Buying Tokunbo: The mini guide to a professional test drive


You probably know the concept "test drive" but do you actually know how to do it? Spare 2 minutes of your time and check out how you can test a Tokunbo car like a pro!

To check that the used car you set your eyes on is in good condition or not, you should be ready to test drive and evaluate it according to the criteria we listed below.

Buying used cars has long been a cost-saving option for many consumers. However, if you do not know how to pick a car the right way, you are just waiting to be ripped off.

First and foremost, test driving is indispensable to every buying procedure. Questions like how to test the vehicle? Under what conditions? How to check the system and how to operate it?...are common to many people. So, let us take the following notes to make it easier for you to evaluate the car before you sign the deal.

Riding in different road conditions

Many experienced car users said that the test drive on a little challenging route to "feel" the real condition of the car is extremely necessary.

Select a sloppy road with a lot of roundabouts to test the vehicle reaction when accelerated, and also confirm the stability of the steering wheel when steering, to see if it's shaky. You also need to pay attention to how the car starts, accelerates, brakes and enters the corner. Most used cars show clear sound and vibration so you can test it pretty easily. The rockier a road is, the more you need to pay attention to the reaction of the car.

a man driving a car

Test the used car in different road and weather conditions

For used vehicles, you should also choose the empty road and run at different speeds to check the vibration and shakiness of the steering wheel.

If possible, you should run the car in bad weather as well, such as in rain or wet roads. By this way, you can know exactly the condition of windshield wipers as well as the performance of the car on the slippery road.

Know where to check

In fact, only with the above test, the driver should be able to evaluate the pros and cons of the car. However, before the test drive, you should familiarize yourself with the car, check the steering wheel, rearview mirrors to ensure that the car is still working properly, so as to avoid accidents when driving.

With a manual, step on the pedal with different force to sense whether the vehicle is speeding up or tipping. With an auto, it is advisable to change the gear at multiple speeds to determine if the accelerator pedal is clutched.

For the transmission, you should pay attention to the gas as soon as the car starts up, then raise it up slowly, and abruptly, to determine whether there are jerky, vibration or strange noise, or the engine noise varies in different speeds when accelerating.

How to test drive and buy a used car

To check the brakes, of course you need to brake at least two and look for strange noises like steering or vibration noises when braking or not. Full notice of the brakes is needed to make sure the braking system is working well.

All in all, test drive helps to assess the vehicle's performance, and if it is not working properly, it should be brought to the service workshop to identify the defective parts. Hasty decision without thorough testing may result in fatal consequences later.

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