5 things you can do when stuck in Lagos traffic


When in Lagos traffic, there are some things you can use your time to do rather than just waste it sitting down.

Lagos traffic can be frustrating most times, and it makes you want to just pull your hair, wish you never lived in the city or get down from your car and start walking. The sad part is, you can’t leave your car and start walking.

Imagine leaving home in the morning and before you drive for five minutes there are hundreds of cars around, street hawkers are all around you and you cannot reverse because you now have like 20 cars already lined up behind you. That is how Lagos can spring up on you so fast.

Traffic in Lagos knows no time or duration so it can be when you are heading to work in the morning, running an errand during the day or coming back home after work.

Here are some things you can do while you try to wait out the traffic and hope it doesn’t take so much of your time.

1. Have some form of entertainment

When you are in a Lagos traffic, it would be more frustrating if you don’t have something to listen to especially when you don’t have company in the car with you. There has to be some form of entertainment, either you are listening to radio or you have your aux cord plugged to your phone as you listen to your favorite songs. You could have a favorite radio station on or even play that album you have been finding time to listen to. Being in traffic gives you enough time to do that. In fact, you might listen to some new lyrics you never realized in the song because you have been enjoying it.


Have some fun with music in time of traffic congestions

2. Catch up with friends and family

There could be some friends or family members you have been finding time to discuss with or catch up on old times. Traffic could give you enough time to do that without feeling like you are wasting your precious time. You could also set up a family meeting that you have been postponing for a while because you are always busy and can’t get enough time off work.  You could either place a call through or chat. But always remember to activate the speaker mode or else you're going against the law.


You can call your friends and family

3. Read something or get updated

This should only be used in a extreme congestion where it's really hard to take a roll of the wheel, then traffic now is also a good time for you to update yourself on anything you feel like instead of stay dormant behind the wheel with nothing to do.

You could want to know what exactly is happening around the world or on social media. You might not have the time to read your favorite book that has been lying around for a while and traffic has made enough time for you at least. Pick up the book and read while you wait for traffic to move or you insert the audio book and listen. You never can tell how long the traffic would last and it could even give you enough time to cover a lot.

man-reading-a book-in-a-car

Reading a book in traffic helps utilize time

4. Buy stuff in traffic

Lagos traffic is always filled with hawkers and vendors. In fact anywhere you see traffic in Lagos there are always vendors. It is like the traffic automatically attracts them or they are even the ones that cause the traffic. So, while in traffic don’t assume you will get out easily and ignore the hawkers selling goods. Even if you don’t feel like getting anything to eat or drink, buy water. You cannot imagine being stuck in traffic and thirsty with the water vendor already past you and the next one is still far away. You can also get some things you have been longing to buy. Lagos traffic sometimes make some sellers leave their shops to get involved with traffic sales so you can see some of the things you wouldn’t even imagine can be sold in traffic.

Hawkers in Lagos traffic

Why don't have something to eat while stuck in traffic

5. Rest

There is nothing that says you cannot take a short nap while the traffic is thick or moving slowly. So after that long day’s work and traffic is trying to drain the little strength you have left and want to take back home, take a short nap and rest your eyes, legs and even mind. Lagos traffic can take so much from you especially when you know you would probably be facing the same traffic the next day. You will be glad you did after taking the rest and the traffic eventually moves. You will get home with a little more strength than you even thought.

man sleeping in a car

A nap to reactivate your soberness

These are some of the many things you can actually do in a Lagos traffic. There are so much more you can explore. See it as making lemonade out of limes.

Chuchu Ikazoboh


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