Should you buy a Mercedes Benz E350?


Mercedes Benz has always offered the very best in terms of luxury and class to even the most selective of buyers. The E350 is definitely not going to disappoint. Check our detailed review of this car below!

Mercedes-Benz E350 history

Just like every other Mercedes Benz E-Class, the history of the Mercedes E350 is intimately connected with other E-Class vehicle models. The Mercedes Benz E-Class as a whole had her maiden appearance in 1986 with an ancestor which was known as the Ponton W120 which was in use right from 1953. The E350 was introduced in 2005 and came with a 3.5 liter V6 engine that delivered over 250 hp. By this time, most E-Class models were redesigned for high performance and integrity, including improved suspension system, increased power output and better steering function. With this improvements, Mercedes Benz was ready to cement her reputation and prestige in the market


Mercedes benz E350 has a curb weight of about 3959 lb

Mercedes Benz has always offered the very best in terms of luxury and class to even the most selective of buyers. Regardless of what you're looking for, you can bet that you'd be awed. Even if it's from the grandest of functions to the least of them, the Mercedes Benz is set to deliver excellently.

In them, there's no better set than the E-class models that represents the brand well. For sure, they stun in all justifications and here's why you should know that they are just right for you.

Mercedes-Benz E350 Engine

The E350 comes with a refined diesel engine knocked delicately into the cabin. What's likeable is the fact that they operate without any form of noise or vibrations, so you could just crawl in without drawing much attention. One unique trait is that it performs adequately on the highways and it has a 5-drive transmission system that makes all the difference in gearbox, throttle and steering response, when compared to other high-end cars. Overtaking naturally become easy and swift.

For faster rates, you could go sport mode! Not to worry, at alarming paces, no turbo lags can exist. The peak power on tap comes to the rescue.


The E350 engine has a combines fuel economy of 22 mpg

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Mercedes-Benz E350 Performance

Advanced engineering is definitely the plug for all Mercedes-Benz models and you can trust that the E350 will not disappoint with its features. Installed with powerful cabin engines at 3.6L V6 twin turbo, 390 hp and about 540 Nm of torque. She got some good acceleration and can reach 100 km per hour in less then 7 seconds and the result such performance is simply breathtaking. To preempt fuel wastage and instead improve fuel efficiency, the E350 is blessed with an ECO system that addresses just that.

Aside these, the model is built with advanced component parts designed to save energy and unburden the car's electrical system. With the functional provisions of an agility control and sport-tuned factors, the steering is your friend as it's been built to increase responsiveness.

The E350 also comes with the Electronic Stability Control function and ABS brakes that limits Roll and improves aerodynamics stability when making corners, when travelling at high speed and when navigating through rough terrain. This implies that you can run without having to be overly cautious. The car is a daredevil well suited for sports, you'd be surprised!


The Mercedes Benz E350 has a full length of 185 inch

Mercedes-Benz E350 Interior

Who doesn't love the interior of a Mercedes-Benz? Talk of the E350, it sure is Neat!!! The fine black wood trim, the high-end plastic, the black pore wood that hides into the dashboard, the wooden panels, the ambient lighting sensor, the consoles, the rear back seats, the exotic footwell are all enough to leave you psyched up. Oh, and the steering? It has a premium soft leather touch that begs to be gripped. The soft carpets are like no other. They pronounce a futuristic feel that graces the entire atmosphere of the car.

The backseat department has an excellent cushioning. The contoured silhouette holds in, quite graciously. The rear seats provide smart touches to rear vanity mirrors, and a rear quarter glass.


The Mercedes Benz E350 comes with a panoramic sunroof

Moving on, the driver seat is a power seat that gives off a chauffeur function, and this also true of the passenger seat such that it's easy to adjust for better seating and posture convenience. The front and rear seats all have temperature control including heating for these seats. More than that, you can adjust the sunshades for your window, the back windscreen and the sunroof from the passenger's console with the aid of the auto-dim function. The panoramic power sunroof is just another cool interior view feature that comes with the Mercedes Benz E350.

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The front seats of the E350 are all power seats

Mercedes-Benz E350 Exterior

Sleek! The E350 sure has a striking look. Its standard wheel base, front Grill, LED head lights, tail lights, alloy wheels are enough to leave you dazed. It's almost as if you could say that the car was built specifically to cruise, to have some sort of glorious road presence. That may just be a mild way of saying it, compared to the graceful aura it exhibits. The rear end? It has this semblance with that of a limousine. You'd be surprised to think that it actually isn't one at a close range.

Following up, the boot is finely sized making room for a few bags. With that, you can agree that this is the perfect summer car for the perfect vacation with beau. You're welcome!


Mercedes Benz E350 uses 7 speed transmission system

Mercedes-Benz E350 Technology

The tech package is a whole vibe on its own. The most prominent feature of the E350 is its 12 Inch infotainment screen. It manages navigation and other motor functions. The ambient lightning has by way of its invention, 64-colour options, so you're one button away from lala land. It's easy to get carried away!

Additionally, the e350 is installed with a 360° camera that centers the whole screen on display. This makes reversing, parking and navigating in general, very convenient. Audiophile? This is for you as the model is fully packed with a 590 watt, 13 speakers strategically positioned for that solid surround sound experience. Too sick! It even comes with a memory function.

With this review, you can be certain that you're making the right decision. There's no need to be afraid. It's Mercedes and you can never go wrong.  

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