E-money cars and all the properties he wants to show off


E-money never gets tired of flaunting his luxury lifestyle to the public. Check here the latest in E-money car collection and the most expensive as well!

1. E-money biography - What is his source of wealth?

Before getting to know E-money cars and houses with shocking price tags, let's take a quick look at his biography to know the sources of his massive wealth.

E-money, born on February 18, 1981 in Lagos, is the founder of Five Star Music, the record label that has his elder brother KC as one of the lead artistes. Five Star Music was also the record label of popular Nigerian musician Harrysong before he had a fallout with the group that led to his exit.

Besides entertainment industry, E-money also stepped into real estates, oil & gas and has set up a chain of businesses abroad as well. His last source of income is Emmy Cargoes Limited which was founded in 1997.

A reliable source revealed that E-money wasn't born with a silver spoon. In fact, he was still struggling to make money when he met his wife, Juliet, in 2003. However, it was this inspiring woman that encouraged and supported him so much to gain today position. E-money and Juliet have 3 sons after 9 years of marriage.


E-Money always thanks his wife for her endless support

  • E-money net worth 2019

According to 2019 estimation, E-money net worth is $10 million and above. This equals to over ₦3.6 billion.

An active Instagram user in Nigeria must know E-Money as the young man who constantly flaunts his wealth, and extends his generosity to the many people he gifts items. To follow such lifestyle, a $10 million net worth is a pre-requisite.

2. E-money cars

The husband and father has a fleet of cars that include some of the most expensive cars in the world. If you want to know the most expensive garages in Nigeria, you should take a look at E-money car collection first!

  • E-money latest Mercedes-Benz for 2019 birthday

You may never see the last of E-money’s cars. The businessman who is famous for his wealth has just flaunted two new additions to his car fleet in 2019: a Mercedes-Benz S-Class and Mercedes-Benz Sprinter VIP Splinter.

He made the post on Instagram a day to his birthday February, 18 with the caption:

“Father, expose and disgrace any powers working secretly or openly against this country in Jesus name Amen.. Father ,restore the lost glory of this country in Jesus name Amen.. #birthdayboy🎉 TOMORROW FEB 18 🕺🕺🕺 I cant wait.”


The businessman shows off 2 new Mercedes-Benz cars behind

Before that, E-money already acquired a 2015 Mercedes-Benz Sprinter which cost up to 50 million with top-notch facilities. We are not sure whether this 2019 Mercedes-Benz Sprinter VIP Splinter is a brand new model he bought or an upgrade version of his old Benz.


E-Money and his wife sitting in their 2015 Mercedes-Benz Sprinter

As for the other Benz he bought in 2019, a brand new Mercedes-Benz S-Class costs at least 33 million, excluding delivery fees or clearing cost.

If E-money goes for high trim level, the suggested retail price can go up to 37 million, plus all types of tax or fees when shipping it to Nigeria.


A Mercedes-Benz S-Class is E-money gift for himself this birthday

  • E-money Rolls Royce cars

The Christmas is coming to town and who knows if E-Money is buying another Rolls-Royce for his Juliet? Last year, the generous billionaire has acquired a blue Rolls-Royce Phantom for his wife, alongside another one for his own. That means E-money had to pay at least 500 million for these two 2019 Rolls Royce Phantom.


Not all billionaires in Nigeria can welcome home 2 Rolls-Royce Phantom at once


E-money is also seen several times riding the blue Phantom to festivals

  • E-money most expensive car

Many people might think E-Money Rolls-Royce is already costliest but they are wrong. The most expensive car in E-money car collection is his Maybach 62S whose suggested retail price tag is from $500,000 onwards. Adding all kinds of shipping fees, clearing cost and import tax, the total amount E-Money must pay should be at least $1 million (360 million).


E-Money often flaunts his Maybach on social accounts


Despite police's warning of possible robbery, no one can stop E-Money in showing off his wealth

  • Other E-money cars photos

Other than those amazing cars, E-Money has plenty of other exotic automobiles in his garage, such as this 125 million Mercedes-Benz G63 AMG.


G-Wagon is forever the automobile model of hi-class in Nigeria

Next comes E-Money Lexus LX570 acquired in 2017 with an estimated price tag of 50 million.


It take days to see all pics of E-Money and his exotic cars

As can be seen in the pictures below, E-Money are also the owner of various luxury models from Toyota, Range Rover and Cadillac.



Another fact for you, even though he owns a variety of luxury cars, E-Money hasn't had a private jet yet. Reports show that E-Money has to travel back and forth London to unite with his wife and children there every two weeks, but buying a jet might be unnecessary at this time when most of his businesses are in Nigeria.

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3. E-Money house in Lagos

E-Money may not surpass many other billionaires in terms of net worth but E-Money mansion in Lekki is certainly among the most luxurious buildings in the country.

The mansion cost 250 million to be constructed and perhaps a lot more to finish. Inside out, the house is decorated with gold and white colour, alongside countless hi-end furnitures to make the mansion look like a true palace.


The house is gold plated at every inch

To be honest, hardly is there any word that can describe how glamourous E-Money's house is. Just have a peek at his home and you will understand why!


How do you feel when dining in such a bright table?


A King-sized bed for a King-like sleep


A corner of E-Money's living room


Don't forget it has a private pool outside!

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4. Conclusion

Everybody is proud of what they can earn, so it's reasonable why E-Money loves flaunting his cars and houses online despite the risk of being robbed. With a huge amount of net worth and a vivid passion for flamboyant lifestyle, E-Money cars and houses are among the most luxury collections in the country, and of course in the most expensive list as well.

Should you want to update about daily life of this billionaire, you can follow him on E-Money Instagram here!

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Chris Odogwu