5 car hacks to keep kids calm on long rides


Kids easily get bored and cranky on long trips. Once they lose interest, they want out! Find out simple hacks to keep them calm throughout the trip!

The idea of embarking on a long trip with the whole family including the kids is always met with excitement at first. Kids love to have fun. Anything that makes that happen is received with open arms.

All is set for the trip, and you hit the road. The excitement is still very much visible. After a while, it begins to drop little by little. Now, they are getting bored, and all they want to do is alight from the car. The journey has become longer than they envisaged. If you are not so lucky, they might begin to cry, and this will throw you off balance.

You need to understand that kids are not adults. It is only natural for them to act their age. Expecting them to stay put through a long journey is unrealistic. If you want them to be calm, you need to create an enabling environment for them.

5 hacks to keep your kids calm through a long ride

1. Keep their eyes and ears occupied

Kids’ eyes and ears are very active. They like to see and hear things of interest. If there is nothing to feed on for long, they become restless. Most automakers now make provision for overhead DVD players in vehicles for families. Kids get something to keep busy with while on the move.


The kids are meant to be active, keeping them too long in the car is a real challenge

If your car does not come with one, you have the option of having it installed. Or better still, you can make provision for a tablet. If you have more than one kid in the car, you might want to make provision for more than one device. Typical of them, kids will always fight over ownership of a single device. Also, make provision for headphones. You do not want to be distracted by the sound from whatever it is they are watching.

2. Keep toys at close range

Little kids may not be interested in watching TV while on the move. They might be interested in playing. And such play is incomplete without toys. Do not wait for them to ask for the toys before bringing them out. Keep them in close proximity. The moment they begin to get restless, they will reach out for the toys they fancy, and engage themselves.

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3. Provide plenty of food

Embarking on a long trip with kids without making provision for plenty of food is a recipe for disaster. Kids are not adults who can put up a resistance against hunger for long. When they get hungry, they have to eat. Anything other than this is trouble.

Pack a lot of drinks and snacks. They are your kids; you should know the things they love to eat. Bring a cooler along with their favorite drinks.


The urge to get out can be eased by the presence of food and toys

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4. Make the environment cozy

Driving your kids in a badly ventilated car is enough reason for them to get cranky. The sun in Nigeria is not “smiling.” If you want your kids to keep calm through a long ride, you need to ensure that the air conditioner in your car is in good condition. Letting them sweat will make the journey longer than it is. With the air conditioner working properly, provide little pillows for them to cling onto.

Use window shades to block the sun from getting to them. Make them feel so comfortable like they are in your sitting room.


Let's make the car home for the kids to enjoy the ride

5. Drive at moderate speed

With your kids in the car, it is only logical that you do not drive on high speed. First of all, you endanger their life, and secondly, you get them scared. Keep the speed moderate. If the road is bad, move as slowly as possible so they do not bounce in the car. Also, do not apply the brakes abruptly; start braking from a distance.

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Chris Odogwu