How to distinguish a moonroof and sunroof in car?


When buying a car, it's important that you know what feature are in it and how they work! Find out about the difference between moonroof and sunroof right here, on!

Various automakers sought for ways to make their vehicles more bespoke and up to date. They go from adding more tech features to the interior to hybrid engines and roofs that allow more light and air. The idea is to make cars more user friendly and attractive to customers.

Talking about roofs, moonroof and sunroof have become a thing in latest cars, with prospective owners considering it a must have before paying for a car. The pros of having either or both actually outweigh the cons (which is mainly that a car with such feature is a bit more expensive than one without). But when you hear of the feature, you will definitely want to find out the difference between moonroof and sunroof.

This article by Naijacarnews is meant to give you an incisive breakdown of their pros and cons and which is better in each peculiar situation. But before then, what are moonroofs and sunroofs?


The moonroof and sunroof determines the amount of air or light you get in your car

A moonroof is a panel made of plastic glass that allows light from the sun, moon or any external source to enter the interior of the vehicle. The sunroof on the other hand is a metallic panel that not only allows light from an outside source to enter the vehicle through the roof, but also can be moved for air to come in. This roof is entirely different from what you find in a convertible car.

The sunroof and moonroof are installed side by side for their purposes. They are found on the roof and make your driving experience more appealing. You can find the sunroof mainly on vehicles made after the 2000s. The moonroof is the most common, but as time went by, different drivers wanted different features and want to have the power to choose. Hence, the availability of both moonroof and sunroof. So what other differences are there between both? Find out more here.

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1. The moonroof is fixed while the sunroof can be moved

With the explanation given above, you can have an idea of how both the moonroof and sunroof works. The sunroof can be adjusted and moved to the side to not only allow light but air as well. This also means that you can regulate the amount of light coming into the vehicle and the air as well. But the moonroof is not adjustable. The moonroof simply let's light come into the vehicle and since it cannot be moved. You have absolutely no control over the amount of light that gets in. However, if you have the sunroof and moonroof installed in your vehicle, you can use both in tandem to their maximum potential.

2. The sunroof is a metallic panel while the moonroof is made of glass

The sunroof is a panel made of metal. You won't literally be seeing the metal as it is pretty much covered with the same car clothes used for designing the interior of your vehicle. That's why when it's shut, a passenger won't quickly notice the difference or a sign that there's actually an opening on the roof. The moonroof on the other hand is made of plastic glass like your windshield. Since it's meant to let light alone to get into the car, it's fixed and doesn't need to be further colour, covered or intend. These days, a lot of car manufacturers are ensuring that cars come with both but you can still get a car with either - depending on your needs.


Some sunroofs were reported to have exploding problems

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3. Which of them is safer?

This will be difficult to say but I will list out the pros and cons to help you decide easily. Sunroofs are made of metal so they can't be easily broken or cracked. If there's a robbery for instance, someone with a sledge hammer can hit the moonroof once and it will shatter into countless pieces. This will make it easy for them to access the car, but with the sunroof it's impossible. Except they have to drill or cut through the metal with a saw or hit it multiple times (which will in turn ruin the vehicle). Besides they won't want spend so much time trying to break into a sunroof car. But there's a downside. The moonroof cannot be moved but the sunroof can. What happens when you forget to close your sunroof while exiting the car? Easy access for intruders. They won't need to break it like they will on a moonroof.

Finally on the difference between moonroof and sunroof, is the fact that objects can easily enter an open sunroof. When your sunroof is open, flying objects can easily enter the vehicle. If it starts to rain, your car is at risk of getting flooded. So with all that said, you can now decided on which to go for between either roof features. Our advice from here is that you opt for both so you can enjoy the benefits they offer simultaneously.

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