Do I really need a Crossover? Consider these factors before making that purchase


A crossover might be a favorite among people for its comfort and performance, but it is not always suitable for everyone. Find out if you really need one!

The crossover is having the time of its life on the Nigerian market. At every turn, there is a crossover moving on the road. And by the looks of it, the driver and passengers in it are enjoying the ride.

For the record, the crossover is not new on the market. It has been around for years. But the thing is, it is not the way it was when it debuted on the market. Over the years, the crossover has undergone upgrades, making it better than ever. It has a combination of all the important features in a car. Hence, users choose it for its “complete package.”


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It does not come as a surprise to us at Naijacarnews that you are considering getting a crossover. And that is because many car users are also having the same thoughts. While the crossover is a good buy, it is prudent that you do not buy a vehicle just because everyone else is buying it. There are certain things you should consider first before going through with the purchase.

Five things to consider before buying a crossover

1. Maintenance and fuel costs

Compared to other vehicles, the crossover is bigger in size. So, you get to enjoy more space. With this space comes a heavier weight. As you enjoy the space and comfort, you will be paying for them at the filling station. Yes, the crossover has the capacity to consume more fuel.


All that weight and size consume a lot of fuel

Most SUVs are acquired for their all-wheel-drive (AWD). This reduces fuel economy and shoots maintenance cost up. The servicing frequency may reduce, but the inspection frequency increases.

2. Other increased costs

You need to also consider others costs that come with owning a crossover vehicle. If you are moving from a family sedan or an older compact, you should know that up-sized wheels are wrapped in pricier and bigger tires. You will get to use the fancier Xenon or LED lighting, but these are costlier to repair.

The better it is, the costlier it most likely is. Of course, these lightings look great and enhance the beauty of your car, but you will be paying more to have them. Also, they do not last forever. You will have to repair or replace them from time to time. You need to prepare for this, otherwise, the burden will be too much to bear.

3. Consider other options for additional space

If getting more car space is the major reason why you want to buy a crossover vehicle, you should consider creating additional space in your current car. Did you know that you can add a cargo carrier? It gives you more space to carry things in your car. With some thousands of naira to spare, you get an additional space to throw in items you need to carry around. This is a great option if you really love your current sedan. You get to stick with what you are used to.

4. Be sure of the towing capacity

Crossovers are often preferred for their towing capacity. But this is not standard for all models. Some models have a lower towing capacity compared to others. If this is your reason for wanting one, be sure to confirm that it meets your need before buying it, so that you will not be disappointed.

Many people do not know this, but some sedans have a higher towing capacity than some crossovers. So, your sedan might actually do a better job than the crossover you are eyeing.


There is enough space for maximum comfort

5. Do you really need an AWD?

An all-wheel-drive (AWD) seems cool to have, but beyond its “coolness,” do you really need it? An AWD is effective especially in cold weather, but that does not make it a must-have.  If you have been doing just fine without an AWD, going for a crossover just because you want to have it will cost you some extra money with very little benefit to show for it.

Chris Odogwu