Tacha BBNaija gifted Benz car on her birthday; Nina Ivy reacts


Tacha Titans have always been known to be ruthless on social media platforms and now, they've upgraded with a brand new Benz gifted by her fans. But some people don't believe that. See video and read reactions from Nina Ivy below!

The popular Ex Big Brother contestant, Tacha, was recently gifted a brand new Mercedes Benz on December 23rd, for her 24th birthday.

BBNaija Tacha was overjoyed receiving the car gift

This isn't the first time fans have given their favorite celebrities exotic gifts, but Tacha Titans have proven to be resourceful over and over again. Several celebrities were present at her party, including Bobrisky and a few other Ex Big Brother Naija contestants.

The moment Tacha got a brand new Benz car from her fans

Although, we can't rule out the fact that a bulk of Tacha Titans are quite toxic, this surprise gift will probably go a long way in changing people's views about them.


The best Christmas gift she has ever received!


Check out Tacha's exquisite Mercedes!

Reactions from Nina Ivy

Natacha Akide, the 24-year-old TV star, is known to have several haters and "enemies", this is largely due to her character, which a lot of Nigerians find disturbing. It definitely won't be a surprise to hear several comments after she got her surprise Benz gift. Nina Ivy, former Big Brother contestant, just had to slam Tacha after hearing the Benz news.


Nina just had to say something, she couldn't help it

Apparently, Tacha had earlier mocked Nina for receiving a shop gift from her fans in 2018. Nina appears to be surprised that Tacha joyfully indulged in the same act she earlier mocked.


Nina Ivy used to mock Tacha for a similar act last year

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Clapback from Tacha

Tacha has always derived joy in replying all her haters swiftly, she didn't disappoint us this time.

Check how Tacha gives her strong warning towards non-Benz owners who interfere with her business!

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