Top 3 shipping agents to help you ship cars from the USA to Nigeria


If you have been eager to know some reliable recommended shipping agents that you can use for shipping cars from the USA to Nigeria, Read this article!

Many people wonder if it's possible for them to ship cars directly from the USA to Nigeria without much hassle, is about to make your life easier from today after reading this!

Over the years we have heard complaints and stories of people who had done business with a bad shipping agent or company and got exhausted from the horrible experience. Some of the problems usually faced with such agents include;

  • Having to pay excessive storage charges incurred by your agent’s delay in helping you to pick up your car from its purchase location on time
  • Exorbitant and unexpected shipping fees
  • Additional penalties being incurred on your part from negligence by the agents
  • Delayed logistics and inadequate follow up by the agent which leads to a “forever” type of wait on your part just to get your car here in Nigeria
  • Zero or poor communication: Ignoring your calls on time or replying to your emails

Below are top 3 reliable shipping agents who can help you to shipping cars from the USA to Nigeria!

1. AES Shipping

This is one of the industry leaders in terms of transporting machinery, boats, motorcycles, trucks, and cars. This agent has got some long-standing worthy experience in the transportation of different goods to Africa especially Nigeria.


Shipping cars from the USA to Nigeria can become really exhausting when you have a bad agent handling it for you

They have their office at 187 Mill Lane, Suite 103, Mountainside, New Jersey 07092. You can also reach them easily via their official website at

They have a record of good feedbacks from people who have patronized them before.

2. Ghanem Forwarding

These guys are real experts in shipping cars from the USA to Nigeria. Just give them a try and thank us later!

They have their office at 68 Alco Place Halethorpe, Maryland 21227, USA and their official website is

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3. Posner Corporation

This is a bonded and licensed company that offers ocean freight and trucking logistics solutions. It’s a company owned by a Nigerian who goes by the name; Mr Humphrey Okonkwo who is also the owner and founder of Hont Global which also helps Nigerians ship several items from the USA directly to Nigeria.

Their office is at 7111 Ardmore Street, Houston, Texas 77054 and their official website is

4. Some other shipping agents

We can only guarantee the above top three agents as tested and trusted but there are other few ones too which you can try out if you want, like Overseas Shipping Services, Sea Shipping, Express shipping, and Target International.

Note: Not all agents out there will be good and we must mention to you that we are not affiliated to any of the above-listed agents. So, don’t expect us to answer any questions on their behalf. We have only recommended them here base on people’s comment and feedbacks we received.

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Oluwaseun Solomon