5 Places in Nigeria that you don’t want to park your car


There are some places in Nigeria that if you park your car there, there is a tendency of you regretting doing so.

This is Naija and we are NaijaCarNews.com so, you can trust our judgement on our below top 5 places we highly recommend you should avoid parking your car in Nigeria else you might regret doing so later on. Don’t say we didn’t inform you.

We shouldn’t be telling you how important the safety of your car is, right?

It’s quite funny how some people easily forget “say Na Naija we dey” and they just park their car anywhere and anyhow in any space they find. Not everyone behind the wheels in Nigeria is actually humble, obedient and traffic respecter. Some are just plain crazy and would bash your car at any time without even blinking Lol. You really want to avoid such crazy drivers.

Below are our top 5 places in Nigeria that we seriously advise that you never park your car:

1. Under the public electric poles

Avoid parking under public electric poles in Nigeria. We could give so many reasons why you shouldn’t do this but the most obvious one is that you are in Nigeria, “if you know you know”.

You should at least know or that in Nigeria, electric poles shouldn’t be trusted as they can fall at any time due to bad construction or structure. We have seen many poles looking strong yesterday but today they are laying on the ground.


Electric poles in Nigeria no matter how strong they look usually fall from heavy rainfall or wind

If at all you must park near a Nigerian electric pole, try to keep a reasonable distance between your car and the pole.

2. Under any tree

This could at first sound like superstition but its not. Rather its common sense in Nigeria. You can imagine driving in heavy rain with lots of powerful wind blowing, would you ever go pack under a tree in such a scenario?

So, it’s the same sense to be applied even if there isn’t rain or wind during the time you want to park. You don’t want to come out of a supermarket, church, or mosque and find your car trapped under a fallen heavy tree that has broken all of the windshield and door glass.


Whether it’s in Nigeria or anywhere around the world, trees can fall at any time on a car parked under them

Some people might argue that they park under trees just to avoid our ever-harsh sun. Well, you might as well look into getting your car a nice “car cover” which is cheaper than people think. For as low as ₦2,000 you would even get an extra-large car cover that will help protect your car from the hot sun.

3. Roundabout, Junctions and intersections

It is just plain risky to park your car at an intersection or junction in Nigeria.

This is not the USA or UK, it is funny seeing some drivers who nonchalantly park their cars at roundabouts in Nigeria as if they don’t know that trailers and heavy-duty trucks’ drivers in Nigeria don’t care at all about small cars.

The problem always come when this bigger trucks’ drivers try to U-turn at the roundabouts, we have seen many cases where they just brush up any small vehicle parked there at such moment and if people don’t take note on time, these drivers usually get away with the act.

It is more advisable you park your car at a safe spot by the roadside while you go run your errands than park at the junction.

4. At the back of a Tanker or front of any fueling station

This is also bad not just in Nigeria but anywhere around the world.

Apart from the fact that we have seen various fire outburst at fueling stations in the past, parking at the back of a tanker is very bad as it might be difficult for the tanker driver to see your car if he is not cautious enough and might damage your car when reversing.

Video: U-turn Fail - Car Crash

5. At the entrance of a street

Yes, don’t do it.

Even if the house is the first on that street, try to park inside the compound rather than outside at the street entrance. If you can’t get space inside your compound then, try parking a t a reasonable distance away from the immediate street entrance.

Parking too close to your street entrance might expose your car to getting scratched or bashed by trailers, tankers or even other reckless drivers who make sharp turns while speeding.


And these are our top 5 red zones that we advise you should not park your car when in Nigeria. Just take a second to find a better space or spot each time you want to park your car for its safety and to save yourself unnecessary unprecedented car repair expenses.

Meanwhile, if you still want more useful tips and advice like this, navigate here: -> Car Care

Oluwaseun Solomon


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