See the top 10 Peugeot dealers in Nigeria that are accredited


For those people that have been eager to know all of the major car dealers in Nigeria that are actually accredited by Peugeot officially; here they are!

We cannot but reckon that PAN (Peugeot Automobile Nigeria) Limited has remained an important milestone in the Nigerian local automobile industry over the years. It was conceived by the former Federal Military Government in the year 1969 under the then General Yakubu Gowon’s leadership who later commissioned the Peugeot assembly plant based in Kaduna on the 11th of March, 1975.

PAN Limited has since then kept maximizing its production and even in 2011, partnered with China’s fourth-largest automobile plant in order to increase its production and service in Nigeria and the rest of West Africa at large.


Peugeot has evolved over the years from small sedans to top-end vehicles like its new 3008 SUV

As of today, apart from the North-East zone in Nigeria, PAN limited boasts of numerous accredited dealers in each of the 6 geopolitical zones in the country.

In order to save you the stress of a manual search for these dealers, NaijaCarNews has decided to compile and share a list of the ones we could find.

Below you will find a table where we have listed the names and information of the top 10 Peugeot dealers in Nigeria that we have found to be truly accredited. See them here;


Here are the top 10 Peugeot dealers in Nigeria that are officially accredited

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