5 driving mistakes you can avoid as a learner driver


It is absolutely normal to get excited as a learner by jumping behind the wheels. Read this to know five common mistakes you should avoid as a learner.

The adrenaline is pumping and you thirst to get behind the wheel and prove doubters wrong. This is a typical feeling of most people that are just new to driving or going through a learning process. Do not feel bad, it is a natural energy and excitement of driving. But it is also known that as a learner, you are bound to make some mistakes that can cost you a lot or even jeopardize your safety or safety of those around you. Here on Naijacarnews, we have identified 5 driving mistakes you should avoid as a learner.

1. Driving alone

One thing you should never do as a learner is driving all through the busy city alone or even on the highway. Being issued a learner’s permit does not mean you should jump behind the wheel and start driving alone all around town. By doing so, you are putting the condition of your car into serious risk and even your safety.

You need an instructor or even a guardian to put you through real life driving. Forget your expertise on the Need for speed game. The person who must sit beside you must be a holder of a valid driving license.


Always have an instructor or an experienced driver accompany your driving!

If you are caught as a learner driving alone or with a learner like you, you might have to pay a huge fine or get your car impounded. That will definitely ruin the earlier excitement.

2. School running

This is far becoming a norm among learners in Nigeria to flaunt their new cars in their kids’ school by driving them to school. When you do that, since you are not knowledgeable enough to maneuver your way around road emergencies or even road mishap, you are seriously risking the safety of your children. This practice is common among Nigerian women who will stop at nothing but showing their learner’s permit after causing traffic mayhem very early in the morning.

To ensure the safety of your children, get a competent driver to take to school and if possible, get them into school bus.

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3. Validity for learner’s permit is 3 months

Some people might be unaware of this and boldly show it to the enforcement officers on duty as evidence. Officers always love these wrong bragging rights from many learners behind wheel. The learner’s permit is only valid for ninety-days. After which you are expected to apply for a driver’s license which is only issued with an evidence or certificate from an accredited driving school. It might difficult for you to get a driver’ license if you did not attend any driving school.

This is a safety protocol from discouraging people with no sound driving know-how plying the road. You will also need to pay a certain amount of money to get a driver's license in Nigeria.


You should apply for your driver's license before your learner permit expires

Smart thing to do here is to apply for a driver’s license before the learner’s permit 90 days validity period runs out.

4. Learner’s sign tagged to the car must be removed after driving

When you, a certified driver with a driver’s license cruise around town with the learner tagged to the car, you may face severe penalty when caught. That is why when you share or give out your car to someone who is still learning how to drive. To avoid getting arrested when you are waved down by police, do not be too eager to bring out your driver’s license to avoid sleeping at the police cell that night or spending your day explaining yourself at the police station.

5. Use one hand to drive

Though you might have seen many people do that but as a learner, it is safe to drive with your both hands and focus on the road. This is an important safety tip to avoid a situation whereby you lose control of the steering wheel.

Common driving mistakes for learner drivers

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