All 16 Toyota Trim level Acronyms and their respective meanings


Those L, XLE, S, etc all stand for specific trim levels. What are their meanings? Let's find out with Naijacarnews today to get to know all 16 Toyota trim level acronyms!

Even though Toyota is by far the leading auto brand in Nigeria, many people still do not know the real meanings behind its various trim level acronyms. This is why has decided in this post to list out all of the 16 different trim level acronyms of Toyota vehicles as well as their respective meanings.


Toyota vehicles normally come in various trim levels

16 Toyota Trim level Acronyms and their respective meanings

Below are the various Toyota trim level acronyms and meanings:


List of Toyota trim levels


By mere checking the back of most Toyota vehicles, one can easily discover its trim level

Apart from the various available trim levels, there are also different current trim level options of each Toyota vehicle model supplied to the Nigerian market and they are;

Toyota vehicle models’ trim level options in Nigeria

Below are full list of available Toyota cars and their trim level options in Nigeria.

  • Yaris: SE, LE, L
  • Tundra: TRD Pro, 1794 Edition, Platinum, Limited, SR5, SR
  • Tacoma: TRD Pro, Limited, TRD Off-road, TRD Sport, SR5, SR
  • Sienna: Limited, XLE, SE, LE, CE
  • Sequoia: Platinum, Limited, SR5
  • RAV4 Hybrid: Limited, XLE
  • RAV4: Platinum, Limited, XLE, LE
  • Highlander Hybrid: Limited
  • Highlander: Limited, XLE, LE Plus, LE
  • Corolla: XSE, Special Edition (50th Anniversary), SE, XLE, LE Eco, LE, CE
  • Camry Hybrid: XLE, SE, LE
  • Camry: XSE, XLE, SE, LE, CE
  • Avalon Hybrid: Limited, Premium, XLE Plus
  • Avalon: Limited, Touring, XLE Premium, XLE Plus, XLE
  • 4Runner: TRP Pro, Limited, Trail, SR5

Some Toyota vehicles like the “Land Cruiser” has just one trim option and it normally comes in just one grade level; however, interested buyers have the option to pick any desired additional package.

So, the next time you look at the back of any Toyota car and see these trim level acronyms, you can easily tell what they stand for 😊.

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