Toyota Corolla vs Volkswagen Jetta: Which legend for you?


If you go for the Corolla, you go for better mileage while the Jetta decision brings more sporty aethestics. However, one thing you can get, buying these two, is the sterling comfort they will provide. Check out the more detailed Toyota Corolla vs Volkswagen Jetta comparision down below!

The list of the top favorite car brands you see on Nigerian roads won't be complete without mentioning Toyota and Volkswagen. These two have been making waves in the automotive industry because of the high demand for their car lineups. Drivers and passengers have come to acknowledge the comfort and safety that comes with riding on the Toyota and Volkswagen vehicles. 

Both car manufacturers ensure the satisfaction of customer’s vehicle-related needs. On this premise, differentiating the Toyota Corolla vs Volkswagen Jetta will be quite a challenge.

The two cars from 2 prestigous countries in automaking come with unique features. One is known to offer better mileage and life and the other has high-quality interiors and better horese power, hence better acceleration. For long, the Toyota Corolla is reputed as a reliable car with fuel economy. It features safety systems like pre-collision warning and cruise control. On the other hand, the Volkswagen offers striking tech features. The car from Germany is known for its sporty look, which draws a larger customer base.


The Toyota Corolla and Volkswagen Jetta are amongs the most sought-after cars in Nigeria

Both brands produce the bestselling sedans. Here in this article, Naijacarnews will be comparing the Toyota Corolla and the Volkswagen Jetta and find out what stands behind their successes.

These car brands have gained a great reputation in the auto Industry.The first remarkabke thing shared between these two is the superb resale value. The Toyota never fails to impress its customers in terms of mileage while the Jetta's sporty look is just charming.

Looking at both cars, you'll know they do focus on technological touches. And when you step into the interior, your first-hand experience must be great. There are some factors that have played significant roles in making each car different, check them all out!

1. Toyota Corolla vs Volkswagen Jetta: Engine and power

When we look at the difference between the Toyota Corolla and Volkswagen Jetta, the first place to begin is the engine and power. Car enthusiasts pointed out that a Toyota Corolla come equipped with an engine that produces 132 hp while the modern Volkswagen Jetta is said to be capable of 147 hp. Both vehicles run on a 4-cylinder engine.

Speaking of the Jetta, it bumps out more horsepower which facilitates the smooth running while also offering better acceleration benefited from its horsepower.

For the Toyota Corolla, it doesn't produce much horsepower, so it's lacking in this area when having to say about the engine and power.


The Volkswagen Jetta produces more horsepower than the Toyota Corolla

2. Toyota Corolla vs Volkswagen Jetta: Interior and exterior

The appearance of a car speaks volumes as most people go for a vehicle's look when making any buying decision.

The Corolla measures 183.1 inches in length while the Jetta is 185.1 inches. Looking at the wheelbase, the Toyota Corolla measures 106.3 inches and the Volkswagen Jetta is 105.7 inches. Both cars share similar height, but there's a few inches difference. It goes without saying that these figures guarantee the Corolla and Jetta have captivating looks.

Coming to their interiors, both have dazzling cabins. Both sedans provide ample space for all the front and rear occupants with sizeable legroom and headroom. To recap, their interiors can make sure of maximum comfort for both driver and passengers.


The Toyota Corolla has a longer wheelbase than the Volkswagen Jetta

3. Toyota Corolla vs Volkswagen Jetta: Comfort features

When you compare the Toyota Corolla and Volkswagen Jetta based on comfort and safety, both are on the same level. They have exceptional features like the air conditioner, power windows, power doors, moonroof, and sunroof. Their interiors can be easily transformed into a premium. The vehicles are being manufactured to provide comfort to users, for which they are two of the most sought after.

Video: Affordable Car Shootout: 2018 VW Jetta vs Toyota Corolla

In essence, the comparision betwen the Toytoa Corolla vs Volkswagen Jetta might imply a tie, each one has its own perks: if you go for the Corolla, you go for better mileage while the Jetta decision brings more sporty aethestics. However, one thing you can get, buying these two, is the sterling comfort they will provide.

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