Prices of Car Scanners in Nigeria


Give your car the precise maintenance it requires, when you visit a mechanic workshop; buy these car scanners in Nigeria to know the exact problem of your car. Read on!

Maintaining cars in Nigeria has been so challenging for a long time because the activities of car repairs have been carried out by car mechanics doing so much trials and errors. There have been so many cases where people still notice the same problem in their cars after maintenance.

Cars scanners in Nigeria are automotive scan tools which are used to diagnose, detect and reprogram a vehicle's control modules. This device provides a solution to major car maintenance problems in Nigeria. That's why Naijacarnews highly recommends you acquire a car scanner to be more proactive in handling car problems.

1. Reasons to use car scanners in Nigeria

Technology has improved to provide more advanced cars to the automobile market; the maintenance techniques have to change with the evolving technologies. The following are reasons why people need car scanners in Nigeria;

  • Vehicle scanners make it easier for both car users and the local mechanics to diagnose a car, and know its exact problem.
  • The device can recommend replacement parts for repairs.
  • It helps to eliminate doubts in maintenance quality.
  • Car scanners help mechanics to find fast and precise solutions through the electrical system diagnostics.


Use a car scanner to detect problems before coming to mechanics!

Nigeria’s automobile market is the parent to the car scanner market in Nigeria, and the parent market is dominated by foreign and locally used cars. The percentage of new cars being purchased by customers in Nigeria is relatively low, so the used cars usually need a lot of maintenance.

More car scanners are being purchased in Nigeria because of the regular activities of the mechanics; the device has improved their services significantly. The quality of the scanners affects the market positively if they are reliable and durable. The mechanics can use the device for a favorably long period of time.

2. Prices of car scanner in Nigeria

There are many types of car scanners in Nigeria with different manufacturers, but here we will look at the most popular car scanners in Nigeria and their prices.

The Onboard Diagnostic (OBD) scanner is a type of automotive scan tool which can be plugged into the dashboard to allow the vehicle to self diagnose; this gives the user or mechanic access to the status of the car subsystem. OBD was initially developed to turn on malfunctioning light in vehicles and was letter improved into OBD I and OBD II car scanners.

OBD II scanners allow your data to be viewed in graphical forms, dictates the car problems and suggest reliable ways to fixed it. There are Bluetooth and WiFi features in some OBD II scanners to transfer diagnostic results to other devices. The different types of OBD II car scanners in Nigeria and their prices are discussed below.

  • Basic code readers

This scanner reads the Diagnostic Tube Codes (DTC) when plugged into your dashboard:

  Price of Basic code readers in Nigeria
Product Price 
Launch Creader 401 15,000
Vgate PowerTest PT150 Electrical System Diagnostic tools 36,000
Launch CR HD Pro 80,000
Launch X431 Creader VII+ Comprehensive Diagnostic Tools 88,000
  • Do It Yourself (DIY) OBD II scanners

These scanners help the user with directions and steps on what actions to follow.

 Price of DIY (OBD II Scanners) in Nigeria
Product Price 
Autel Maxicom MK808BT/ MK808TS 275,000
Launch Creader 821 80,000
  •  Advanced professional OBD II scanners

If you're confident in reading OBD II codes and can afford more, you should go for advanced professional OBD II scanners which are claimed to be more accurate. Their price tags are included in the table below!

  Price of Advanced professional OBD II Scanners in Nigeria
Product Price 
FCar F6 Plus 300,000
Autel DS808 Professional Cars Diagnostic Tool 308,300
Autel MaxiSys CV 750,000
Launch X431 PAD V Car Scanners 920,000
G-Scan3 1,100,000
Autel MaxiIM IM608 1,100,000

There are so many more car scanner by different manufacturers which are available for purchase in Nigeria. Our list shows how one manufacturer usually has a wide variety of scanner models; so, it is important to pay attention to details when shopping for car scanners in Nigeria.

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You can easily find various kinds of car scanners in Nigerian market

3. Where to buy car scanners in Nigeria

The top places to check out if you need to buy a car scanner in Nigeria includes the following;

  • Masquest Nigeria Limited

Address: Suite 102, 3rd Floor, Ogba Shopping Arcade, Ijaiye Road, Ogba

Phone: 08137777606


  • Stuffslane Limited

Address: 302A Murtala Muhammad Way, Opposite Nigeria Railway, Yaba, Lagos

Phone: 08037567348, 0817 905 6971


  • Garu Technologies Nigeria Limited

Address: Anifowose, 20 Akinremi St, Ikeja, Lagos or Oladipo Diya Road, Gudu, Abuja

Phone: 0802 319 0606


  • Yumat Technologies

Address: 13 Acme Rd, Ogba, Ikeja

Phone: 0903 876 2063


  • Naotory Nigeria Enterprises

Address: 373, Nnebisi Road, Asaba, Delta State

Phone: 08030773135


  • Zocode Limited

Address: 13 Olatunji St, Ojota 100242, Lagos

Phone: 07014242045


  • Jumia Nigeria


Phone: 01 888 1100

  • Konga Nigeria


Phone: 07007000000

These locations provide reliable car scanners in Nigeria, and we have been able to pick them out from the major cities in the country. It is best to visit the recommended stores to get the best devices to diagnose your vehicle faults.

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4. Things to consider when buying car scanners in Nigeria

Quality comes rarely with many products especially when it involves utility equipment like car scanners. There are a few things that customers need to look out for when they go to purchase these diagnostic devices.

  • Software compatibility

There car scanner which runs on a software which compatible with every vehicle ECU, but there are also some of them that are meant for a specific vehicle and particular models. It is important to confirm the compatibility of the diagnostic tool you intend to buy for your vehicle.

  • User Interface

The display and input functions of the car scanner have to be easy to interact with. It has to deliver clear feedback and fault indication that the user will interpret without so much trouble. Most DIY car scanners and advanced scanners deliver better user interface and interactive platforms than code readers.

  • Data storage

The device needs to be capable of storing and handling vehicle malfunction and maintenance data for a long time. This is necessary for a recall of maintenance history and part replacement.

The vehicle control model is diagnosed by the automotive scan tools through the Data link connector (DLC) to the Engine Control Unit (ECU). The ECU is the embedded system found in the automotive electronics that gives command to the electrical subsystem in a vehicle. It is best to go for durable and top quality car scanners in Nigeria, in order to give your vehicle the best maintenance it requires.

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Ikeokwu Chidozie