How to quickly locate your Vehicle Identification Number


Similar to checking the IMEI in a phone, the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) is just as important when buying a car. Check and see where you can find it!

A VIN says a great deal about your car, for example, the production year, very similar to what an IMEI on a phone can tell you.

That said, it's necessary to check this number when you buy a used vehicle or a tokunbo one. How about a new vehicle? The fact is you do too. Why? Because a new car is just as new as the dealer tells you. In other words, old cars can be done up to look like new and sells at a higher price and the only way you'd know is look at the VIN.


This is a powerful number that allows you to look back into the history of the car

So let's not wait anymore, here are 9 positions that you can find the VIN on a car that NaijaCarNews has gathered for your own convenience, divided into 2 categories: The ones you can see from the outside and the ones you have to get inside the car to see.

A. From the outside

1. The windshield

This is no doubt the easiest way you can spot the VIN. Just stand near the bonnet, opposite to the driver seat and you could see a small line of numbers at the lower side of the windshield


This should be the easiest location that you can spot the VIN

2. Underneath the chassis and the rear wheel

These positions might require you to lean down a little bit. Take a piece of cloth with you as these places could be covered in dirt or mud.


This might require a little bending as the location is down under

3. Under the hood and tire compartment

You can open the hood and take a look inside. Their positions could be different on different models but generally, they are imprinted on the edges of the trunk. 

You can also go to the back of the car and open the tire compartment, there's a VIN number there too.

B. From the inside

1. The door frame

All you need to do is open the frame and take a look at the lower end of the door, or you can look at the door hinge, either way you'd prefer. Also, direct your eyes a little to the right and look at the frame close to the driver's seat.


This might require a little bending as the location is down under

2. The documents

If you are not in the mood for moving around that much or the car is not around, you can always check it in the car's documents. 

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Image source: Your mechanic