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Oando Marketing Plc offers wide range of premium quality engine oil for any brand of vehicle you own. Click here to see the available Oando lubricant products in Nigeria!

Oando PLC is an indigenous African energy firm that operates in upstream, mainstream and the downstream sector. Oando is the African first company to have cross-border listing on Johannesburg Stock Exchange despite having its primary listing on Nigerian Stock Exchange.

The company in 2014 concluded its acquisition of a Nigerian business ConocoPhillips, through Oando Energy Resources, upstream subsidiary, emerging as the largest indigenous oil and gas manufacturer in Nigeria at the time. So, how was the name Oando coined? It refers to Ocean and Oil limited.

And today Naijacarnews.com will only focus on Oando Engine Oil products.


Oando is one of the leading suppliers of refined oil products in Nigeria

By entering tri-partite deal with Vitol Group and Helios Investment Partner in 2016, to form OVH, hereby becoming one of the Nigerian biggest distributors and suppliers of refined petroleum products.

With an enterprise value of N520 billion, market capitalization value of N115.1billion and production output of 43,000 boepd, Oando has stamped its feet as the largest indigenous oil and gas company in the country.

1. Available Oando oil products on the market

The Oando Marketing PLC offers a wide range of lubricants for customers within Nigeria and other parts of West Africa. These are industrial lubricants produced in a world-class environment and safety standards. Check out the available Oando oil products in Nigeria:

  • Oleum Syn

This is full synthetic engine oil for ultra-high performance of passenger cars. Oleum Syn has been formulated scientifically with worldwide ultimate active cleansing platform and also designed for a very advanced gasoline engines, which includes the turbocharged ones.

Since it was produced to adjust and align with the newest American Petroleum Institute (API) SN, it will help to reduce noise from the engine and also protect the engine from additional load of stress of start-stop associated with modern driving condition. This will surely guarantee longer lifespan.


The Oleum Syn engine prevents engine noise and ensure extended lifespan

  • Oleum SL

The Oleum SL, high performance multigrade, is designated for diesel and petrol engines. No doubt, it is right at the top of its range and promises durability. The engine will surely run smoothly with this long lasting oil product. It also offers effective control against shoot formation and overheating with extra benefit of drain interval (extended).


Oleum SL shoots against overheating and is suitable for both diesel and petrol engine

  • Oleum XL

This is a multigrade detergent crankcase oil of top performance quality, which offers premium viscosity-temperature properties that guarantee excellent lubrication at high temperature and effective cold starting. Cases of varnish disposition and sludge at every temperature will be kept clean and suppressed by its detergent-dispersant attribute.


This type of oil product promotes perfect lubrication at high temperature and excellent starting in cold temperature

  • Superduty C3 40

The Superduty C3 40 is premium-quality heavy-duty monograde crankcase oil for covering wide range of top performance in big engines. It is suitable for diesel and gasoline engines. It promises anti-oxidant, dispersant, anti-foam and anti-wear features.


The Superduty C3 40 is very suitable for big and high-performance engines, whether diesel or gasoline

  • Superduty HD

Crankcase, monograde and heavy-duty lubricant created from base oil of top quality and additives in satisfying severe operating applications. It is best suited for commercial gasoline engines and naturally aspirated diesel engines, on statutory and highway installations, comprising trucks, passenger cars, electrical power generating engines and light buses.


This heavy duty lubricant is very suitable for commercial  naturally aspirated diesel and petrol engines

  • Oleum GR/GRS

This is multi-functional highly extreme-pressured automotive gear oil coupled with EP additives. It offers anti-corrosive and anti-rust additives to provide protection for copper, bronze and steal. It aligns properly with rubber seals and offers premium oxidation resistance and low foam features.


Oleum GR and GRS offer customers mouthwatering features like low foam and quality oxidation resistance

  • ATF Dexron II/III

Automatic Transmission Fluid (ATF) is a premium quality fluid coupled with a high viscosity index, solely for automatic transmission system lubrication and that of the power-steering system assigned to commercial and passenger vehicles. It comes with characteristics such as anti-wear and dispersants to prevent the build of scuffing of metal surfaces and sludge at high speed.


The ATF Dexron II/III is a good and recommended lubricant for automatic transmission system

  • Brake Fluid DOT 4

This is lubricant (synthetic fluid) used for automotive hydraulic clutch actuation system and hydraulic drum brake systems, which are equipped by automakers across the globe. It offers features such as effective anti-vapor lock, high boiling points, superb viscosity and low rate evaporation.


The Brake Fluid DOT 4 offers low evaporation rate, top quality viscosity and boiling points at high level

  • Crown S2 (multi-purpose special grease)

The Crown S2 is superb versatile automotive lubricate-grease applied on components such as steering linkages, chassis point, water pumps, universal joints, anti-friction bearings and grease-lubricated plain. It is water-resistant and also lithium-based with corrosion and oxidation inhibitors.


Crown S2 is a multipurpose lubricant for anti-friction bearing, water pumps, steering linkages and several other components

2. Price of Oando engine oil in Nigeria

To get the type of oil that best suits your type of automobile, check out the latest price of Oando oil products in Nigeria. Please note that these prices may vary at different distributors and product sizes. Also, some price lists are not public, so you need to contact Oando stores/ filling stations for exact pricing.

  Oando engine oil price in Nigeria
Product Price range

 Oando Oleum Super Sae 40

 ₦3,500 - ₦4,000

 Oando Oleum XL

 ₦4,000 - ₦5,000

 Oando Oleum SL

Contact distributors for pricing

 Oando Superduty C3 40

Contact distributors for pricing

 Oando Superduty HD

Contact distributors for pricing

 Oando Oleum GR/GRS

Contact distributors for pricing

 Oando ATF Dexron II/III

Contact distributors for pricing

 Oando Brake Fluid DOT 4

Contact distributors for pricing

 Oando Crown S2

Contact distributors for pricing

3. Where to buy Oando engine oil - Oando filling station address

Buying Oando engine oil is quite easy. All you need to do is to locate the nearest Oando filling station to your location. There are other outlets or filling stations that sell Oando oil products, but to avoid falling victim of adulterated engine oil that might damage your engine, you should get yours from a trusted distributor or filling station.


Get your Oando engine oil at one of the various Oando filling stations nationwide

Address of Oando filling stations in Nigeria

To get your own engine oil close to your location within Nigeria, here is the updated list and screenshots of Oando service stations across the states of the federation. 










4. Oando oil review by customers

For a proper review of Oando oil in Nigeria, we have taken time to examine the online responses of people who have used the products and shared their experiences with it.

4.1. Review of Oando synthetic oil

Since crude oil usually births engine oil, it is manufactured from the laboratory. It is less dirty, high performance and leaves you with little or no sludge. This is why high-performance sports cars often use it for their engines. Although it is more expensive, vehicles using it will benefit a lot.


  • Robust
  • temperature resistant
  • Molecular consistency


  • Costly
  • Risky for older cars

4.2. Review of Oando conventional oil

This is very common in Nigeria and is quite affordable. Conventional oil is created from crude derivatives and is well suited for light-duty or averagely performance engines.


  • Cheap
  • Easy to find
  • Works well for older cars


  • Probable impurities
  • Environmental damage
  • Might not work well with new cars

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4.3. Can I change Oando engine oil to other brands & vice versa?

Changing of oil products depends solely on the performance level, price and how well it is suited to your kind of cars. No doubt, Oando oil products are top quality, but there are other similar oil manufacturers in the country that sell premium quality as well. If you are changing your brand, make sure your new product is well tested and contains similar level of oil viscosity. Check the screenshots below for related comments online by Nigerians:

image-of-responses-to change-of-oando-oil-on-nairaland


Responses of Nigerians online on whether change from Oando oil to other products is possible and advisable

4.4. Alternatives of Oando engine oil products

Brands of 5w30 engine oil in Nigeria

The number ‘5’ in the 5W-30 represents the oil viscosity at low temperatures. When the number is low, the oil will be thin and ensures more effective cold temperature/starting of the engine. Cars that usually use this type of oil viscosity include SUVs, passenger cars. Popular brands in Nigeria include:

  • Mobil 1 Full Synthetic Motor oil 5W-30
  • Castrol Edge 5W-30
  • Castro Magnetic 5W-30
  • Hardex Gold Sae 5W-30 (1 liter)
  • Total Full Synthetic Engine Oil 5W-30

Brands of 5w20 engine oil in Nigeria

This type of oil creates less friction as a result of its thinner viscosity, and they can also provide a slight bump in fuel economy. Popular brands of this type of engine oil in Nigeria include:

  • Total SAE 20W-50
  • Castrol GTX 20W-50
  • Aisin SN/CF 20W-50 Semi-Synthetic Engine Oil
  • Mobil Super 1000 20W-50

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5. Contacts of Oando Nigeria

For easy access to the company, take a look at their addresses and other required information for your use:

Head Office of Oando PLC

  • Address: The Wings Complex, 17a Ozumba Mbadiwe, Victoria Island, Lagos, Nigeria.
  • Tel: 234-1-2702400
  • E-mail: info@oandoplc.com
  • Website: www.oandoplc.com

Get to Know Oando Energy Resources

In general, Oando PLC has been in the lubricant business for quite a while now in Nigeria and other West African countries, offering top quality products for every type of automotive engine. Oando engine oil has undergone and passed the international manufacturing standard test for safety as well as improved engine performance.

Make sure you read through all reviews and product manuals to choose a suitable type of Oando oil for your car!

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