Car AC compressor price in Nigeria and where to buy


Car AC compressor is the device that keeps your car ac pumping cool air. Read on to find out more on car ac compressor price in Nigeria!

 Air conditioner is an invaluable asset in cars, especially for hot climates like Nigeria. A device known as the compressor is the heart of the air conditioner cooling system.

All air conditioners, both those in cars and homes work by a change of state principle. A refrigerant compound such as hydrochloroflurocarbons (HCFCs) or chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs) is changed from gas to liquid and back again to gas in a continuous cycle.

Before we delve into the topic of car ac compressor price in Nigeria, we will discuss how air conditioning systems work generally. There are four major mechanical components that make up air conditioners – compressor, condenser, expansion valve and evaporator.


The compressor, condenser, expansion valve and evaporator are four major parts that make up ac systems

1. Functions of car AC compressor in air-conditioning system

The cooling cycle in an ac begins when the compressor sucks into itself the cool, low pressure refrigerant gas from the interior environment. It then squeezes it, increasing its temperature and pressure before expelling it to the condenser coil located on the outdoor unit of the ac as a hot, high pressure gas.

Upon hitting the condenser coil, this hot high pressure refrigerant gas is cooled up to a point that it is just warm and passed into the expansion valve where it is cooled further into a cool low pressure liquid.

By the time this cool low pressure liquid gets to the evapourating coil which is located in the indoor unit of the ac, it absorbs the heat from the interior air and evaporates, leaving the interior cool. This evaporated refrigerant now in the form of a cool, low pressure gas is again sucked in by the compressor to continue the cooling cycle.


Cool air is blown into the interior of the car via the low pressure part of the car ac compressor

A car ac compressor is divided into two compartments, one of high pressure and the other of low pressure. The function of the high pressure area is to compress the refrigerant gas sucked in from the inside of the car. Once it compresses this refrigerant gas into liquid form, it sends it into the condenser which works together with other parts to cool it. Once cooled, the cool air is blown into the interior of the car via the low pressure area of the car ac compressor.

2. Types of car AC compressors

Owing to the fact that there are different ways by which gas can be compressed, there are different types of compressors.

The most commonly used types of car ac compressors include:

  • Rotary piston compressors
  • Scroll compressors
  • Variable displacement compressors

2.1. Rotary piston compressors

This type of compressor uses a roller/cylinder mechanism to compress and transfer refrigerant gas. The setup is a roller that rotates inside a cylinder that has been divided into two compartments by a spring-mounted blade. As the roller rotates inside the cylinder, a variable amount of pressure build-up in both compartments of the compressor. As the pressure on one compartment increases, cooled gas is released from the other compartment.

2.2. Scroll compressors

A scroll compressor setup comprises two spiral disks of variable heights, a stationary tall one and a rotating short one. The mobile short disc is positioned to rotate inside the stationary tall disk. This rotation of the short disc creates some sealed off compartments in the long disc inside which variable amounts of pressure build up.

 As the compressor sucks in refrigerant gas, some gets trapped in those sealed off compartments. Following the rotation of the short disc, the trapped refrigerant gas move towards the centre of the scroll where they are compressed.

 Finally, the now compresses cool air exits the scroll via an outlet on the wall of the tall disc.


You can buy car ac compressors at Ladipo market, Mgbuka market or BEWAC spare parts market

2.3. Variable displacement compressors

A variable displacement compressor, also called a reciprocating compressor compresses and transfers refrigerant gas via a piston/cylinder mechanism. Just like in a car engine, the pistons make upward and downward motions which create varying amounts of pressure that suck refrigerant gas into the cylinder. In the cylinder, the sucked in refrigerant gas is compressed and expelled into the interior of the car as cool air.

3. Prices of car ac compressor in Nigeria & where to buy

Purchasing a new or Tokunbo replacement for your ac compressor does not pose any challenge at all. You can buy original car ac compressors from major spare parts dealers in automobile markets in Nigeria.

If you are in Lagos, Ladipo Auto Spare Part Market or Owode Onirin, Motor Spare Parts Market are good places to buy compressors. If you love to buy your products online, you can order from online stores like Jumia, Konga or Jiji. If you are in Abuja, you can equally buy your car ac compressor at the New Motor Spare Parts Market, Zuba.

For buyers in the eastern part of the country, Mgbuka Spare Parts Market, Onitsha is the best place to get a replacement car ac compressor for your vehicle. For those in Port Harcourt or its environs, you can buy car ac compressors at the popular BEWAC Spare Part Market along Trans-Amadi Road, Nkpogu, Port Harcourt.

The table below is an updated price list of the ac compressors of popular car models in Nigeria.

However, you should be aware that this table detailing car ac compressor price in Nigeria is only a buying guide. Prices could slightly differ owing to locations and other market factors. Meanwhile, the average price range of a car ac compressor in Nigeria is between ₦15,000 – ₦35,000.

Car ac compressor price in Nigeria

Common products


Acura MDX ac compressor


BMW ac compressor 2006 model


Kia Picanto ac compressor 2010 model


Kia Rio ac compressor 2013 model


Mitsubushi Pajero ac compressor 2000 model


Opel ac compressor 2001 model


Toyota camry 2.4L compressor 2004 - 2006 model


Toyota Camry ac compressor 2003 model


Toyota Camry ac compressor 2007 model


Toyota Camry ac compressor 2010 model


Toyota Corolla ac compressor 2009 model


Toyota Highlander ac compressor 2003 model


Toyota Highlander ac compressor 2008 model


Toyota Highlander ac compressor 2010 - 2014 model


Toyota Lexus 350 ac compressor 2007 model


Toyota Lexus RX 300 ac compressor


Toyota RAV4 ac compressor 2003 model


Toyota Sienna ac compressor 1996 model


Toyota Venza ac compressor 2010 model


Toyota Yaris ac compressor 2006 model


Superline Mini ac compressor


Mercedes Benz C Class ac compressor (Used)


BMW M42 ac compressor (Tokunbo)


Denso ac Compressor C230 Class (Used)


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4. Notes when buying car ac compressor in Nigeria

If you are lucky, your car ac compressor could last the lifetime of your vehicle but in some cases it could fail at least once or twice during the lifetime of your vehicle. Whatever the case, it is important that you buy the correct replacement when replacing your car ac compressor. Failure to replace with the right match could cause the ac to perform poorly or totally fail again.

Before you set out to buy a replacement for your failed car ac compressor (that is if you don’t want to entrust this to your technician), you should have at hand the detailed information of your car. Such details as your car model, production year and even trim level are important to be sure you are getting the correct match. You can always find information relating to your car model and production date when you open your driver’s side door.

An alternative to having the above stated information pertaining to your car is the manufacturer’s part number.  This you will find inscribed either directly on the compressor or on a label on it. However, the bad news is that after such a long time, this part number could become unreadable, so you might have to stick with going by the correct details of your car.

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