5 things you should never leave in your car!


Some delicate items shouldn't be left in the car as they can be ruined by the heat from the sun.

What’s the main use of a car? Mobility. It takes you from one point to another in due time (if there’s no traffic). But being typical humans, we tend to use our car for a lot more things. It becomes our second home where we keep personal and non-personal items.

If you see the interior of some people’s cars, you’d think they are camping in it. While there’s no harm keeping some items in your car, there are certain ones you should never be caught leaving in it. And that’s because of your car’s temperature. We all know how hot the Nigerian weather can be. The interior of your car is designed to withstand the heat, but same cannot be said of the things you leave in it.

5 things you shouldn’t leave in your car

1. Kids

Technically, kids aren’t a “thing,” they are humans. But for the sake of this article, we’d include them in the category.

Kids are fragile. As a matter of fact, a child should never be in a car without an adult being present because a lot of things can go wrong. Shortly after parking your car, its temperature increases because the sun is fixated. It gets so hot to the point of being harmful. With a child locked inside, they stand a chance to suffocate. There have been cases of adults forgetting kids in the car, only to meet them dead when they returned.


Kids in the car face with the problems when the heat increases

2. Medications

Most medications have an inscription that says “keep away from sunlight.” This isn’t written just for formality. When drugs are exposed to high temperature, the heat takes away their efficiency, making them unable to give the desired effect. If this happens, you deny yourself the opportunity to get the most of your drugs. Drugs can also melt from very hot sun. Given the serious nature of drugs, you shouldn’t be carrying them around unless you need to take them when out of home.


The heat in car can divert the effects of medications

3. Electronic gadgets

Heat is an enemy of electronic gadgets. Exposing them to heat causes damage to their processors. In addition to this, it affects their battery strength. You don’t want your expensive gadgets to be ruined over something that can be avoided. If you take an electronic gadget along with you in your car, ensure that you take it with you when you step out.

Besides getting damaged by the heat, hoodlums could see them from outside, and break your windscreens just to collect them. Don’t give thieves the opportunity to rip you off.


You don't want your electronic gadgets get wrong by the heat inside the car, right?

4. Original car documents

It’s prudent to have your car documents in your car wherever you go as they may be needed at anytime. But no one says you have to go with the originals. Excess heat could ruin the ink on your documents making the details blurry. Apart from this, anything could happen, and you’d lose the originals. The only documents you should have in your car are photocopies. If for any reason they get ruined or stolen, you still have the originals with you, kept somewhere very safe.

5. Bottle water

Your body needs adequate water so you don’t get dehydrated. But you shouldn’t always leave bottle water in your car. The reason is that, when there’s heat, chemicals from the bottle can contaminate the water. The repercussion of this is that it affects your health negatively. There’s nothing you can do when sick. To save yourself from this trouble, keep your drinking water away from your car.


Plastic bottles are harmful, they turns even more harmful when meating high heat

Naijacarnews prioritizes safety of drivers. There are many safety measures to take in order to avoid casualties as a car owner. Don’t add simple things such as keeping things away from your car to the long list.

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