Top 10 most popular cars in Nigeria & their prices in 2019


Would you like to know the set of cars that Nigerians fancy the most? Check out our list of top 10 most popular cars in Nigeria and how much they cost in 2019!

NaijaCarNews has studied and realized that here in Nigeria; there are quite a number of very popular car models that are found on almost every street corner in the country.

We also discovered that many people still don’t know that the individual class, taste, personality and pocket-size tells more about why some of these cars are just so popular and loved by Nigerians. This is why we have prepared the list below to briefly discuss the top 10 best-selling cars in Nigeria and how much these cars cost in 2019.

Top 10 most popular cars in Nigeria & prices in 2019  
Brand new model 2019 Price in Nigeria
Toyota Corolla ₦15 million - ₦20 million
Toyota Camry ₦15 million - ₦30 million
Honda Accord ₦8.6 million - ₦13 million
Toyota Sienna ₦18 million - ₦30 million
Volkswagen Golf ₦7.9million - ₦8.7million
Range Rover Sport ₦45 million - 84 million
Lexus RX 350 ₦27 million - ₦30 million
Toyota Venza ₦18 million - ₦35 million
Mercedes-Benz G-Class ₦70 million - ₦200 million
Toyota Highlander ₦20 million - ₦28 million

The description you see below is not so comprehensive but definitely captures all of the most basic things you should know about the top 10 cars that affluent and average Nigerians love as well as their respective cost for Nigerian used and Tokunbo models.

1. Toyota Corolla price in Nigeria

The love that Nigerians have for the Toyota Corolla model is alarming but this applies to most other parts of the world as well. Back in the year 1997, Toyota recorded the highest ever sales for the Corolla model here in Nigeria as well as worldwide.

There has once been a time in the past when a majority of government organizations, as well as Nigerian banks, would issue out car loans to their various employees but only for the Toyota Corolla model.


Nigerians love the Toyota Corolla for its good fuel economy, low maintenance cost and overall good resale value

It becomes easier to understand why Nigerians love this particular car model once you discover that it has a very good fuel economy, great design, low maintenance cost and overall good resale value as a used car.

If you are looking to buy a brand-new Toyota Corolla 2019, set your focus between ₦15 million to ₦20 million. And if you are looking to get a clean Nigerian-used or Tokunbo Toyota Corolla then be prepared to pay ₦800,000 and above.

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2. Toyota Camry price in Nigeria

We might not have any tale to tell about the Toyota Camry and why Nigerians love it so much but we do know that it is second to the Corolla in terms of popularity on Nigerian streets.

We can safely assume that the Toyota Camry model has enjoyed wide acceptance by Nigerians because It really shares almost all of the sweet characteristics of the Toyota Corolla that Nigerians really love.


The Toyota Camry shares quite a lot of characteristics with the Corolla and this is why Nigerians love it as well

The Toyota Camry is also notable more fuel-efficient, affordable, and rugged enough to survive many years on the bad Nigerian roads.

Price of a brand-new Toyota Camry latest model: ₦15 million - ₦30 million

Price of used Toyota Camry: ₦600,000 and above.

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3. Honda Accord price in Nigeria

Even though the Toyota Camry and Corolla are tough competitors in the Nigerian auto market, the Honda Accord has managed to also win the hearts of many Nigerians.

Even though the Honda Accord also shares many similar properties as its Toyota competitors, it still has some of its own strengths. Some these include breathtaking dashboards and an overall beautifully designed interior as well as exterior.


Ask Nigerians about the closest competitor of the Toyota Camry and Corolla and you will hear “Honda Accord”

Some fashion of people in Nigeria loves the Honda Accord so much that they will even rate it over its Toyota competitors if you ask them.

To get a Nigerian-used or Tokunbo Honda Accord, be prepared to pay above ₦500,000.

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4. Toyota Sienna price in Nigeria

You can’t talk about the most loved minivans in Nigeria without starting with the Toyota Sienna. It has gained so much acceptance and attention in the country because of how well it fits for both family and commercial use.

You will be surprised to enter some local commercial car parks in Nigeria and realize that 80% of the available buses are all Toyota Sienna models, especially for shorter inter-state travels.


Nigerians love the Toyota Sienna because it is spacious, rugged, affordable and useable for commercial transit

Most of the Nigerian small-size local transport companies love the Toyota Sienna because it is very spacious and highly durable with very long lifespan even with the bad conditions of the roads in the country.

A brand-new 2019 Toyota Sienna cost between ₦18 million and ₦30 million while the older models that are used cost ₦500,000 and above.

5. Volkswagen Golf

This is a car model that just crept into the Nigerian auto market and took over like an explosion.


Volkswagen Golf is that small car that has won the hearts of many Nigerians especially the people with smaller pocket-size

We always like to assume that Volkswagen Golf was able to quickly get the attention of Nigerians mainly because of its affordability that made it the first choice for most people with low income. However, after it started to gain grounds; Nigerian dealers started bringing in some more sophisticated and expensive versions that later attracted other people with high income.

This was how the stylish and durable Volkswagen Golf got itself into the hearts of Nigerians.

To buy a used VW golf today, be prepared to pay ₦650,000 and above.

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6. Range Rover Sport price in Nigeria

This is among the top car models that usually defines how successful or rich you are in Nigeria today.

The Range Rover Sport is exclusively one of the favourite SUV that most of Nigerian high-income celebrities, politicians, and business moguls buy. It is one of such cars that immediately tells people about your financial status in Nigeria.


Nigerians will automatically count you as successful once you own and drive a Range Rover Sport SUV

Once people see you arrive in a Range Rover Sport on any Nigeria street, they automatically assume that you must be “filthy” rich. It is even common to hear the name “Range Rover” being mentioned in the lyrics of most modern Nigerian pop songs today.

To own one of this sporty, muscular, classy and luxurious Range Rover Sport SUV, be prepared to pay up to ₦84 million for a brand-new 2019 Range Rover Sport model and if you are looking to buy a used model then set your mind on ₦6 million and above.

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7. Lexus RX350 price in Nigeria

This is still one of the most sought-after midsize Lexus SUV in Nigeria till date.

The RX 350 SUV just stands out amidst all of its competitors with its incredible modern safety technologies that come as standard as well as the blissful ride it always delivers.


The Lexus RX 350 is that midsize affordable SUV that took Nigerians by storm

Both the rich, average and low-income Nigerians love this Lexus RX 350 midsize SUV and prefer it over many other alternatives from competing brands.

  • Price of a brand-new 2017 Lexus RX 350 model: ₦27 million - ₦30 million
  • Price of used Lexus RX 350 in Nigeria: ₦800,000 and above

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8. Toyota Venza price in Nigeria

In 2019, there is currently a “Venza Fever” everywhere since the Toyota Venza SUV has been introduced into the Nigerian auto market. The order for this SUV has been increasing day by day which makes it clearly predictable that it will soon become yet another household Toyota model that will be found everywhere in the country.


The captivating and beautiful premium looks of the Toyota Venza is one of its strength in winning over the hearts of Nigerians

Due to the fact that many Nigerian mechanics are already familiar with Toyota car parts, its relatively easier to get the Toyota Venza repaired when faulty and this reason alone usually enough for the widespread of most car models in Nigeria.

  • Price of brand-new Toyota Venza in Nigeria: ₦18 million - ₦35 million
  • Price of used Toyota Venza in Nigeria: ₦3.2 million and above

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9. Mercedes-Benz G-Class price in Nigeria

Never make a list of cars that Nigerians love and omit the Mercedes-Benz G-Class or “G-Wagon” like most people call it; you may get yourself crucified by its die-hard fans 😊!

The G-Wagon is extremely fashionable, exclusive, classy and attractive to the majority of Nigerians. You will hardly see any popular Nigerian politician, celebrity, or affluent businessperson that would own one or more Mercedes-Benz G-Class in his/her car collection. This makes it the dream car of most struggling Nigerians while it remains the “Show-off” car for the affluent Nigerians.


No one dares make a list of cars that Nigerians love without including the Mercedes-Benz G-Class

  • Price of a brand-new Mercedes-Benz G-Class: ₦70 million - ₦200 million
  • Price of used Mercedes-Benz G-Class: ₦5.6 million and above

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10. Toyota Highlander price in Nigeria

If you have been reading this article from the top up until this point, you should have realized by now that Nigerians just love the “Toyota” brand generally.

Now, if that is true; imagine the love they would have for such a comfortable, smooth, attractive, rugged and affordable SUV like the Toyota Highlander?


Toyota Highlander – one of the best SUVs that are comfortable, smooth, attractive, rugged and affordable for Nigerians

The Toyota Highlander is such a spacious, comfy and modern looking SUV that drives perfectly on the rugged Nigerian roads and it is so affordable that even people with low income can save or take a moderate car loan to own one. This is why you will find this SUV at every nook and crannies in the country.

  • Price of a brand-new Toyota Highlander SUV: ₦20 million - ₦28 million
  • Price of used Toyota Highlander: ₦1.2 million and above

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There you have it; the top 10 most popular cars in Nigeria and their cost in 2019.

We are sorry if your favorite model isn’t included in the above list. You should obviously see that we tried to keep the list very short and not too comprehensive.

We will surely prepare an updated list in the future which might luckily include that car model you have in mind.

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