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1. Overview of Mercedes-Benz E350

Mercedes Benz is one automaker that has stayed true to its words when it comes to churning out some of the finest automobiles for the most rugged roads. One of such vehicles is the Mercedes Benz E-class series. It is available as coupe, wagon and sedan. This series has remained one of the longest running lines of the brand's vehicles. It was launched in the 1950s as the popular Mercedes Benz 180 sedan. Over time, the model has been designed and redesigned to ensure that it maintains the standard for loyal customers and even attract some more. Therefore, there are the E55, E320, E500, E350 series and many more. But in this article we will maintain a focus on the E350.

This variant of the E series was first launched in 2000 and attracted the admiration of millions of Benz loyalists. Even though a lot of critics will argue that the cost of purchasing the E350 at the time was too much for the value of what they are getting, the prestige that comes with being a Benz owner made it worth it. Quickly, let's go straight into the Mercedes Benz E350 price in Nigeria!


The Mercedes-Benz E350 made the 4matic brand more famous in Nigeria

2. Price of Mercedes Benz E350 in Nigeria

In the tables below, you can find either new or used prices of Mercedes-Benz E350 in the Nigerian market. Please read our notes carefully for each type of car price to avoid any misunderstanding.

2.1. Brand new Mercedes-Benz E350 price in Nigeria

You won't be able to find a brand new E350 model year 2000 or even 2010 for sale on the market; that's why we won't include their brand new prices here. Following is the latest car price for Mercedes-Benz E-class recent models.

Please note that these numbers are manufacturer's suggested retail prices, excluding delivery fees and clearing cost. They may also vary at different dealerships.

Price of brand new Mercedes Benz E350 in Nigeria
Model Price
Mercedes Benz E-Class 2018 ₦19.1 million – 24.9 million
Mercedes Benz E-Class 2019 19.3 million - 20.6 million
Mercedes Benz E-Class 2020 ₦19.5 million – ₦40.4 million

2.2. Foreign used Mercedes-Benz E350 price in Nigeria

Below are foreign used prices of Mercedes-Benz E350 in Nigeria, ranging from 2000 Benz E350 to 2018 model.

These price tags depend greatly on currency exchange rate and custom clearing cost.

Price of foreign used Mercedes Benz E350 in Nigeria
Model Price
Tokunbo Mercedes Benz E350 2007 2 million - 3 million
Tokunbo Mercedes Benz E350 2008 2.5 million - 3.1 million
Tokunbo Mercedes Benz E350 2009 2.6 million - 4.8 million
Tokunbo Mercedes Benz E350 2010 4 million - 7.5 million
Tokunbo Mercedes Benz E350 2011 4.5 million - 7.5 million
Tokunbo Mercedes Benz E350 2012 3.2 million - 8.7 million
Tokunbo Mercedes Benz E350 2013 6 million - 9 million
Tokunbo Mercedes Benz E350 2014 7 million - 10 million
Tokunbo Mercedes Benz E350 2015 10 million - 14 million

2.3. Nigerian used Mercedes-Benz E350 price in Nigeria

The last option is locally used Mercedes-Benz E350 which costs much lower than Tokunbo versions. Prices of these models mainly depend on the car condition and mileage.

Price of locally used Mercedes Benz E350 in Nigeria
Model Price in Nigerian Naira
Nigerian used Mercedes Benz E350 2007 1 million - 2.7 million
Nigerian used Mercedes Benz E350 2008 1.2 million - 4 million
Nigerian used Mercedes Benz E350 2009 1.2 million - 4.5 million
Nigerian used Mercedes Benz E350 2010 3 million - 5 million
Nigerian used Mercedes Benz E350 2011 3.4 million - ₦7 million
Nigerian used Mercedes Benz E350 2012 3.5 million - 7.2 million
Nigerian used Mercedes Benz E350 2013 4 million - ₦8 million
Nigerian used Mercedes Benz E350 2014 5.5 million - 8 million
Nigerian used Mercedes Benz E350 2015 7 million - 8.5 million
Nigerian used Mercedes Benz E350 2016 ₦7 million - ₦8.5 million

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2.4. Cost of clearing Mercedes Benz E350 in Nigeria

As we mentioned before, prices of Mercedes Benz E350 in Nigeria may change due to cost of clearing. For your reference, we provide here the custom clearing cost of Mercedes-Benz E350 cars.

Cost of clearing Mercedes Benz E350 in Nigeria
Model Cost in Nigerian Naira
2000 – 2002 Mercedes Benz E350 From ₦1,500,000 
2003 – 2005 Mercedes Benz E350 From ₦1,800,000 
2006 – 2007 Mercedes Benz E350 From ₦2,000,000 
 2008 Mercedes Benz E350  From 2,000,000 
 2009 Mercedes Benz E350  From 2,500,000
 2010 Mercedes Benz E350  From 3,000,000
 2011 Mercedes Benz E350  From 3,500,000
 2012 Mercedes Benz E350  From 4,000,000
 2013 Mercedes Benz E350  From 4,500,000
 2014 Mercedes Benz E350  From 5,500,000
 2015 Mercedes Benz E350  From 6,000,000
 2016 Mercedes Benz E350  From 6,500,000
 2017 Mercedes Benz E350  From 7,000,000
 2018 Mercedes Benz E350  From 7,500,000
 2019 Mercedes Benz E350  From 8,000,000

3. Brief review of Mercedes-Benz E350

  • Fuel economy and performance

When the Mercedes Benz E350 was redesigned and launched in 2000, the idea was to have a Benz car that is spacious, yet sporty and would do well off-road. Perhaps, little considerations were made for fuel economy. But from the 2013 version till date, you can get the E350 running 28 miles per gallon on the highway and 20 or 21 mpg in the city. Hence, the average of 24 mpg combined. Performance too was enhanced over time.

In 2012, a 3.5 liter V6 engine with an output of over 300 HP was added to the Benz E350 cars made in 2012. This was better than the diesel engine in the predecessor which made the engine noise really loud. Not everyone liked that. However, lots of improvements were made in subsequent versions of the E350. Some came as the 4matic and had a wide range of safety features and driver assistance systems.

  • Features

Recently, Mercedes Benz has upped their game in the all-wheel-drive segment and they didn't leave that out in the E350 car. The series also came with a great audio system that has lots of speakers, power-adjustable front seats, dual-zone climate control and all other standard features you can still find even in the AMG series today. The leather seats are also really comfy and well fit for an adult driver. Noticeably, the cassette stereos have been phased out and the audio system upgraded to fit into what is in vogue presently. There are also the Bluetec and Bluefficiency Mercedes Benz E350 that are believed to be more environmentally friendly. They come with customized suspensions, wheels, windows, and frames.

The features in the Mercedes-Benz E350 are quite user-friendly 

  • Size and space

If you remember the Mercedes Benz 180, you will know that the E series are meant to be spacious. Though the E-class made a proper debut in 1994, it's styling can still be noticed in some recent Mercedes Benz E350 models. From 2010 - 2014, the Mercedes Benz E350 made has been roomy with enough space in the passenger and cargo compartments of the car. But the most recent versions have placed more obvious emphasis on tech features and fuel economy. This doesn't mean they aren't spacious. Though if cargo room is what you care for the most, then it's best you consider the versions made before 2015.


The cargo space of E350 2010-2014 can be said roomy

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4. Where to buy Mercedes Benz E350 in Nigeria

There are many ways you can buy a new or used Mercedes-Benz E350 in Nigeria. Should you want a new car from reliable Mercedes-Benz car dealers, you can refer to our table below.

Otherwise, you can surf the web to find online car markets such as to search for a Benz E350 with affordable price tags. Naijauto is currently the biggest car website in Nigeria with most visits recorded by Google.

Another way is to visit used car markets like Cotonou to buy a cheap vehicle, but it might take you more to repair the car if you don't inspect thoroughly.

Mercedes-Benz car dealers in Nigeria
Salesmen Contacts
Iredia Anumudu Tel: 08058002222
Daniel Ebimoh  Tel: 08033234907
Christopher Irumudomon  Tel: 08030798985
Segun Naiye  Tel: 01-2704300 
Mobile: 08033160414
Gabriel Ndu  Tel: 08121129901 
Mobile: 08037151747
Donald Nwankwo  Tel: 08033000340
Michael Oluwajoba  Tel: 08073103787 
Mobile: 07015848800

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