigeria cars would be incomplete without the Hyundai Grand i10. The model from the stables of Hyundai arrived on the market in 2015 via Stallion Motors. Portable in size, the Grand i10 is the perfect ride for people who do not have to take a ride with families. 

The Grand i10 might be small in size, but its sufficient.

The Grand i10 offers two different engine variations. There is the 1.25 Kappa model and the Dual VTVT. The Dual VTVT comes packed with an automatic transmission of four speeds while the 1.25 Kappa model comes packed with a manual transmission of five speeds.

Price: ₦1.5 million to ₦1.9 million 

This list of Made-In-Nigeria cars will be of great help if getting a brand new car is your goal. However, if your budget is tight, and getting a used car is more feasible to you at the moment, you can find durable used cars on Naijauto.com – Nigeria’s number one car portal.

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