Hushpuppi cars and house - Did he really buy all of these?


Ray Hushpuppi was once called out by Cubana CEO to have hired the Rolls-Royce and Bentley but never bought them. Let's check Hushpuppi car collection below and read controversies around!

1. Hushpuppi cars & house - the collection he claimed to acquire

No one knows for sure how many cars this Instagram big boy truly has in his garage. All that we got is from his show-off posts on the account.

Below are the top luxury cars Hushpuppi often flaunts on his page, along with the house he is reported to be residing in!

  • Range Rover Sport

This might be the oldest car shown on Hushpuppi media account (in 2012 to be more exact). Compared to what this guy is promoting about his current lifestyle, this pic looks rather outdated. That's the reason why this Range Rover doesn't appear in his recent posts any more.

An old pic of Ray Huspuppi and his Range Rover Sport in 2012

Based on the Range Rover Sport prices in 2012, Hushpuppi probably paid at least ₦30 million to acquire this car at that time. And now, many rich people are still pursuing this Range Rover dream while this Dubai-based boy has already got bored of it.

  • Mercedes-Benz G-wagon

​Like all other celebrities in Nigeria, getting a G-wagon is a must to Hushpuppi. In the picture, his outfit together with 2 Gucci bags perfectly matches the Mercedes behind.


Hushpuppi, Gucci and Benz - a perfect trio

  • Ferrari 488 GTB

A big boy can't miss supercars like this Ferrari 488 GTB which can produce up to 661 hp with its twin-turbo V8 engine. The car has a starting price of ₦92 million.


Big boys love speed cars, so does Hushpuppi

  • Mercedes-Maybach S650

Earlier this year, Hushpuppi posted the picture of a Mercedes-Maybach S650 on his account and stated he just bought it. The brand new base price of a Maybach S650 at that time was around ₦72 million. That amount hasn't included delivery fees or high trim packages.


The Mercedes-Maybach is clearly claimed to be bought himself

  • Ferrari 458 Italia

The Rarri baby of Hushpuppi was introduced to the world in August 2019, also on his Instagram post. The model was claimed to be Limited Edition; only 10 of them were ever produced all over the world.

Its price tag can go up to ₦153 million without shipping cost or tax if have.


Hushpuppi posing with his newly acquired Ferrari baby

  • Bentley Bentayga SUV

​What is more romantic than buying yourself a Bentley Bentayga as a Valentine gift? That's exactly what this man did for his 2019 Valentine. The ₦84m+ present looks posh and sexy enough for a happy Valentine, right?


When you are tired of couple stuff, buy a Bentley and enjoy your Valentine!

  • Rolls-Royce Wraith

Here comes the most controversial car in Hushpuppi's car collection - the 2019 Rolls Royce Wraith which is bought shortly after the Bentley.

Many people have cast doubt on whether he actually bought it or just rented it for showing off. The latest suggested price of a Wraith is ₦117 million, for your information.


Two top-notch cars in a week, who can do it like Hushpuppi?

  • Hushpuppi house

Unlike Hushpuppi car collection, his house is not much shown off on his social account. He hardly flaunts the design of the house as well as the furniture inside. All that we got is from some scattering pictures on Hushpuppi's Instagram, so you can check some below!

In general, Hushpuppi house doesn't look as luxury as his cars, based on the backgrounds he captured in these images. The furniture is simple while the room size isn't large as many mansions here in Nigeria. Perhaps this Instagram big boy prefers a convenient home to a flamboyant one. And that's why he doesn't share its pics to the public!


This picture features a mediocre room with simple furniture


Similarly, this kitchen doesn't match with such a luxury lifestyle he is promoting


Looks like Hushpuppi is living in a compact apartment, according to this pic


This might be his living room with minimal decoration theme


The house is more like a mansion at this corner though

2. Doubts about Hushpuppi Rolls-Royce ownership

Just like we mentioned above about many people finding it hard to believe that this young man with all of his past and current spending could still be able to afford a brand-new black badge Rolls-Royce Wraith in such a short time or simply days after he as well got himself a brand-new expensive Bentley Bentayga as a Valentine’s day gift.

Is he that stupidly rich? How could he afford to acquire two super expensive luxury cars in just a few days interval and still not be broke yet?

Many questions like this had drawn controversial comments and believe in the midst of his fans/followers. Some do not even buy the story at all that he truly bought those two luxurious high-end cars. They claimed that he must have rented them.


Hushpuppi always surprised people for his extravagant taste of fashion and cars

As a matter of fact, one of such people that believes Hushpuppi rented those cars is the CEO of Cubana.

He took the matter seriously to the extent of shedding light on this issue as he recently wrote the words below;

"When You Buy Common Luxury Shoes N Cloths You Update Us Very Well With Proper Videos N Pics, Then How Come You Buy Uncommon Luxury Cars Without Updating Us Properly, You Wey We Know Wey Go Drink Champagne Or Even Coffee For The Shop, Give Us Videos When You Pay, Even Snap Receipt For Us, Dem No Even Customize Your Name For Your Bentley N Royce Specification!!!!  Haba!!!!

No Be You Again HushPuppi When You Come Change, Person Wey Dey Customize Common Shoe No Come Customize Cars Wey Make People Need Prayers E Dey Somehow Na, Ojoro Don Dey Inside, You Go Just Pose For Hotel Lobby Use Two Cars Snap Say Make We Believe, Na Lie 😂, On How You No Update Us Well As Usual We No Go Gree, You Re On The Rental Side Of The People Living In Dubai🇦🇪

So, My Post Was Not In Any Way Related To You Till You Update Us On The Purchase Normally Then My Post Go Reach You, My Post Was For Those Dudes Wey Buy Outrightly No Be Rentals, Na Royce I Dey Use For London, Na Velar N Benz Defender I Dey Use For Scotland Na Rent I Still Rent Dem, I Know The Level No Be We Teach Una For Malay 😂,

Well My Company Is Sending Me On A Dubai Trip Soon I Will Instruct Them To Rent Me A Bentayga N A Royce Upon My Arrival, You For No Block Me Sha Before Commenting On InstaBlog E Mean Say You Dey Talk For My Back 🤦️ If I Hear 👂 From You Again I Will Update You On Things Wey I Get For Nigeria Wey You No Get…As For Things Wey I Get Abroad Well, I Have Americans Living In My House As Nigerians So The World Power USA 🇺🇸 Lives With Me In Far East Owerri🇳🇬 In Case You Don’t Know They Are My Children So Nothing Remain For Abroad For Me, I Already Extended My Linage To The World Power🇺🇸 So Na Me Be Abroad Itself.

For This Life No Find Person Wey No Find You, Never Allow Complex Put You For Problem #CubanaChiefPriest"

Though everyone looks forward to Ray HushPuppi’s reply or comment on this issue, the big boy doesn't react anything to the controversy.

3. Hushpuppi net worth & source of wealth

According to many online sources, Ray Hushpuppi net worth in 2019 can go over $20 million, which equals to more than N7.2 billion.

However, this number isn't confirmed by any official announcement from such organizations as Forbes or the Gucci Master himself. If all the cars he claimed to have acquired are real, plus his flamboyant lifestyle in Dubai, Hushpuppi net worth may even go far than that figure.

  • What are Hushpuppi sources of wealth?

The story Hushpuppi went from rags to riches is well known among Naija people, evoking curiosity about how he could earn that sum of money.

Actually, no one knows for sure about Ray Hushpuppi job. Some guess he has invested money into lucrative businesses and got handsome profits. Others say he knows how to enlarge his circle of acquaintances with influential figures, then knowing where to get more pepper.

As for Hushpuppi, he never states his sources of income but he used to share about it once on Instagram:

"Those of you wondering what I do for a living since, I'm a beggar by profession."

Of course when one hit his jackpot, he would not want to reveal the secret to others. It's reasonable why Hushpuppi doesn't unveil the business he's working on. Having said that, we might guess some sectors that can be easily exploited for huge profits, namely real estates, oil and gas, etc.

Hope this Gucci guy is not involved in illegal fields to have such a luxury life like Mompha.

4. Hushpuppi Instagram

This is frequently searched online as all the information about Hushpuppi can be found on his social account.

Here is the link to Hushpuppi Instagram:

You can also find him on Snapchat (Hushpuppi5) but you can't connect him via Facebook, Twitter or Tinder. This is stated on his Instagram page.


Follow Hushpuppi Instagram to see exotic cars daily!

5. More about Hushpuppi biography

Hushpuppi was born on June 14 in Nigeria but reportedly resides in Malaysia. However, currently, he is a Dubai-based philanthropist and often flaunts his luxury lifestyle there.

Hushpuppi's real name is Raymond Igbalodely, but he is more known as Gucci Master.

  • Which state is Hushpuppi from?

Hushpuppi was born and raised in Lagos, Nigeria before moving to Malaysia.

  • Hushpuppi age

There's no official information about the birth year of Hushpuppi. However, some online sources report he was born on June 14, 1988, which means he is 31 years old now.

  • Hushpuppi parents

This big boy has never shared about his family background, so no one is sure who is Hushpuppi father or mother. However, during a heated conflict between Mompha and Hushpuppi, Mompha used to state that Hushpuppi's father was a taxi driver.

A lot of people then claimed that his name is Loudpuppi.

Hushpuppi doesn't comment on the rumour; neither confirm nor refute the controversial information.


Hushpuppi's sharing about his family to fans

  • Ray Hushpuppi girlfriend

When being asked about his girlfriend, Hushpuppi refused to share about her online. He reasons that if you want to keep something you love, keep it a mystery so others can't ruin what they don't know.

Thus, there's no picture or update on his girlfriend yet.


Hushpuppi insists keeping his girlfriend a secret to protect their relationship

So, what do you think about Hushpuppi's answers to those questions? To us, that's a sensible way to stop others' curiosity about his personal life.

Anyway, we knew enough of Hushpuppi cars and house with hundreds of pictures and videos on his Instagram account. We shouldn't dig deeper into his private aspects if he doesn't want to share, right? If there's any detail you want to comment on or correct, please leave your feedback the post! Thank you!

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