Mega-birthday present! Man splashes N115 million on Lamborghini Aventador for himself!


Wow! Love your neighbor, but don't forget to love yourself ! Anambra guy doles out 115m to get himself the birthday present. A Lamborghini Aventador!

In Nigeria, wealthy people choose different ways to flaunt their dollars or Naira. Whether they are celebrities in the entertainment industry, the music business, entrepreneurs, or social media influencers, buying a car to show off their achievements or investments is one way they usually do so.

For some who post their cars on their social pages, it’s a means to motivate their millions of followers, while keeping in touch with their fan base. While for others, it could be for competition purposes or just for the fun of social display. The rich and famous certainly know how to live, like you can see from the Sultan of Brunei's vehicles.

However, one thing is for sure, many Nigerian judge one’s achievements through material possessions, and the number and types and prices of cars acquired is a big indication of your value.

A young ‘social media influencer’ as many of his fans would describe him, is in the news today for acquiring a stupendously expensive car. 

The Nigerian billionaire known as ‘Jowi Zazaa’ on his instagram handle, has bought himself a birthday gift- a Lamborghini Aventador.


The tear-rubber Lamborghini Aventador is the ultimate birthday gift!

According to his many followers and from his former posts, this is the second time this young man is buying this type of car. A Lamborghini Aventador currently costs N115 million (though, according to Wikipedia, the base price of this car is US$393,695).

A folower of the celebrant, Tunde Ednut who shared the photos on his Instagram page, wished Jowi Zazaa a “Happy Birthday” with the caption:

"Jowi Zazaa gifts himself a second Lamborghini Aventador worth $320,000 (N115million), making it the second white Lamborghini in his garage to mark his birthday. Happy Birthday".


The 115 milion Naira car is the second such car owned by the young billionaire

Known as a car lover, Jowi is known for driving exotic autos both within and outside Nigeria. He also lives in a very posh mansion in Chevron Drive in Lekki, Lagos.

Though, not many people have heard about him, the young Anambra billionaire is known to be a graduate of Madonna University and is the CEO of Jezco oil and gas. He also manages  the Jezco lubricant brand.

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Joshua-Philip Okeafor