Top 10 best car interiors you can get in 2019


Buying an exquisite or dream car shouldn't end on its exterior look but you should pay big attention to how the inside looks. Click here to see the best car interiors in 2019!

The first thing that strikes you about a car is the outside look. Sometimes, you might be swayed by the exterior beauty and get really disappointed when you take a look at the inside, especially approaching it with high hopes. This shows the importance of interior design in picking the perfect car for you.

Important factors you should consider when going for the perfect car interior include materials used, comfort, ergonomics, design, fit and finish. We have been blessed with so many beautiful cars with amazing interior designs for the 2019 model year. Here on Naijacarnews are the best car interiors in 2019, listed in the random order.

1. Bentley Continental GT

  • Starting price: N84,000,000

Bentley always delivers no matter its price tag. The interior of this Bentley Continental GT reportedly took the designers 100 hours and 10 bull hides to create. For such a luxury car, the design is topnotch and has a feel of sportiness, similar to what you would find on Porsche Cayenne Turbo.


The 2019 Continental GT is a standard for absolute luxury and royalty

2. BMW 850i

  • Starting price: N44,700,000

The interior design of BMW 850i is ergonomically brilliant and its display is amazing with almost second to none superfast voice recognition. Though Audi A8 features similar stylish design but looks like all the votes are on this ride.

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The tasteful premium cabin look of 850i becomes more pronounced with its flawless voice recognition technology

3. Genesis G70

  • Starting price: N15,200,000

With lots of attention paid to details, the Genesis G70 is another interior design to look out for, promising rear-seat comfort, style and high quality inside, which suits every personal taste of elegance.


The stylish inside look of Genesis G70 is a product of paying keen attention to details during design

4. Hyundai Santa Fe

  • Starting price: N10,500,000

The Hyundai Santa Fe is surely a beautiful car from the outside and such elegance is extended to its inside. Although Hyundai Veloster N and Palisade offer very beautiful interior designs and might have been a preferred choice for many car enthusiasts, but there is something special about the interior design of Hyundai Santa Fe, especially for its price.

It offers wireless charging, heated second-row seats, impeccable fit-and-finish, privacy shade and the prominent brushed-aluminum sill plates offered on higher versions and more expensive luxury cars.

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The beautiful and affordable inside out Hyundai Santa Fe is one car every buyer on average budget should consider

5. Jeep Gladiator

  • Starting price: N16,500,000

Just like the new and redefined cabin design for 2018 Jeep Wrangler, the Jeep Gladiator is indeed a beauty and the presence of fold-up-fold-down seats at the second row, removable Bluetooth wireless speaker and locking storage make it all a lot impressive. Another car that might compete with this design is the Ford Ranger but doesn’t have much of Gladiator flair. So, we are rooting for Gladiator on this one.


Jeep Gladiator may look rugged from the outside but it doesn't take anything away from its comfy and elegant inside

6. Lincoln Nautilus

  • Starting price: N18,300,000

This is another top interior design you shouldn’t overlook. The heap of praise on the newly focused Lincoln’s cabin look is well deserved. It offers a flawless infotainment system, Alcantara headliner, availability of diamond-pattern seat and the focal point, which is the console. Cadillac XT4 would have been a strong competitor bit its funky dash panel puts the Lincoln Nautilus at a better poll position.

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Although Lincoln Nautilus isn't a much known model in Nigeria but it sure offers an attractive cabin look for its price

7. Mercedes-Benz A220 sedan

  • Starting price: N12,700,000

It might be an entry level for Mercedes-Benz but by all standards, its cabin design doesn’t look it a bit. The availability of MBUX, which learns natural speech commands with the use of artificial intelligence, is quite remarkable. Another noteworthy point about its interior design is the perfectly integrated infotainment system and instrument cluster into one screen.


The remarkable and eye catching interior look of Mercedes-Benz A220 is way more than its entry level status

8. Nissan Kicks

  • Starting price: N6,500,000

This model comes very cheap, yet promises exquisite interior design. Its strong point is the availability of curbside and around-view cameras. The controls are very much easily accessible and the use of colour and materials in dressing up the inside is very impressive by the automaker.


Nissan is unarguably a top brand and we do not expect less from its creative designers

9. Toyota RAV4

  • Starting price: N10,100,000

One of the best-selling utility vehicles on the planet, the Toyota RAV4 offers an exciting interior with lots of remarkable shapes and funky angles. It offers 5 USB ports, a revolutionary cupholder and a two-tier instrument panel.


Toyota RAV4 isn't only an utility vehicle, but offers breathtaking interior design for potential customers

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10. Volvo V60

  • Starting price: N15,900,000

The word “Harmony” is the way to describe the interior design of Volvo V60 model. It is an embodiment of simplicity and style. This is evident in its hard trim high-gloss and soft-touch surfaces. It is the kind of cabin design you would feel excited and safe at the same time. The only challenge is the distraction posed by the big screen at the centre while driving.


The new Volvo V60 lush interior is a noteworthy blend of simplicity and style

Which other car interior designs impress you so far in 2019?

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Oluwaseun Adeniji