Most popular cars in each nation & Best sellers in the world


What are the world's most popular cars? And which car among them takes the number 1 spot in different countries? See the world's top car here!

What makes a car one that people want to associate with, buy, or drive? In other ways, what makes a car popular? The reason(s) for this is not farfetched. They have good safety records, have impressive resale value, and they are reliable and durable.  Also, when we talk about what makes a car very popular, we think about what value added services it can render to people.

Of course, different cars, appeal to different countries, and a car tha is popular in one country, may have little mass following in another. This could happen as a result of terrain, culture, and even economics. There are however, cars that people all over the world are crazy about, and these generally end up in world best selling lists every year. 

Here is the Naijacarnews list of the most popular cars in different countries in the world:


Most of the best selling cars in the world are cheap

Best 5 selling cars in selected countries

1. Nigeria

While it is true that Nigerians, especially politicians commonly buy SUVs a lot, these are not the best selling cars in Nigeria. Here is a list of best-selling vehicles in Nigeria:

Most popular cars in Nigeria
Car Price 
 Toyota Corolla   ₦10 million - ₦27 million
 Toyota Camry  ₦13 million and above
 Honda Accord  ₦8 million and above
 Toyota Sienna   ₦12 million and above
 Range Rover   ₦70 million and above


2019 Toyota Camry, the Camry is one Nigeria's best selling car

2. South Africa

Most popular cars in South Africa
Car Price
 Volkswagen Polo Vivo  ₦7 million - ₦10 million
 Toyota Fortuner  ₦5 million - ₦10 million
 Renault Kwid  ₦1.5 million - ₦ 2 million
 Hyundai Grand i10   ₦650,000 - ₦1.1million
 Toyota Corolla Quest  ₦9 million and above

3. Botswana

Most popular cars in Botswana
Car  Price 
 Toyota Hilux    ₦17 million - ₦25 million
 BMW 3-Series  ₦5 million and above
 Toyota Corolla  ₦10 million- ₦27 million
 Toyota Runx  from ₦1 million
 Toyota Vitz  from ₦1 million

The reason for Toyota’s dominance in this country, Botswana, is linked to the fact that is it easily available and their spare parts are easy to get. They also have Toyota garages that provide minor servicing as well as maintenance for them. The Toyota Rux, Vitz and Avensis are recognized for their low price and fuel consumption.

4. Mozambique

Just like in Botswana, Toyota is popular because of its availability in spare parts, the cars and even proper maintenance of them.

Most popular cars in Mozambique
Car Price
 Toyota Altezza  ₦864,000- ₦1.8 million
 Toyota Surf  NA
 Toyota Matrix  NA
 Toyota Harrier  NA
 Toyota Corolla  ₦10 - ₦27 million


Toyota Altezza is Mozambique's number one car

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5. Namibia

The Toyota Hilux in Namibia beats the Nissan by a factor of 35 to 1 in their market.

Most popular cars in Namibia
Car Price
 Toyota Hilux  ₦17 milion - ₦25 million
 Nissan N/A
 Ford N/A
 Volkswagen N/A
 Isuzu N/A

6. Lesotho

Most popular cars in Lesotho
Car Price 
 Toyota Hilux  ₦17 milion - ₦25 million
 Isuzu N/A
 Nissan N/A
 Ford N/A
 Volkswagen N/A

7. United Kingdom

Most popular cars in the UK
Car  Price 
 Ford Fiesta   ₦9.1 million - ₦22 million
 Volkswagen Golf  ₦700,000 - ₦1.2 million
 Tesla Model 3  ₦12.6 million
 Ford Focus  ₦9.1 million – ₦ 22 million
 Vauxhall Corsa  NA

8. Belgium

Most popular cars in Belgium
Car  Price 
 Volkswagen Golf   ₦700,000 - ₦1.2 million
 Renault Clio  ₦6 million - ₦11 million
 Hyundai Tucson  ₦10 million - ₦13 million
 Skoda Octavia  ₦1 million

9. Germany

Most popular cars in Germany
Car  Price 
 Volkswagen Golf  ₦700,000 - ₦1.2million
 Mercedes Benz  NA
 Audi NA 
 Ford  NA


Volkswagen Golf is good car in Germany

10. Norway

Most popular cars in Norway
Car  Price 
 Volkswagen Golf ₦700,000 - ₦1.2 million
 Toyota NA
 Skoda NA
 Tesla NA

11. Australia

Most popular cars in Australia
Car  Price 
 Toyota Hilux  ₦17milion - ₦25million
 Ford Ranger From 10 million
 Toyota Corolla   ₦10 million - ₦ 27 million
 Hyundai i30  ₦2.7 million - ₦3.3million
 Toyota RAV 4  ₦27 million - ₦30 million

12. China

The Volkswagen Lavida car was built first in 1983 but on trial. Their parts were from Germany. Later on, a joint venture named Shanghai Volkswagen Automotive came to life, and through it, came the Santana. A lot of Santanas have been produced and exported ever since then.

Most popular cars in China
Car Price
 Volkswagen Lavida 7.8 million - 8.6 million
 Nissan Sylphy 6.4 million - 7.5 million
 Haval H6  ₦5.9 million
 Toyota Corolla  ₦10million- ₦27 million
 Wuling Hongguang 3.2 milion - 4.6 million


Haval H6 by Great Wall is one of China's most popular cars

13. France

Renault Clio is the best seller here.

Renault is a French car manufacturer. The Renault Clio was launched in 1990 and Renault was able to produce four generations of the Clio in 2012. It became one of the most popular cars in Europe. Its other name is Renault Lutecia which it bears in Japan. This vehicle brand is still very much in existence and is widely recognized.

Other leading cars in France are:

Most popular cars in France
Car  Price 
 Peugeot 208   From ₦2 million
 Citroen C3  From ₦1 million
 Volkswagen NA
 Dacia NA

14. Japan

Toyota Corolla appears to be the most popular vehicle in Japan as it is all over the world. A good number of countries in the world also like it. This vehicle was first produced in Japan before its variants were allowed all over the world. This vehicle is in its fourth generation, producing E210 hatchback and Touring Sports.

The other four leading cars in Japan are:

Most popular cars in Japan
Car  Price 
 Honda NA
 Suzuki NA
 Daihatsu NA
 Nissan NA

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15. United States

Ford F-series leads the market here.

This was first introduced in 1948 and a lot of variants have been made including pickups, commercial vehicles and cabs. This vehicle is the most popular of its series, the F-series and remarkably, is in its 13th generation. Notably, this vehicle, the F-series, has kept on retaining its position as the best-selling pick-ups in USA from 1977 till date.

Other four leading cars in the US are:

Most popular cars in the USA
Car  Price 
 Ram pick-up  ₦11. 4 million
 Chevrolet Silverado  ₦4 million
 Toyota RAV4  ₦25million - ₦30 million
 Honda CR-V    ₦16 million - ₦24 million


Ford F-series is a very popular vehicle and comes in various variants

What is the best selling car all over the world?

Toyota Corolla is the top selling car in the world. It is a car that is user-friendly and there has been great improvements in comfort, seating, and engine durability over the years.  Its safety measures and ease of maintenance are also areas of interest. It has come in twelve generations. In 2019, Toyota Corolla is available in three models; Hatchback, Touring Sports and Saloon, along with a dual hybrid strategy bringing about a powerful 2.0 liter hybrid electric powertrain which can self-charge. For 50 years, it has remained the world’s best-selling car.


Toyota Corolla comes in hatchback and sedan versions

Why people buy these cars more?

Due to the current situation in the world of today, where there is high cost of living, a lot of people just need cars that can serve their various purposes, but which, however, should be very cheap to maintain. This is the reason for the growing popularity of hybrids and electric cars like Tesla because they are relatively affordable, reliable, and of course greatly fuel economical. To crown it all, they don’t pollute the air as much.

Most cars are preferred for being able to transport people from one place to another but some go out of the ordinary into the extraordinary to make their owners proud. That makes them the best-selling cars. 

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Joshua-Philip Okeafor