Cheap cars in Nigeria? Here is what you need to know if you want one!


Getting a cheap car in Nigeria can be easy if only you know what to do and where to check. Here are some tips to help you with your search for cheap cars.

Costs and budges are two of the paramount things when buying anything including cars. Your budget to a large extent dictates what car you can get, or what options or trims you can go for.

If you don’t have the luxury of saving up for an expensive car or have the patience to wait for that big promotion that will afford you the high-class vehicle you desire, you can still go for that cheap car in the meantime. It will shock you to know that there are cheap cars in Nigeria that will serve you well, if mobility is your goal, and these cars are also durable.

Naijacarnews in this article has done all the work for you to find cheap cars in Nigeria easily. All that’s required of you is to follow these tips, as this is important to ensure you get the right car. But again, “cheap cars”, does not connote Tokunbo always, but can be both new and used vehicles, like made in Nigeria cars. The emphasis here is “affordability”.


Getting a cheap car requires more strategies than you imagine

Helpful tips for getting cheap cars in Nigeria!

These are some of the things you need to put in mind when shopping for a cheap car in Nigeria. These will ensure you get the best value for your hard-earned money.

1. Don’t be hasty – never show signs of desperation to the seller!

This is perhaps the most important rule of all when shopping for anything in Nigeria, especially a car. This is because you potentially lower your negotiation leverage immediately the sellers can as much as smell your desperation to own a car.

Tricks dealers lay on car buyers to expose the purchasers' desperation can include telling the buyer that “Someone is paying a higher price and he/she is coming to get it tomorrow” or “Someone has already reserved this car”. These are buyer’s old tricks from the book (101 tricks on how to sell anything). However, you need to stay calm and collected and never give off a whiff of desperation.


Showing your interest in a car might make it a sign for the dealer to bring the price up

2. Online car forums

The internet has made information relatively easy to get these days with things like online forums. Registering with a car online forum in Nigeria can be very helpful in your search for a cheap car purchase. Registering with a car forum is easy as they are usually free to register.

Become active and ask questions specifically for cheap cars in Nigeria, you’ll be amazed at what information you’ll get. It will even be more helpful if you can make information like your budget, location, and preferred model available on the forum, as this will help speed up things

3. High mileage, not necessarily a bad thing!

This is very common as to car buyers, where cars with high mileage are written off as they assume it will become problematic in a short while. This might not be the case if the car has been well maintained by its owner over the years. It might even last longer if one buys the car from a car owner who is an avid car enthusiast with a penchant for car maintenance.


High mileage not always means less reliable

3. Luxury used vehicles – an absolute no!

It will be highly beneficial to you to stay with normal models than with used luxury models with unnecessary features and gadgets that will end up costing you more in maintenance cost. The goal is to get an affordable car not only in the cost of purchase but in maintenance cost also.


Don't attempt going for luxury used vehicles as these can be very high in maintenance cost!

4. Cars with low second-hand values!

These are cars whose resale values are low when compared with other models. Generally, cars like Toyota and Honda have very high second-hand values, while others like Kia and Hyundai have low second-hand values. There are still a lot of cars with low second-hand values that you may consider when buying a car, simple research will expose them

Where can I get cheap cars in Nigeria?

These will depend largely on if you are considering a new car, or if you wouldn’t mind a fairly used one while shopping for a car. Here are some places to get cheap cars in Nigeria.

1. Cars made in Nigeria – if you’re keen on a new car!

If you are so particular on having a new car then, you might consider going for a made in Nigeria vehicle. This has been made possible after the government implemented stringent car policy in 2013 to encourage car manufacturing in Nigeria. This has made car makers like Nissan and indigenous car makers like Innoson Motors take the opportunity to assemble affordable cars like the Nissan Almera, Hyundai Grandi10, and the IVM G80 in Nigeria


The Innoson IVM G80 is a Nigerian made utility vehicle that is affordable!

2. Friends and family are good sources too!

This is strictly for people who are not so particular about being the first owner of a car, and wouldn’t mind a fairly-used car. Your network of contacts including family members, friends, colleagues, and even neighbours are good sources of finding good and cheap used cars.  Some of them might not be totally privy to the value of the car, and would quickly sell to you based on the relationship you have with them.

Video: 12 Things To Check Before Buying A Used Car

3. Online car sales sites

These are very good for getting cheap cars in Nigeria these days as they have quite a lot of classified ads for cheap cars in one place. You can easily find thousands of car listings online from such sites as Cheki, Jiji, Olx, etc insteading of roaming every dealership in your place but still not being able to find your loved one.


Why having to go outside to purchase cars while online platform is serving you to your teeth?

4. Online car auctions!

This has become more rampant due to the technological advantage of the internet again. You bid for cheap cars through online auction websites in the US and Canada. These are what some car dealers do in their car dealership businesses, where they import cheap cars and sell at a high-profit margin. You can also take advantage of this opportunity to get yourself a cheap car from the US by easily registering with an online car auction website like and

Wrapping up!

So there you have it, the ultimate cheap car buying guide from Naijacarnews. This will help you a lot if you follow through these tips and we wish you the best of luck in your hunt for the most affordable car you can get in Nigeria today.

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