What are the pros and cons of acquiring an electric car?


Though not yet common on Nigerian roads but it is safe to say electrified vehicle is the future. But what are its pros and cons?

The advent of electric-powered vehicles has gone beyond mere talks, countries are now taking proactive steps into bringing in cars with no emission, which makes it environmental friendly and pollution-free. So, the presence of electric cars on the road isn’t just a matter of today. The difference is, the market is growing and people are showing more interest in acquiring one for personal use. Though not yet popular in Nigeria, but few individuals are already bringing electric cars into the shore of the country. Aside low maintenance cost and pollution free, there are several advantages of owing an electric car. Take a look at the pros and cons of acquiring electric cars in Nigeria.

Pros of acquiring electric cars

Zero emission and environmental friendly

If you are looking for the true zero emission vehicles available in the market, look no further. Electric cars guarantee that. Even though acquiring a hybrid car will relief you of lots of money spent on filling your task, the incessant emissions when on motion especially with mostly conventional engine variant will not benefit your immediate environment. If you love your environment so much that you are committed to carbon footprint, purchasing an electric car would be a smart move.


Since it runs on electricity, these cars are eco-friendly and easy to maintain

Absence of gas purchase

When you buy an electric car, you are already waving goodbye to the headache of filing your gas tank every time or even the fear of increase in fuel price that is quite the order of the day in Nigeria. Driving a convention car that relies on fuel will take chunk of monthly income just for filling your tank. Though, you might feel you are used to it, but driving an electric car will give you a whole new financial prudence.

Quiet engine for smooth driving experience

If you are this kind of person that loves quiet engine; nothing offers that other than electric car. The only sound you might hear is the one that comes from your stereo. A purring engine will reduce the excitement of driving. Smooth driving experience is very much guaranteed with an electric-powered vehicle.

Low maintenance

Maintenance cost of an electric car is almost reduced to nothing. The consistent replacement or fixing of components accustomed with conventional vehicle isn’t a problem with electric cars. It is very cheap to maintain.

Cons of purchasing an electric car


People often prefer hybrid engine to pure electric engine because of the limited distance that can be covered when you are using electric car. The problem might be solved if there are available EV charging stations in Nigeria. You can only charge from your personal EV charging unit at home. It might not be much of a trouble for you, using it just within the city but embarking on a long trip will give you headache. Electric cars when charged only cover 100 miles and slightly over if you drive slowly on highway. You might be forced to take a public bus if you are going on a long trip.


Until we start having EV charging units like this in Nigeria, owing an electric car can be a bit challenging

Slow charge

Because of the unavailability of mega EV turbo charging stations in the country, it might take a whole lot of time using your home mini charge unit to reach full charge. It might take up to 12 hours to achieve the optimal charge. That is why few individuals that own electric cars in Nigeria are still using conventional cars for most of their daily tasks. Until the government takes a proactive step in building EV stations across the country, driving an electric car would be a bit challenging.

The Pros and Cons of Electric Vehicles

Here on  Naijacarnews, we understand that despite the slow response of Nigerian automotive market in fully embracing the electrified vehicles on the road, it is quite clear to us that electric vehicle is the future.

Oluwaseun Adeniji


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