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 Vehicle's exterior which includes the color, the model and the brand speaks a great deal about the car and even the owner to say the least, as these are what either attract or severe people from the vehicle.

Nevertheless, owners of car's are not limited to the exterior parts of their assets but are more interested in the inner parts which is the interior.

The love of every car owner for their cars is mostly dependent on the comfort they feel while inside the car. If really in love with their car's interior, they find it really difficult to part with it. Therefore below are the necessities for an upgraded car's interior to be ever charming no matter the age of the car, suggested by!

10. Seat covers

The car seat covers over 90℅ of the interior of a vehicle, the two front seats, and the big rear seat. Seat covers are not expensive and they usually come very beautiful, they are very necessary so your car's interior can look attractive, and this also upgrades them.

Leathers are conspicuous in nature, there's the need fora chance to high quality leathers for a car's interior in order to give the vehicle a new look. Coverking's Velour custom offer exotic seat covers with high quality leathers, you can check out their products and some others manufacturers.


You can choose various seat cover patterns that match your style

9. Steering wheel and pedal pads

Due to wear and tear Steering wheels usually wear out quickly, get cuts and scrapes here and there, therefore purchasing a good cover for your steering wheel is essential, while having an entire replacement of the steering wheels and pads with give you vehicle's interior that facial touch up.

8. Car mats and carpets

Usually floor mats/carpets that comes with vehicles are not designed to last for a long period of time. Most often, car owners support the follow come mats with another sets of mats or carpets to enhance them so they don't wear out. Therefore, watch out for yours if it needs a replacement. Go ahead without hesitation so your vehicle can have that fancy look.

You can go for brands such as Husky Liners, Custom Accessories and Motor Trend.

7. Lighting and visual effects

Installation of flashy decors in your car is a good idea, this beautifies the vehicle and makes it noticeable, how much more installing beautiful lights that can become a synoture of all eyes when you go drive at night?

For instance installing a glowing puppet below the view mirror...will also be noticeable during the day. Just be creative with the decorations of your car's interior to upgrade it's status quo.


If you can afford, pay to get similar starlight headliner as in Rolls Royce!

6. Seats that features massage and heat

Although this particular feature is peculiar to seats of new cars, yet it can be purchased. These kinds of seats can be seen in various shapes and colors.

Today massage-seats can be installed in cars and the prices are not back-bone breaking. It ranges from N14,500 to N22,000. Also some seats come with others features such as heating capabilities.

Gideon and Snailax are renowned in this field. Get this kind of seats to upgrade your car's interior.

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5. Speakers

The mere sound from an old speaker is really appalling, even though the music is trendy and a new genre yet, due to the fact the that the sound is emanating form an old calf makes it unimpressive. Therefore, there is the need to upgrafe your vehicle's sound quality and improve the audio experience with super whooper speakers.

On Amazon you can get good speakers as low as 35 dollars, meanwhile, JBL and pioneer are reliable and affordable brands.

4. Bluetooth connection

Technology today has improved drastically, therefore having a new sound system in a car is synonymous to having an infotainment system which includes a touch screen control panel, and many connectivity features (Bluetooth...) and the car stereo system itself.

For instance a Pioneer infotainment brand has a 7-inch monitor, Android, and Apple, Bluetooth, and is really affordable hence advisable for your car's interior upgrade.

3. Speaker phones

This enables you answer your calls without having to touch you phones. Apart from beautification, this can also help save lives.

It is essential we have this as we drive and therefore advisable we embrace this kind of upgrade for or vehicle's interiors.

Also. Bluetooth car speakerphones are compressed and attractive. Motorola has the best brand when it comes to Bluetooth speakerphone, especially the Jabra Freeway speakerphone product.

2. Dashboard camera

These are devices that safeguards us from incurring any possible insurance claim fraud and aids all forms of investigation as far as the car is concerned. They are affordable, fancifully and durable.

Dash cams come in various sizes, colors and forms just ensure you choose the most suitable for your car.


This tool can serve as a witness in case of road accidents

1. Chargers and phone holders

To achieve a sharp and more organized view of your car inner parts, groovy chargers and phone cradles are essential. These are affordable accessories that will make your car's interiors look alluring. Choose reliable ones with beautiful colors, and those that cannot be affected by the road quality or whatever and that can be easily installed in order to enhance your vehicle's quality.

Making your old vehicle beautiful and alluring again is possible, it is all dependent on your choice of colors, treatment and gadget or accessories you use for the interior parts of your vehicle. Coupled with your taste for elegance.

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Joshua-Philip Okeafor