Used car review: 2005 Toyota Sienna vs 2005 Nissan Quest


Both 2005 Toyota Sienna and 2005 Nissan Quest are vehicles we cant stop comparing because the are so alike in their style and design. Which car is better? You will know in the review.

1. Introduction

If you are a Nigerian family man or woman and in dear need have a car for family comfort, then you might consider looking in the minivan car segment. Aside from SUVs, minivans have proven to be a popular choice, when buying a used car or a new car that will be very comfortable for a large family in Nigeria. Two of the many good minivans vehicles out there are the 2005 Toyota Sienna and the 2005 Nissan Quest. Although, they both have a strong rival and alternative minivan in the Kia Sedona, both are totally on top of the minivan food chain.


Examples of good minivans are 2005 Toyota Sienna and the 2005 Nissan Quest

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2. Overview of the 2005 Toyota Sienna

The 2005 Toyota Sienna is a minivan with an all-wheel drive and a front wheel drive option that comes in four Toyota trims listed as the CE, LE, XLE, and the Limited. The vehicle witnessed its first production 22 years ago and the 2005 model is of the second generation. The 2005 model has no great external modifications as it maintained basically the same design as the model 2003. Major changes were concentrated on the trims basis. 


The Sienna remains perhaps Nigeria's top minivan

3. Overview of the 2005 Nissan Quest

A very close rival to the Sienna, and every bit as popular in Nigeria is the Nissan Quest. Being on the brand's  third generation production, the 2005 Nissan Quest is one of Nissan's atomobiles that started production in the year 1993. The car comes in base, S, SL, and SE trims and are all powered with the same engine and capacity. The Nissan Quest had no major changes from year 2003 to 2005.


Nissan Quest is a popular minivan choice in the country 

4. Price & Performance of used Toyota Sienna and Nissan Quest

You can buy a brand new or a used model of these cars. Whatever way you choose to go, the prices are fairly affordable. Check out these prices:

Brand New Prices of 2005 Toyota Sienna and Nissan Quest
Model Toyota Sienna Nissan Quest
Brand new (All Trims) From ₦13,570,200 From ₦9,893,000
Foreign used prices of Toyota Sienna and Nissan Quest
Model Toyota Sienna Nissan Quest
Tokunbo (Foreign used) 2005-2010 ₦1.9 million - ₦5 million ₦1.5 million - ₦3 million
Tokunbo (Foreign used) 2011-2015 ₦7 million - ₦8.5 million ₦4.8 million - ₦7 million
Tokunbo (Foreign used) 2016-2017 ₦15 million - ₦19 million ₦10 million - ₦13.5 million
Nigeria used prices of Toyota Sienna and Nissan Quest
Model Toyota Sienna Nissan Quest
Nigeria (Locally) used 2008-2010 ₦2 million - ₦3.5 million ₦750,000 - ₦1 million
Nigeria (Locally) used 2011-2013 ₦4.5 million - ₦5.5million ₦2.5 million - ₦5 million

Please note that these prices are for reference only. The actual pricing may vary due to various factors like currency exchange, import tax, car condition, car mileage and so on. You had better check the car carefull and enquire all the information related from the car sellers.

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Moving to the overall performances between two, the 2005 Sienna is a 5-speed automatic transmission car with a petrol engine of V6, 3.3L that powers out 230 horsepower @ 5600 with a torque of 242 @ 3600.  Whereas the 2005 Quest is 4-speed automatic transmission vehicle that maintains a 3.5L V6 petrol engine, that controls a horsepower of 240 @ 5800 with torque of 242 @ 4400. The two cars have the same gas mileage that is 19 mpg in city and 26 mpg on the highway.

5. Comparison of design & styling of 2005 Toyota Sienna and 2005 Nissan Quest 

If you are expecting top interior luxury and decoration, you won’t get it in the interiors of these two. However, you can expect a moderate, comfortable interior that has a lived-in vibe. If you are used to a regular car, you might feel weird upon using  the dashboard and the cabin of the 2005 Nissan Quest because its structure is very different, not just from 2005 Sienna but also from the best minivans around. This is because the cabin structure or the center console of the vehicle comes in a cylinder shape or more of a column-like shape.

Nevertheless, one of the obvious things about the interiors of both cars is that they have neat and well-arranged cabins and dashboards. 2005 Quest has a seven-inch color screen and a GPS navigation system on dashboard which seems not to be available in the 2005 Toyota Sienna, which has a rearview camera with navigation. Comparable features which you will find in the two cars are:


You won't find top luxury with the design and styling of  2005 Toyota Sienna and 2005 Nissan Quest

  • power windows,
  • keyless entry,
  • AM/FM/cassette/CD with speakers (eight speakers for Quest while six for Sienna)
  • dual-zone (front and rear) air conditioning
  • cruise control
  • power door locks with remote keyless
  • Bose sound system with 10 speakers (265-watt for Quest while 360-watt for Sienna)
  • a six-CD changer
  • seek-scan and Sirius satellite Radio
  • rear seat audio controls and wireless headphone capability

6. Seating and cargo comparison of 2005 Toyota Sienna and 2005 Nissan Quest

Equally, the cars come with sliding doors to make entering easier as a minivan. The cars come with capacity to accommodate up to seven passengers each. The seats of the base trim comes with cloth covering while the higher trim option feature leather upholstery. Both cars rear seat space are comfortable for kids and adults because their seats are bucket seat and not fixed together.


 Both cars can accommodate up to seven passengers each, making them ideal for large families

The cargo spaces of both cars when all seats are folded are the same as Quest has 148.7 cubic feet and Sienna has 148.9 cubic. However, when the third seats are folded Quest has 88.2 cubic feet while Sienna has 94.5 cubic feet. Comparing the normal cargo space, the 2005 Sienna leads by having a cargo space of 43.6 cubic feet while 2005 Quest has 32.7cubic feet. These cars can tow up to 3500 pounds.

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7. Security and safety comparison of 2005 Toyota Sienna and 2005 Nissan Quest

Comparing the safety and security features, 2005 Quest seems to be leading the 2005 Sienna. Below are their feature displays.

Security and Safety features comparison
2005 Toyota Sienna 2005 Nissan Quest
  • 4-wheel anti-lock brake system
  • 3-point seat belts for all seating positions w/front.
  • Driver & front passenger dual-stage airbags
  • (4) rear-seat position child-seat lower & top tether anchors
  • Brakes-ABS
  • Child-protector sliding door locks
  • Side-impact front & sliding door beams
  • Front & rear crumple zones
  • Tire Pressure Monitor
  • Driver & front passenger dual stage front airbags
  • Front & rear roof mounted side curtain impact airbags
  • 3-point rear seat belts
  • Energy-absorbing steering column
  • 3-point front seat belts w/adjustable upper anchors
  • 4-wheel anti-lock braking system
  • Tire Pressure Monitor
  • Emergency Locking Retractor (ELR) on driver seatbelt
  • Automatic Locking Retractor (ALR) on passenger seatbelts
  • Traction Control System (TCS)
  • Front/rear crumple zones
  • Child safety rear door locks

8. Pros and Cons comparison of 2005 Toyota Sienna and Nissan Quest 2005

These are the reviews gotten from previous users of both the 2005 Toyota Sienna and 2005 Nissan Quest:

2005 Toyota Sienna 2005 Nissan Quest
  • Neat and quite  interior
  • Fuel economy
  • Easy ride
  • An all-wheel option
  • Dependability
  • Many safety and Security features
  • Neat interior
  • Fuel economy
  • Tight and sporty ride
  • Having navigation on the rearview; not easily accessible.
  • Not much security features when compared to Nissan Quest
  • Can’t access or see the gauges because of the column like console.
  • Windshield reflections

9. Verdict

Do you choose to go with the 2005 Nissan Quest or 2005 Toyota Sienna? As mentioned earlier, they are both so similar, one is truly spoilt for choice. However, the Toyota Sienna is not Nigeria's highest selling minvan for no reason. You decide! Happy driving!

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Joshua-Philip Okeafor