10 things to be careful for in everyday driving


Driving on its own is not easy. It's necessary to practice safe everyday driving. Check this article for a few tips.

Have you taken time to check out some vehicles that was bought within the same period? If you have been observant enough, you would notice that while some of them still look new and intact, some of them look wrecked and are almost falling apart. It is true that daily maintenance routine has a lot to do with keeping the cars intact but adhering to certain everyday driving rules or habits also have a role to play in it.

Driving on its own is not easy. When you check out the news and see the rates at which accidents occur every minute of the day, you’d realize why it is necessary to practise safe driving skills. There is need for you to apply caution in your everyday driving.

Here are some daily driving tips you should apply every day to keep your car in good shape and also save you the money for constant repairs, proposed by Naijacarnews.com!

1. Steer clear of the potholes

It may seem like the normal thing to do; every driver is meant to know that. However, you’d be shocked to learn that a good number of drivers see potholes and still drive through them even when there is room to go around them. The continuous impact of potholes affects the steering components and the suspensions in a bad way creating squeaks and rattles.


Your next pothole rendezvouz may send you to the mechanic. Avoid them!

2. Always keep your eyes down the road

Another important point is to always look down the road you are driving through so you can spot what is on the road on time. Looking ahead enables spot obstacles on time and gives you enough time to slow down or avoid hitting them.

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3. Slow down when you get to a crossing

When you get to points of uneven pavements like a crossing, a railroad track or a bridge, you should slow down your vehicles. In some cases, the uneven pavement creates room for impacts, which could be damaging to the wheels, tires and subsequently the whole car.


You would be saving life of pedestrian users when you slow down at an interchange

4. Learn to brake with the Antilock Brake System (ABS)

The ABS is a feature now common in almost all the modern cars. A lot of confusions can arise during emergency situations especially for people that are not used to this modern feature. What you just need to do in emergency braking is to press down the brake pedal as hard as you can.

5. Have some knowledge of the route & road range you are travelling

To help you keep your driving in check, you should understand the road range. Having an idea of the different routes you can take to a particular place will enable you tell which of the routes will be less congested, which is shorter or which has the better road. In this way, you have a more interesting journey.

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6. Do not follow other vehicles up close

Scenarios where you will have to be stuck behind another vehicle is inevitable sometimes but it’s your choice to know the distance you want to keep between your car and the one ahead. It is always better to keep a greater distance.


You make yourself very vulnerable to the driver ahead of you if you drive too closely

7. Take it easy while at the wheel

A smooth handling of the wheels makes for stability of your ride and durability of your car components. Do not brake too fast or too late. Move smoothly while merging traffic or changing lanes. This is also to prevent the tossing around that comes with rough driving.

8. Always be on the defensive side

As a driver, you should always watch out for yourself and for your car. Be cautious of what is going on around you. Check out for what other drivers are doing that could pose a potential threat such as trying to overtake at bends, driving erratically or texting while driving.

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9. Stop your car first before you reverse

Sometimes a driver might be tempted to be swift and put the car into reverse mode while it is still in motion. This leads to an early transmission failure and the same applies to any shifting action you take.


Switching gears without first applying your brakes leads to quick wear out of your car transmission

10. Plan your errands before you get on the road

Try as much as you can to fix all your errands for the day in one outing. It would not be nice that your car engine is run for only short trips while cold. By merging your errands in one trip, you get to reduce the time the engine runs cold and also keep it at the right operating temperature.

The above listed tips would help you get the most out of your road trips while at the same time maintain your car shape.

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Okenwa Emeka