Should you buy a 2017 Nissan Micra? Check its specs here!


The 2017 Nissan Micra virtually starts a new generation of its own though its the 5th generation of the nameplate. Find out all the unique features of this car to see if you want to buy it!

The latest Nissan Micra is a supermini automobile produced by the Japanese auto manufacturer, Nissan. The Nissan Micra is the fifth generation of the nameplate production that started in 1982. Nissan is quite known for producing affordable cars that are quite easy to drive, and the fifth-gen Nissan Micra is one of them.


The 2017 Nissan Micra is the fifth-gen of the lineup

This automobile was first unveiled during the 2016 Paris Motor Show and ever since then, its sales have been promising. This vehicle is sometimes compared to Suzuki Swift, Ford Figo, Mitsubishi Mirage, Hyundai i20, and even the Honda Brio. This comparison has to do with the look and performance of the Micra.

Though, of all the competitors, the Mitsubishi Mirage is easily the car with the most similarity with Nissan Micra. The notable difference is that the powertrain variation of Mitsubishi Mirage is not as pronounced as the Micra. However, the interior setting of the two is way similar. The Micra is not by any means a luxury vehicle like for instance the Lamborghini Urus SUV however it is still a dependable car that has become very popular with small family groups.

If you are really interested in the Nissan Micra then here is what the car is actually made of brought to you by

How much is a 2017 Nissan Micra?

The price of a new Nissan Micra can go as high as $23,000. This can vary at different dealerships and delivery fees.

   2017 Nissan Micra prices in Nigeria
Model Brand new price
Nissa Micra 2017 ₦6,120,000 - ₦8,280,000

2017 Nissan Micra Exterior design

A look at the previous generations of Nissan Micra will tell you a lot has truly changed in the appearance of this version of the car. This car is a five-door hatchback. Unlike the bug-eyed curves that the other generations were known for, this version has a more pointy, arrowhead-shaped front giving it the look of a classy sports car, rather than a mini, even if a super. That prior ‘space-hamster look’ it appears, is history. According to enthusiasts, this is interesting as it is an admirable change in the look.


The 2017 Nissan Micra has a very different exterior look

The car comes with different color customizations for buyers’ preferences. Unlike the previous designs, Nissan Micra has a flatter appearance. It has a width of 68.6 inches and a height of 57.3 inches which is in contrast with the older models. The front view of the car has Nissan’s signature grille and its steel wheels are about 15-inches while the alloy wheel is about 16 and 17-inch. It has the traditional halogen lamp headlights, LED lights, fog lights and side mirrors.

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2017 Nissan Micra Interior design

The first thing you will notice from the interior design of the Nissan Micra is the simple cabin that seems to have every component placed strategically yet still on display. There are large, clear dials and buttons or switches which are quite well-labeled.

1. Seats

The Nissan Micra is a five-seat car, driver's seat included.  The front passenger seat and three rear seats complete the tally. The leather of the seats is quite good with fine threading. The choice of the interior color scheme depends on the overall car colors. The first row seats have space and room for the driver and the front passenger, but the rear row passenger seats seem to be rather boxed in. It may be comfortable for kids but totally the opposite for tall adults, especially during longer journeys. Apart from the legroom, the headroom is also not quite comfortable for a person taller than average height as they may need to bend their heads.

The rear seat base and a backrest have a common simple function that splits and folds down 60/40 thus creating more space for the boot.

Your back won't be hurting when you drive the Micra as the driver’s seat has standard height-adjustment making it quite simple to readily reach for the steering wheel.


Plush leather seats make for comfort, but taller passengers at the back will feel the lack of legroom

2. Steering wheel

If you are not too picky or not aiming for a leather steering wheel, then this will surely suit you. The car’s steering wheel is covered with plastic while the gear lever is made from rubber. Design-wise, the center of the steering wheel has the Nissan name on it.


If you don't mind plastic covers, then the steering wheel is not a problem

3. Infotainment Systems

The Nissan Micra infotainment system features a 7-inch multi-touch-screen, Apple CarPlay, the Nissan Connect multimedia system, USB ports, Bluetooth streaming phone connectivity , telephony, two-speaker stereo, standard DAB radio and four speakers, auxiliary socket, the Nissan Connect sat-nav with TomTom Live traffic updates and rear-view camera with rear parking sensors. 

Further on that, there is also available a Bose Personal Audio Pack: Four Bose speakers up front, plus two headrest speakers.


The infotainment system has all the standard features like AppleCarPlay

4. Safety technology

Nissan Micra has considerably up to date safety technology for safe driving. It has about six airbags, standard across the range, for the driver and the passengers. It also has other safety features like electronic stability control, automatic headlamps, tire-pressure monitoring system, cruise control, rear parking sensors, front electric windows,3x3 point rear seat belts, Isofix child seat anchor points for child's safety, remote locking and a standard automatic emergency braking system with pedestrian detection; this helps  prevent the car from collision by autonomously applying the brake to avert impending dangerous situations.

There is also traffic sign recognition that has the ability to flip your main beam headlamps up and down automatically. This is to avoid flashing incoming traffic.

Nissan Micra in-depth review

5. The boot

Since the car is suitable for a small family, the boot comes with a decent 300-liter space. It can contain moderate-sized family goods, luggage, and groceries. There is also a large well (boot space) underneath the luggage compartment. This is quite big enough to take other luggage or a spare tire. Like mentioned before, when the rear row seats are folded, this creates more space for carrying more items. When folded, there is a more 1,004-liter total load area space.

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2017 Nissan Micra engine and performance

Having mentioned the other parts of the car, what is the engine of Nissan Micra like? Initially, the Nissan Micra was quite lacking in the engine department. Many owners wish list included greater performance from the engine, and fortunately, Nissan seems to have been listening. Nissan is aiming to make its customers happy and also to maintain the good name of the Nissan Micra model with this latest upgraded engine.


Nissan surprised enthusiasts with an improved engine

The Nissan Micra has a new 1.0-liter turbocharged petrol three-cylinder engine with 99bhp, and another 1.0-liter unit with 114bhp, developed apart from the lesser-powered version. The power is 115bhp horsepower while the torque is about 148 lb ft. The speed goes from 0-60 mph in 10.2 seconds and 30-70mph in 12.4.

The 2017 Nissan Mica supermini is worth the investment if you are keen on this car.

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